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How to Get More Sex from Your Lady

How to Get More Sex from Your LadyOne of the most difficult things in a relation between a man and woman can be when one has a stronger sex drive to get more sex. Just remember, it’s not your fault if she simply doesn’t need it as often as you. That having been said, what can you do to get her in the mood more often, so that your needs can be fulfilled without begging for it? Here are some suggestions on how to get more sex from your lady.

Top tips to get more sex

First of all, don’t make her feel obligated to follow you to the bedroom every time you touch her. If you only touch when you want sex, then when she isn’t feeling it, your touch will actually become a turnoff. So how do you turn that around? Give gentle caresses at various times throughout the day without expecting anything back. Love is more important to most women than sex. If she feels loved, she’ll be ready to get between the sheets whenever you are. After a while, you’ll be surprised how many of those innocent caresses lead to something more later on in the day.

Give her some cuddle time

It’s a way to get intimate without sex. If you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie, or even just talking about the day, snuggle up with her. Again, it may seem counter productive at first, but as time goes by, you’ll see how often cuddling ends up as something more. It’s the same principle. Creating the atmosphere of love and intimacy will lead to her wanting sex more often.

You can use compliments the same way

It doesn’t have to necessarily be a remark about her physical beauty, although it can be. Be generous with praise and compliments. And never compare her to exes. Even if you are making a positive comparison, all she’ll hear is that you aren’t thinking of only her. Positive reinforcement and expressions of love on a daily basis will strengthen the bonds between you. The closer she feels to you emotionally, the more often she’ll want to be close to you physically.

Of course, looking and smelling good helps too

Dress nicely for her. Keep up your hygiene. Wear her favorite cologne, even if you don’t like it all that much. Bring home presents like flowers or chocolate. Every little thing that shows you are trying is going to take you another step in the direction you want to go.

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