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Online Dating Disadvantages – Why it Isn’t Working

Reasons Why Online Dating disadvantagesOnline dating is both a blessing and a curse to the male world, providing a glimpse at the countless women who are available all over the world while keeping most completely unattainable and just out of reach. For many men the online dating disadvantages can pile up quickly become a minefield of problems and issues that can reduce their self-esteem to nothing very quickly. That is because online dating and dating in real life are very different and unless you understand this you will always have trouble finding a woman who is just as interested in you as you are in her. To help you make your venture into online dating more successful we’ve put together a list of 3 reasons why online dating isn’t working for you to make your chances online better than ever.

Online dating disadvantages and why it isn’t working for you

Reason #1: You’re Getting Lost in the Crowd

If you have been search for a while online trying to get women to pay attention to you without any luck the reason might be because you just aren’t going about it the right way. The simple truth is that beautiful women online get hundreds of messages online a week and if you don’t stand out very quickly your chances of getting her to message you back are about zero. Try to be as unique and interesting as possible showcasing who you are and what you are looking for in a way as to spark her interest and make her crave a little more of your time.

Reason #2: You’re Words are Falling Flat

The problem with technology such as IM and emails is that it is very hard to get your pint across in the very same way as you would in person. What might work in real life is severely lacking online, so you need to change your game plan accordingly. The best way to do this is to be as descriptive as possible and paint a picture in her mind of what you want, who you are and so forth. Instead of saying something common like “I’m looking for someone to spend my life with” say something such as “I want a beautiful, smart and funny woman who makes me smile and wants to grow old with me.” Paint the picture for her and you will be beating them off with a stick.

Reason #3: Don’t Be a Creeper

Another one of the online dating disadvantages is just like in real life things happen that take us away from the internet world for a time and women are no different. She may be busy at work and unable to get back to you right away, leaving you hanging for a few days waiting for her to email you back. This can be frustrating, but don’t go into creeper mode right away.

It can be all too easy to get lulled into a sense of familiarity with online dating very quickly, allowing you to feel entitled to continuous updates or communication. But you need to remember that you are still in the early stages of a relationship and that she will get freaked out if you send her a barrage of emails asking why she hasn’t responded yet. Play it cool and wait a reasonable amount of time before trying to get in contact with her (and a reasonable amount of time is no less than 3 days.)

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