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Dry Spell Sexually In A Relationship

Curing a Sexual Dry Spell dry spell sexually in a relationshipAll long term relationships are full of ups and downs and changes as time goes on Once the excitement of the first few years wears off some couples can find themselves in a sexually dry spell where the sex just literally stops.

Reasons why a Sexually Dry Spell happens in relationships sex life

 Relationship conflict/ intimacy issues

Often time when there is conflict in a relationship sexual activity takes a back seat. Also partners with intimacy issues can surface once the relationship has progressed. If one of the partners has a mental blockage or is transferring bad emotions from a previous relationship your sex life will most definitely suffer.

 New baby

It’s very common for couples to go through a sexual dry spell with the arrival of a new baby. Many men are not comfortable with having sex while their wife is pregnant. Also after the baby comes it can be hard to fit in intimate moments with all of the responsibilities of an infant.

 Loss of interest

This one can be tricky and probably the most dangerous. First the sex starts out every week multiple times, then it goes down to once a week, then to every other week, then every other month (you get the pattern.) Before you know it you are no longer sexually attracted to your mate the same way you were in the beginning.

How to fix a Sexual Dry Spell:


The most important part of any relationship is communication. You probably hear it again and again but just keep talking. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough sex at home speak up. If you’re worried your partner is not satisfied ask her.

 Plan Time Together

If you see your romance is dwindling and you are stuck in a serious dry spell take action. Plan a weekend away to a romantic spot or have the kids spend a weekend out of the house so you can have some one on one time. Make sure when you set plans that you talk about sex or purchase her a sexy outfit to get the conversation started.

 Start Slowly

Starting back into regular sex after a sexual dry spell can take time and you will want to start slowly. Start by choosing days where you know you will be more free and go back to doing all of the sexual foreplay and moves you did before while adding a few new ones in.

 Use Toys: dry spell sexually in a relationship

Try out some new novelties and games to get you back in the groove. Whether they enhance the experience or give both of you something to laugh and reconnect with they will be doing their job.

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