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How to Get Her to Go Down on You

How to Get Her to Go Down on You
Every guy loves for a woman to go down on them. Old, young, purple, yellow it doesn’t matter, oral sex is what we live for and when we aren’t getting it we are not happy campers. If you are one of the unfortunate men who find it difficult to get women to go down on you then you can probably benefit from the following tips. If you think like a woman you can get any woman to do exactly what you want.

How to get her to go down on you

1. Make yourself Appetizing.

If you’re nether regions look like they haven’t been touched in years you probably aren’t making yourself attractive to women. Women appreciate a well groomed man who takes care of himself, and they are much more likely to start a party down below if you put in the effort to make sure everything is neat and tidy. This is our number one tip for a reason. If she doesn’t like what she sees (or smells) chances are she won’t want to stay down there for as long as you might hope. Give her what she wants by taking care of business before you even think about asking her to go there.

2. Be vocal about what you want.

Make going down on you fun by being vocal about how much you like oral sex. During the act get her motivated by groaning and grunting every time she does something you like. This will motivate her to do it more and also keeps her confidence level high so she feels like she is a pro at it. If you don’t then oral sex will likely be boring for both of you and each will leave the room unhappy and dissatisfied.

3. Make it competitive.

Share all the horror stories of past girlfriends going down on you and never enjoying it. If she views it as a challenge then she will likely try her hardest to make it as pleasurable as possible for you. You will enjoy watching her go at it and she will enjoy feeling like a porn star rising to the challenge.

4. Make it sexy and fun.

Most guys believe their girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to go down on him just because all girls don’t, but the facts say the more enjoyment you get out of it the more she will as well. If you follow the above tips we’ve outlined, she will likely love going down on you. And if she does, you will be on the receiving end more often than not.

5. Do not force it on her.

Women don’t want to be forced to do anything. They are independent creatures and would rather do what they like than be told what to do, so the next time you have the urge to force her head down by your penis resist the urge. Instead, tell her how badly you want her lips wrapped around your penis and how much you enjoy watching her work her magic. This will inspire her to move down there while turning you on. can you go down

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