Sex Toys Mistakes You Should Avoid

sex toysYour sex toys have been good to you, right? Of course they have. But if you want to keep enjoying them, you need to be good to them, too. If you’re not properly caring for and maintaining your sex toys, you could be setting yourself or your partner up for much unpleasantness.

First off – all toys should be cleaned thoroughly with antibiotic soap or cleanser prior to and after every use. Even new toys need to be cleaned well since they may have traces of chemicals or substances from the factories in which they were made or the packaging in which they were shipped. These substances can cause allergic reactions, infections, rashes or other side effects. After use, make sure toys are either wiped dry with a clean towel or are air dried according to manufacturer specifications. Avoid heated drying as it can stimulate the growth of bacteria which also can cause infections.

When you’re not using your toys, make sure they’re properly stored. Hint: tossed in your sock drawer isn’t a good choice. Instead, consider buying a plastic, lidded bin that fits in your medicine cabinet or under your bed. The plastic keeps dust, dirt and lint off of clean toys; is non-reactive with latex, other plastics, metal (as found in handcuffs or buckles); and helps prevent leather from overexposure to air, which causes drying out and cracking.

Lastly, and this is a big safety issue. Do not share toys between multiple partners. Besides being kinda creepy, there are serious potential health risks if you or a partner has a sexually transmitted disease or any kind of bacterial or fungal infection. Some people say that this is why they choose toys made from non-porous materials, like glass. And yes, that is a step in the right direction. But even glass has seams, microscopic chips or cracks, all of which can harbor germs or pathogens.

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