The Superset Workout Routine

The Superset Workout RoutineThere are several ways to effectively structure exercise sets for a workout routine. One of those methods used by many fitness professionals today is the superset workout routine.

This workout routine specifically involves doing one set of a particular exercise, and then following that set immediately start another set of exercises allowing no rest periods in-between.

A successful example of a typical superset workout would be to begin by doing a set of pushups and then without taking any break immediately start a set of chin-ups after which you would rest for a period of 5 to 10 second. This initial workout from push-up to chin-up is referred to as a super set and is generally repeated after each rest period as many times as required within the specific workout.

One of the key benefits in doing superset workouts is that they are great time savers for people with a busier than normal schedule requiring a quick and intense workout to achieve the maximum result in the minimum time possible.

Exercises that are efficiently paired within each superset will guarantee a high frequency workout allowing the person to get through the routine quickly saving a vast amount of time. By completing set of exercises and immediately followed by another without rest allows the person to maximize the time allotted thus increasing the effectiveness of the workout than the traditional method used in a basic workout.

Many fitness experts have found Supersets not only to be an effective high intensity workout in a short amount of time but have found it to be additionally beneficial in achieving the desired effect typically associated with circuit type and metabolic training routines. For people who are trying to increase their endurance and stamina in exercise training, the Superset workout is one of the best training programs available which will ensure the burning of more calories to promote weight loss and increase muscle mass with it's high intense workout than the traditional set.

However one of the main disadvantages with the Superset workout routine is that it does not allow the body and it's muscles adequate rest times between each sets which will undoubtably decrease your performance values and core strength while doing the second half of the superset routine. Many exercisers have additionally found that they have become increasingly fatigued using this training method which eventually results in a decreased performance when performing even the first set of exercises.

The basic goal of any exercise workout is to achieve progressive overload of the targeted muscles during the workout to improve overall health, flexibility, bone mass, muscle mass and core strength. When using Supersets as a workout routine the possibility of damaging the performance of the muscles greatly increases with the lack of sufficient rest periods which can become highly counterproductive to the true goal of a workout.

For the person who does not have the required time within their busy schedule and is training to obtain the specific endurance and increased metabolic effects associated when performing more time demanding workout routines, the Superset workout is the perfect solution provided they are comfortable in sacrificing performance values for desires results.

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