Is She Family Material To Take Home

Is She Family MaterialYou’re closer to her than you have been with anyone else in your life... She knows things about you that you’ve never told anyone. She’s heard your complaints about your family. She’s heard you rave about their greatness. But is she ready to meet them face to face? Even if she tells you she is, you’re the one that needs to make that decision if she is family material or not.

Do you have a history of bringing home women to meet your family?

Only to have your family treat her poorly or disapprovingly and telling you she's not family material? It may be wise to bring up the topic of meeting to your parents or the most vocal member of your family to get them used to the idea that someone new will be entering their little dynamic. This also gives you a chance to talk about what kind of behavior you expect, how important this person is to you, and your intentions about where this relationship may be headed.

Does your special lady have a tendency to compare you to other men.

Or inadvertently say offensive things? You may want to do some prep work before you visit family members. To broach this subject delicately you can say that you want everyone to like each other after that once-in-a-lifetime first impression and so you just want to keep the conversation light this time around.

The biggest consideration you need to evaluate

Whether or not you and your partner feel like you can be yourselves around your family. If there’s some aspect of your relationship you’re not proud of, or if you feel like you have to keep something secret about yourself or your partner, then this is something you need to address in your relationship prior to involving your family. The best relationships are those that allow both people to be themselves, and be at ease with each other in a variety of situations.

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