TV and Loss of Intimacy Connection

TV and Loss of IntimacyAh… the snugly comfort of curling up in bed and turning on the TV and Loss of Intimacy. All tucked in under your covers, and engrossed in the latest episode of your favorite show, you can actually feel the rest of the day easing away. You might even relax so much that you doze off peacefully during a commercial break. Sounds just about perfect, right?

Are you being affected by your TV and Loss of Intimacy?

You completely missed your partner laying there in bed next to you. While you were all engrossed in the plot, your sex life started taking a huge snooze. To wake it up, the answer is simple: Turn the TV off.

The solution

Make your bedroom a television-free zone for at least a few hours a day. TV is great at keeping us entertained while doing relatively little to stimulate our minds or give us reasons to connect with other people. With our brains turned off, we become poor conversationalists, which, interestingly enough, is one of the first steps towards creating a sexual atmosphere.

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