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Better Erections Four Ways to Have Them

Four Ways to Have Better Erections

Many men suffer from performance issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) that can cause a wealth of problems from lowered self-esteem to the ability to please a lover when the mood strikes them. There are many medications and treatments out there to help with this issue, but they can oftentimes be costly to get. So what are your options when you want to save a little money or want to help your erections naturally? You can turn to nature to help you achieve better erections when you need them most.

Top 4 Ways to Have Better Errections

Eat More Dark Berries

Berries for Better Errections

Dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries and elderberries are rich in flavnones and contain the amazing antioxidant anthocyanins which can promote healthy nitric oxide in the blood. Why is nitric oxide so important? It provides a significant portion of the “lift” in your erection when you become aroused. Anthocyanins help to promote nitric oxide as they attack the free radicals in the body that lower the nitric oxide levels, freeing up more power when you are ready to show your girlfriend a good time under the sheets.

Lower Your Stress Levels: better erections

manage stress

Did you know that stress can take the wind out of your sails before you even start picking up speed? Stress works against your erection by releasing epinephrine into your body that hardens your arteries and reduces blood flow which provides the vital elements that give your erection the oomph it needs to rise. Try to lower your stress levels by finding outlets for your stress such as exercising regularly, taking a few minutes every day to focus on each of your 5 senses to find your balance again, etc.

Nip Your Snoring Habit in the Bud

Snoring can reduce the natural oxygen levels in the body that is needed to provide a healthy balance in all the organs and functions, especially the penile area. Not only that, but snoring can likely get you a one-way trip to the couch if it is particularly loud, so invest in snoring remedies to help reduce your snoring habit. Products such as anti snore mouthpieces that keep you from breathing wrong or nose strips that open airways to help keep a steady flood of air into your body.

Eat More Dark Chocolate: better erections

eat a lot of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate… it’s got what erections need! Dark chocolate provides epicatechins which are flavonoids that increase the dilation of the arteries allowing for high blood flow in the body. More blood flow means more oxygen and pressure that helps to provide the rise in your erection as you become aroused. Eating a serving of dark chocolate several times a week can help increase your chances for maintaining a better erection for a longer period of time.

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