Suppress your Hunger by Jumping Rope

Suppress your Hunger by Jumping RopeEver have one of those days where you simply just want to eat everything in sight? You could very well be watching your weight, but hunger could creep up on you so fast, that before you know it, you’re up to your neck eating burgers and pizzas. Rather than simply throwing in the towel and giving up however, there are ways to naturally suppress your appetite. Don’t fall for clever advertising companies. They make supplements which are supposed to suppress hunger, when in actual fact, studies have shown that they do quite the opposite. Keeping your mind and body busy, and suppressing your appetite the natural way, is the way to do things.

How jumping rope can help to suppress your hunger?
It may sound crazy to some of you, but jumping rope has actually been scientifically proven to help suppress your appetite and trick the body into feeling full. Exercise of any specific type can actually work effectively to banish those awkward and annoying hunger pains, but studies have proven that jumping rope is in an entirely different league altogether. Basically, it all came about because experts wanted to find out whether simple jumping up and down movements could work to get rid of feelings of hunger, as a result of the disturbances in the belly. When we’re hungry, our bodies release several hormones to let us know. One in particular is known as ghrelin. What got experts onto the theory that jumping rope could suppress appetite and hunger, was because previous studies had found that exercises such as jogging, were found to be far more effective at reducing hunger, than exercises like cycling. But why? The people taking part were cycling at the same aerobic output as those that were jogging, so why did those that were jogging all feel much less hungry? They believed it was due to the up and down movements and the stress that it placed on the belly. These experts believed that these movements actually disrupted the release of the hormones which tell the body that it’s hungry. This got them thinking? If something such as jogging could help suppress food craving hormones, then what would an exercise like jumping rope actually do?

To test this theory, these experts assembled 20 different healthy men, all with an average age of just 24 years of age. They were told to use a stationary bike for 30 minutes, jump rope for 20 minutes, or simply rest for 30 minutes on non-consecutive days. After each workout, these men’s hormones were recorded, and they were asked how hungry they actually were and whether they craved junk foods. 25 minutes into their jumping rope workout however, the men performing this exercise were found to be far less hungry than those who were doing the cycling. The cyclists were all found to be far hungrier than those who simply jumped rope. This lead to the experts concluding that there was a very strong possibility that jumping rope could help to suppress hunger.

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