Aphrodisiacs – All About Your Appetite

Aphrodisiacs - All About AppetiteWhat do champagne, chocolate, strawberries, honey and whipped cream all have in common? They’re aphrodisiacs that we often associate with sex. But why do our brains work like that? It’s not like we get all tingly at the sight of pretzels.

What makes some foods more sexy than others? It can be as simple as chemistry.

Take chocolate for instant

Chocolate, for example, releases endorphins, the body’s natural high – putting us in a more suggestive mood. All alcohol consumption causes blood vessels to dilate, rushing blood and hormones throughout the body at a quicker rate. Champagne’s bubbly composition adds to this by stimulating the tongue with its effervescence. Strawberries have natural fruit compounds that increase the production of saliva and natural sugars that give the body a temporary boost in energy and blood sugar without feeling heavy. Beyond that though, the brain is hardwired to release serotonin in response to pleasurable feelings.

However, this natural pleasure chemical isn‘t reserved for sex. It is also responsible for that satiated feeling that comes with a fantastic meal, a funny movie, or a great massage. If you’re not sure what foods to eat in your sexy dinner try spicy food that increases blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings, zinc containing oysters that ramp up testosterone or vanilla flavored dessert that enhance the bodies sensations.

You can use this fact to your advantage.

Surround your sexual rendezvous with a number of serotonin-positive experiences. Experiment with taste and touch at the same time with a chocolate body paint. Explore sensual scents during a massage with aromatherapy oils in scents Jasmine, Lavendar or Patchouli. You can even try warming or cooling lubricants paired with satin sheets. The key is to always try and add aphrodisiacs to bump up the level of pleasure in your sex life in a subtle, yet seductive way.

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