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Safe CyberSex Practice Benefits And Risks

safe cybersexThere’s no denying in this day and age that online downloads are becoming a preferred method of accessing sexual entertainment. Whether your passions lean towards watching streaming adult videos or engaging in saucy online chats, there are some safe cybersex considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. The Internet, for all its conveniences, is still a risky place to play. Hackers, cyber stalkers, identity thieves and more all troll the web looking for unsuspecting people they can attack. So here are a couple guidelines to help keep your personal info and your computer protected.

Your Guide to Safe CyberSex

Keep up a good firewall

Do NOT turn off firewall protection or antivirus software for any site – even if it tells you these features must be disabled to access the site. Any site that does this is not worth the risk. And let’s be honest, there are only a billion other sites to choose from. Similarly, do not download any self-executing files (typically identified by .exe file extensions) or any software from less-than-reputable sources (and sorry, most adult sites quality as less than reputable since the vast majority are hosted in other countries like India, China, Russia, etc.).

Never download “special” software

If you must download video or image content, you shouldn’t have to download special software to view it. Most windows image and video viewing software will suffice for your needs and safe software like Quicktime and Flash can (and should) both be downloaded from safe sources like CNet, Apple or Adobe.

Be cautious while in chat rooms

Chats post a unique risk in that clever hackers can access your computer while you’re online or, when you’re away from your computer if you don’t exit the chat program (view task manager to be certain the application has ceased running and that you didn’t just minimize the chat window). Do not accept the instructions or computer advice of a cyber friend – you’re just asking for trouble.

Don’t fileshare

Similarly, don’t trade files over chat. Save image exchange for password protected photo galleries where you can set up an account and then share the url on a remote host instead of granting direct access to your computer and its files. Photobucket, Flickr and Picasa are all excellent choices.

Unplug if it gets to be too much!

And, if you’re ever in doubt, disconnect. It’s a big, big universe out there and you don’t have to stay connected to someone that gives you the cyber creeps. And don’t forget – your smart phone can be under attack too. So be careful what you access on the go.

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