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5 Best Sex Positions to Go Deeper

Positions to Help you Go DeeperSex is amazing, and switching things up to increase both of your pleasure is equally as awesome. If you and your partner are looking to switch things up then consider changing your positions, literally. Deep penetration is the perfect way to stimulate her G-spot while getting the most out of your length. Get better at doing what you love the most by checking out these 5 amazing moves that help you go deeper to create the best penetration of your life.

Best positions to help you go deeper

1. From Behind.

All you need for this move to go deeper is a bed and your legs. Make sure her entire body is completely flat against the bed except for her butt. Her bottom should be in the air waiting for you to enter before you start humping away. Kneel behind her and start slowly. This position has been known to cause some women pain especially at first. Enter her and thrust deeply. Added bonus of this position, you can easily stimulate her G-spot with the head of your penis. She will love it as much as you do.

2. Legs spread and dangled.

Swing your partner to the edge of your bed or couch. Have her dangle her legs over the edge at first so you can spread them as wide as you would like them to go. Once she is positioned correctly pick her legs up and throw them over your shoulder. The back of her thighs should be completely flat against your chest. Once again, enter slowly and work up to high speed. She will appreciate the gesture. Added bonus, this position allows both of you easy access to her clit.

3. The Spoon position.

Lay behind your partner in bed. Enter her from behind. The closeness of your bodies makes it easier for you to feel her and get the best penetration possible. If you still find it difficult in this position to reach as deep as you both like then try tossing her leg up over your back. This creates almost a reverse cowgirl from behind position that gives you access to her vagina in a direct and easy way.

4. Missionary.

When you are on top with your girl underneath you have complete control over the situation. You can thrust as deeply as you want with the aid of gravity. For even more thrills press deeply inside of her while you lay completely parallel to her. Use the force of the earth and your own body weight to press deeper into her.

5. The bended leg.

Have your girl lay flat on the bed. Make sure she can reach the edge of the bed and the floor. Bend her leg and press it up against your chest, then tell her to place her other foot on the floor. The angle of her legs and hips creates a wide opening for you to fully give her your member. If she can’t reach the floor then consider doing this move from a table or even a chair. Whatever works for both of your bodies should be the method you use.

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