Man Habits that Annoy Every Women

Man Habits that Annoy WomenOh yes there are quite a lot of common man habits like smelling your armpits after lifting weights, having dirty hands, grabbing your crotch, nose picking, nail biting, or belching with wide open mouth but it is another class when it comes to dealing with man habits that annoy women. You should not get it all mixed up here, women have quite a lot of habits up their sleeves too that men find annoying but here, lets deal with those man habits that women find annoying.

Leaving the toilet seat up

While you may think that this will only take but just a matter of seconds to put back in place, it is just one of the many things that women find annoying. They find it utterly un-thoughtful of you to just leave the toilet seat open after you have used it.  And why don’t you just close it when you are done?

Leaving the toilet dirty

Another toilet matter right? Well yes women are a lot more concerned (if not choosy) about the cleanliness of the toilet they use. If not because of the general affinity to toilet diseases, then for other personal reasons. But the fact remains that they will get really pissed off if and when they find out that you left the toilet dirty. You had better find a way to break that habit.

Leaving all the planning to them alone

Enough toilet matters.. another manly habit that annoy women is when you as a man leave them to do all the planning. Whether it's preparing dinner for the house or doing the planning for that pleasant vacation. You shouldn't leave all of the planning up to them unless you want to face a woman's wrath. It's better off if you just develop some planning skills or just help out while she is doing the planning.

Leaving your wet towel on the Bed

Almost every man does this; you just come out of the shower, wipe your body dry and then drop your towel all wet on to the bed. Oh yes you are waiting to push her buttons because it is another one of those man habits that women find annoying.

Talking only about yourself

In the first instance, why should you be talking about yourself? In any relationship, what women want is having the attention on them too. A one-sided relationship where you just talk about yourself will not benefit either of you.

Forgetting to hold the door for her

Let’s cap it up with the romantic fill of you holding the door for her while you are both getting into the car or perhaps entering a public place- it makes you a very romantic guy and makes her feel very important. However, when you don’t do these actions you can be asking for trouble because she might think you don't care anymore.

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