Sexual Leatherplay in the Bedroom - Who’s Whipped?

Leatherplay in the Bedroom - Who’s WhippedSexual leatherplay doesn’t have to conjure up images of a crazy dominatrix and some weird guy in a face mask... With a little smart shopping, the softness and strength of leather can lend a modest amount of excitement to the bedroom. All kidding from our article title aside, sexual leatherplay extends well beyond the typical image of whips and chains and odd, sometimes frightening outfits. High-quality leather goods designed for intimate play are often soft and supple, which not only closely resembles human skin, but also provides some water/liquid resistance, and minimizes issues like chafing.

How to start sexual leatherplay in the bedroom?

Some of the most popular choices for beginners include restraints. Ranging from simple straps to more elaborate lace-up cuffs, enthusiasts report greater comfort, despite a much tighter fit. In fact, many experimenting with bondage or restraints for the first time report less anxiety with even the very idea of leather since it does not require keys (which can get lost) with handcuffs, and because it does not typically leave marks or indentations as do metal, rope/cord, or silk handkerchiefs.

Spanking, tickling and teasing

For the more kinky lover, leatherplay offers an interesting adaptation on friendly spanking, tickling, or teasing, with small paddles and ticklers (which look like little leather feather dusters). The sensation of leather against skin feels very similar to skin-to-skin contact, but adds an extra dimension of anticipation and build up since it isn’t actually skin. Again, leather also adds a level of “give” not found in more synthetic materials like plastic, PVC, or molded latex.

What to buy?

When looking for leather goods, the best choices are those that are 100% genuine leather. Yes, this will make the product more expensive, but it will also feel more seductive and last longer. Try to avoid any products that are labeled as “synthetic leather” or “blended leather” as neither are real leather. The same goes for “pleather,” “leatherette,” “faux leather,” “naugahyde,” “ultrasuede” or “vinyl.” These blends/imitations are usually derived from plastic or polyeurethane, which limit breathability and quality.

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