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Is a Sexy Wife Make a Happier Marriage Life

Sexy Wife, Happy LifeWell science has done it once again. They have proved what humankind has already known for thousands of years: Men are attracted to attractive women. After four years of studying 450 newlywed men and women they discovered the men with a sexy wife (or the men who rated their wives higher on the attractive chart) were happier than men who rated their wives lower.

Is a sexy wife the key to a happier marriage?

However, in comparison women were not affected by their partner’s attractiveness. So what does this mean and does this negate the importance of a woman’s personality in a relationship?

While most men love an attractive woman some men proclaim they base their love life off of their partner’s personality, according to this study that leads to unhappy marriages. Prior to the study each respective partner was rated on their attractiveness. Throughout the 4 year study the partners were asked to rate their own personal martial satisfaction on 8 separate occasions.

Men vs. Women in attractiveness and satisfaction

As time moved forward the men who had more attractive wives consistently claimed a higher rate of martial satisfaction, and their satisfaction never wavier throughout the study. However, on the other hand women were unaffected by the attractiveness of their husbands. If their husbands were more attractive it seemed to not provide any greater satisfaction to the wives in the study.

So it seems as though attraction should never be the motivating force behind who a woman marries. But the same cannot be said for men. We are motivated by attraction. Our goal has always been and will always be to find the most attractive of the pack (that will have us) and make her our own.

The Caveman in us

Evolution has programmed us to find the healthiest, most optimal female to procreate with. We want a woman who will offer our children solid genes, and nature’s way of telling us if a female has good genes is through attractiveness. We are drawn to women with shiny hair (a sign of fertility), pouty, full, and red lips (a sign of health and fertility), and wide hips (great for child birthing). As harsh at it may seem we find ultimate marital satisfaction in having the prized female of the pack.

Men are simple creatures. sexy wife

We don’t really care what our wife wears out to dinner or how much makeup she puts on. We are more concerned with the shape of her body and the mystery she keeps alive throughout our commitment to one another. We tend to appreciate our wives when they make an effort to keep us excited. Neither males nor females really care what anyone else thinks of their significant other, it comes down to brass tact’s whether or not they continue to be attracted to their partner.

Although sexual attraction between partners is vital it doesn’t translate into long-term relationship success. The health of a marriage is dependent upon many other factors besides sexual attraction, but as a man it sure doesn’t hurt to have a smocking’ wife! So before you decide to marry that girl make sure she can fit your long-term attraction satisfaction and connection.

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