Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form to Build Muscle and Prevent Injury

Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form

It is essential to hone the skill of how to squat for building muscle strength of your core body. Squats top the list of best exercises which also aids in losing weight and muscle gain. However, this doesn’t take away the difficulty one harbors when performing them.

Why is squat the powerhouse of exercise?

Squats benefit your body in many ways. They work the whole body focusing on legs, shoulders, hips, abs and lower back muscles. Performing squats with a barbell help sculpt your upper-back too. It concentrates on more muscles, and the right technique renders a marvelous effect.

Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form to Build Muscle and Prevent Injury - Perfect Squat Form

Some of the benefits of the squat are as follows:

  • If you know how to squat properly it will aid in muscle growth and increase your heart’s efficiency.
  • They act on your knee, hip, ankle, and spine joint strengthening the tendons and connective tissues
  • It helps recover back and knee pain
  • If you are contemplating burning calories, add squats as an essential element of your regime
  • It strengthens bones and builds endurance
  • It helps tone legs as well as making your body look well-sculpted.

Many people stop performing squats in between due to back problems and injury. The crux here is knowing the proper technique on how to squat. So, for all those who aim in building muscle through squats here’s presenting the ultimate guide. Read through for knowing the perfect methodology and how to prevent injuries:

Performing squats incorrectly causes injuries, thus learning the best technique is important. To start with getting yourself a trainer for knowing your strength and capacity. In the beginning, start with doing safe squats.

  • Set up the squat bar with the appropriate weight rack posistion so your knees are at a slight bend while you rest under the bar.
  • Raise your chest, move your feet under the bar. Unrack the bar by straightening your legs and move back.
  • Hold your palms up tightly on the bar and place them comfortably on your shoulders
  • Keep your toes and heels on the ground
  • Take a deep breath and begin your squat
  • Slowly bend your knees and keep your hips straight. Do not lean and keep the bar well-balanced on your hips.
  • Do not relax or drop suddenly down. Be slow when bending down to a 90-degree angle.
  • Now, rise back to the original position keeping your torso, shoulders and hips erect under the bar.

Tips for Preventing Injuries

Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form to Build Muscle

Now, here is how to prevent injuries, perform perfect squats and build strong muscles. We can’t deny squats cause great strain and stress on knees as well as hips. They also produce excessive force in the anterior ligament of the knee. So, maintain a good distance between your legs and keep hip straight when bending down. Here’s are fast tips on how to squat safely and get good results.

  • Ensure you maintain a proper grip on the barbell or else you can injure your body.
  • Do not perform partial squats as they are not safe for your knees. In addition, they do not benefit your quadriceps and barely strengthen your hamstrings and glutes.
  • Maintain a neutral spine. Don’t arc it too much, it causes a problem for the spine.
  • If you have back pain, remember to rest. It’s better not perform squat when the back pains than perform and end up with more pain.
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