Things Women Say When What They Really Mean Is…

Things Women Say When What They Really Mean IsIt is a universally excepted truth that women don’t always mean what they say. There are those rare women who say exactly what they mean and mean what they say, but all too often you’ll run across women who require a “male language to female language” translator. Luckily we’ve done the legwork for you and below you’ll find things women say when what they really mean is…

What Women Say: “Have I gained weight? Tell me the truth.”

What You are Thinking: Yeah, a little around the middle and in the back… and maybe in the thighs too. She’s getting a definitely chunky… should I tell her before she starts getting really big?

What They Really Mean: “Tell me I look as beautiful as I did the first day we met and that I’ve gotten skinnier.”

What You Should Say: This is a tricky subject and women are sensitive about their weight, be gentle and always tell her she’s beautiful, no matter if she’s gained 50 pounds since you first met; you’ll be saving yourself a world of problems by carefully avoiding the real answer.


What Women Say: “Look at that woman, isn’t she gorgeous?”

What You are Thinking: Damn, she’s hot! If I wasn’t dating you I’d be all over that.

What They Really Mean:“That woman’s not more beautiful than I am right?”

What You Should Say: “She’s alright, if you like big teeth and a giraffe neck, but she doesn’t hold a candle to you, baby.”


What Women Say: “No, I’m not upset. Go out and play poker with the guys, I don’t mind staying in tonight.”

What You are Thinking: Wow, my girlfriend’s so awesome. She lets me hang out with my buddies even though we made plans to go see that new romance movie she’s been wanting to see.

What They Really Mean: “Of course, I’m upset you moron… you flaked out on our date night and I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

What You Should Say: “You know what, I can play poker with the guys anytime, why don’t we make it a dinner and a movie at that new sushi restaurant you’ve wanted to go to?”


What Women Say: “I was thinking this year we could skip Valentine’s Day. I really don’t need a gift and it’s kind of overrated, isn’t it?”

What You are Thinking: Awesome, I don’t have to stress out about finding the perfect gift for her.

What They Really Mean: “Show me how much you really love me. Get a truly amazing engagement ring that costs an arm and a leg, then get down on one knee and propose.”

What You Should Say: “I actually already made plans… it’s going to be great, but you’ll just have to wait and find out what it is.”

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