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Real Massage Techniques That are Effective

Beginning Massage Techniques

For centuries, the power of touch has been proven to heal, comfort… and, of course, arouse. In the hands of a master, massage therapy can elicit tremendous pleasure, but in the hands of a complete and total amateur, massage can actually ruin the mood. If, however, you learn a few basic skills, you can impress and inspire romance to occur.

Beginning massage therapy techniques

Easy Does It

One of the most common mistake beginners make is that they exert too much pressure on sensitive, nerve-dense areas. Always start with minimal pressure and work your way stronger with your partner’s encouragement. Likewise, avoid using small pressure points like thumbs unless you know how to do so with restraint. Instead use several knuckles pressed together, the heel of your palm or even the length of your forearm.

Be Slick

Oil is a very, very good thing for ANY massage therapy. Skin-on-skin friction causes heat, burning sensations, rub marks and all-around discomfort. A moderate amount of oil allows hands to glide over skin, allowing your partner to focus on the pleasurable sensations of the massage. As well, many oils have desirable fragrance profiles that can heighten the enjoyment of the massage experience. There are also those that can leave hot or cool sensations but be careful when handling as you may want to ensure do not get on any sensitive areas.

Know Where to Go: real massage

Generally, you want to focus your efforts on the softer, more muscular areas of the body for massage. Applying pressure to bones or joints (including the spine) can not only cause your partner pain, but may also be harmful. Stick to shoulders, the area between the spine and shoulder blades, lower back, upper thighs and calves until you learn to tell the difference between a tense muscle and a more sensitive bony or joint structure.

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