Why Women Love to Have Gay Men in their Circle of Friends

Every time you turn on the television these days there are TV shows geared towards the relationship women have with gay men and it seems like no circle of girlfriends is complete without their token gay guy. So what gives, what can a gay man offer a woman that straight guys cannot? To help decode this mystery we have found three reasons why women love to have gay men in their circle of friends.

1. Similar Shaped Brain - Research by the National Academy of Sciences in 2008 revealed that straight women and gay men have similar shaped brains. This simply means that both brains are symmetrical, while the brain of a straight man is asymmetrical. So it is possible for gay men to feel, think and understand what straight women are passing through than straight men. Another clue why straight women relate better with gay guys than straight men.

2. Faithfulness - Straight women are more relaxed and feel that gay men are more faithful because they don’t have to worry about competition for a man’s attention like with their female friends or that the man will be looking for other women while they are together. The same goes for the gay man so it it’s easy to see why it makes the friendship a very harmonious one.

3. Fun to be with - A lot of women find their gay guy friends just fun to be with. They are funny, open minded and women feel they can confide in them without them having any sexual intentions. Many gay men are also interested in the same activities like shopping and fashion and women find them to be great source of non-objective advice.

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