How To Apologizing To Your Woman

apologizingAs men, from time to time we just do dumb “things” that apologizing to the person you hurt is the right thing to do. And we all know the saying if momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy. It seems as though most men could you a litte work in the apologizing department, so luckily for you, we have insight on how to bury the hatchet and make it count.

Be sincere

Your tone and body language say it all. If it’s a situation where you broke a promise, didn’t do household chore or told a little fib a quick sorry probably won’t do it. If there is any sarcasm or annoyance in your voice that too will be detected and probably make the situation worse. If you really feel bad turn off distractions, look her in the eyes and tell her in a calm tone you are sorry.

Don’t go Tit for Tat

The worst thing you could do is try to turn the situation around on her for a past experience (total girl move). If there is something you messed up on own it and live up to it. It’s ok to be human every once in a while just try to make a conscious effort to stop repeating your behavior.

Make the change

If there is something you are doing that is becoming an issue and you agree that it’s not healthy for the relationship by all means stop doing it! Now if it’s something that you are not sorry for have a calm conversation about a possible resolution. This may be an issue where both parties need to find a common ground.

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