Shift Your Focus From Sex

sexAnyone who says they never think about sex is either a liar or one of the most disciplined people on the planet. However, some people think about sex so often that it’s a pre-occupation; everything becomes a sexual connection. Besides making you seem a bit creepy to friends, co-workers and potential dates, an obsession with sex can actually harm your sex life.

Ways to Shift your Focus from Sex

The best way to understand this is to draw a parallel with an obsession about a much-less taboo subject: ice cream. If a person were obsessed with ice cream, sure, they’d probably quickly become overweight... but over time, they’d also become more and more selective about the particular ice cream they choose to eat. For whatever reason, they’d build up this idea of ice cream in their minds that would be difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate in real life. Sex is similar. The more one builds up the experience in their minds, the more challenging it becomes to be satisfied with the actual experience when it happens.

Training your mind

Now the tough part, of course, is training your mind away from obsessive thought. Essentially, it just takes practice. When you find yourself thinking about sex, look for triggers. Are you exposed to sexual visual material? If so, try to remove or avoid the stimulus. If there are no triggers, then choose a mental activity like planning your dream vacation or thinking of 4 alternate driving routes home from the office. What you’ll find, is that with a little training, you’ll be more able to concentrate on relationships with people, other activities for leisure and entertainment, and, enjoying sex to its fullest when the opportunity arises.

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