Six Traits of a Player According To A Man

Six Traits of a PlayerEvery guy has at one time or another dreamed of getting every girl they desire into bed. But only a few guys really live that lifestyle. Line up your personality and see if you make the cut to be a true player by checking out the top six traits of a player below.

1. You avoid social media.

Virtually everyone is connected to social media in one form or another, and unless you are a cowboy who spends most of his time outdoors chances are if you avoid social media it is to avoid girl drama. If one of your girls finding out about another is the main reason you aren't on Facebook then you are a player.

2. Your home is outfitted for booty calls

If you chose your bed size and sheets because they are more appropriate for love making then you definitely have some traits of a player. If you keep your home dimly lit with candles then you should definitely check the box.

3. You have a history of landing dime pieces

If your little black book or contact list consists of 10s that you have had a more personal encounter with more than once then you are a player. Most guys can count on one hand how many dime pieces they've been with if even that. If you have more than that then you are a player.

4. You send out mass texts asking ‘wanna hang out’ to girls in your phone

Anytime you are hitting up multiple girls for a booty call you are a true player. Most players will take out their phones and send a mass text and whoever is their favorite will get the text back.

5. You keep your friends and girls separate

If you never take girls to meet your friends or family then you are playing the game. If you aren't serious about the girls you are with then you won’t cross that line and bring them home to meet mom or even to the club to meet your buddies.

6. You love yourself, a lot

If you are told constantly that you are egotistical or that you really love yourself then it might be possible you are a player. Having confidence is one thing, but viewing women as an object to be conquered by your manhood is the definition of playa.

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