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Sex Drive Killers That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Common Sex Drive Killers

A healthy sex drive is the end all be all of pleasures for most men. We look forward to sex when we are in a committed relationship and we search for it constantly when we are not. But what happens when a man loses his desire to get intimate with the opposite sex? What factors play a role in males losing their ability and desire to have sex? Apparently there is more to it than simply being dead, living men can actually become complacent with sex. Below is a list of the most common sex drive killers and how you can reconcile back to your old self again.

Common sex drive killers in men

Stress can be a Sex Drive killer.

Men who are under significant career or personal stress often report having lower levels Sex Drive or desire for sexual activity. Our bodies release hormones that affect our body negatively. Stress causes exhaustion, tension, and physical discomfort. If you are in a bad mood chances are you won’t have too much interest in getting busy with your partner. Do yourself a favor and get active. Make it a priority to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day so blood is pumping through your veins and you can burn off the waste products of stress. This will help you regain your pleasure in life and in sex drive.

Relationship dissatisfaction.

If you and your wife/girlfriend have been arguing more frequently chances are you will have less desire to sleep with her. Many men find that when it comes to sex with their wife/girlfriend they are completely turned off, and some even run into the arms of another woman. But don’t throw away what you have built. Tell your wife/girlfriend how you feel and open up to her about how she makes you feel. Reconcile the situation and do your part to interest her in sex once again and rev up your Sex Drive.


Obesity can lead to numerous health issues but it is likely a direct result of inactivity and over eating. Everyone knows what it’s like to eat a huge holiday meal and then feel completely miserable afterwards. Not many people choose to go do the deed in that situation. This is what it feels like to be overweight. You are out of energy and your body is sluggish. You also probably feel unattractive. As mentioned before, get active to get out of this slump. Join a gym and stop stuffing your face like a turkey for thanksgiving. Instead, make smarter choices about what you consume and start exercising. Your libido will increase along with your Sex Drive.

Health issues.

High blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer can all cause our bodies to change the way they distribute hormones. If you are suffering from one of these diseases your sexual appetite will probably be slim to none and you wont have any Sex Drive. See your doctor if you have started to feel ill for no apparent reason. It could be a result of a serious disease which is nothing to mess around with.

Low Testosterone.

Low Testosterone has recently become recognized as a medical problem. Although it is perfectly normal for your testosterone levels to drop with age, it is not normal for you to suddenly lose all interest in the opposite sex and to start packing on the pounds. If this is the situation you find yourself in then you may have a thyroid issue. Go to your doctor to find out what is behind your seemingly sudden drop in sexual desire to get a proper diagnosis. Now a days there are many ways to boost your testosterone.

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