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How to Prevent ED and Keep Your Sex Life Alive

 ED erectile dysfunctionED (erectile dysfunction) becomes more common for men as they age, but luckily there are ways to help reduce the likelihood of it happening. No man wants to face the possibility of not being able to get it up while in bed with a woman, but it happens and understanding ways to prevent it for occurring can help you to continue to have a sexually satisfying time in the bedroom.

How to prevent ed and keep your sex life alive

Eat Healthy

You probably see this listed in many preventative tips for other health problems, but eating healthy is one of your best ways to ensure proper health in your body, including maintaining an erection. Try to curb your more unhealthy eating habits to more occasional practice instead of an everyday thing and supplement it with lots of fruits and vegetables with a full spectrum of colors.

Exercise Regularly

ED has been strongly linked with a sedentary lifestyle, so get off the couch and go for a run or something. Whether you choose to just walk around the block for a little while or go out for a game of basketball with the guys, get in a few hours of exercise a week to help your body get the necessary workout it needs to help maintain proper body function in the areas that matter most.

Cut Down on the Drinking

Though drinking doesn’t directly cause erectile dysfunction in the body, in heavy amounts it can play a significant effect on a man’s liver function, heart and nerves which can all effect the normal hormone levels in the body, leading to a higher risk for ED. Try to cut down on alcohol or completely eliminate it if you can to help prevent ED from occurring.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has a variety of damaging effects on the body that we all know about such as lung cancer, respiratory issues and more, but did you know that it can also cause blood flow issues as well? The carcinogenic smoke from the cigarettes can hurt blood vessels and restrict the regular blood flow in the body, helping to the necessary amount of blood needed to achieve an erection from flowing to the grin area. The nicotine in cigarettes can also restrict blood flow as well, causing an even greater likelihood of men who smoke to develop erectile dysfunction.

Curb the Inclination to Overdo It in the Bedroom

One of the ways a man can develop erectile dysfunction is by getting a groin injury while trying to try a risky sex move in the bedroom. The penis may seem like a fairly flexible part of the body, but it can sustain an injury from being bent at the wrong angle, crushed when a woman is on top and comes down wrong or jammed in at a wrong angle that causes problems. All of these things could lead to an injury that makes it difficult to maintain an erection while the penis heals from the internal injury.

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