Bed Size Does It Matters To A Woman

bed sizeFeeling a little bored with your sex life? It could be that your bed is to blame. Your bed size can actually limit what’s possible in the bedroom. Yet, it’s exactly what happens with a lot of single people that get into steady sexual relationships. They buy a right-sized bed for themselves (or more often their studio or small one-bedroom apartments) and it’s not the most appropriate size for two-person romance.

How your bed size can affect your sex life

Among other things, a small bed can limit your confidence in the bedroom due to constant worries of falling off the edge or bumping against the headboard or footboard. It also rules out activities like trying new positions, which can be an enticing way to heat up any relationship.

So what’s a good size bed to get?

Does everyone need a California king-size playground in their bedroom? It pays to shop well. A quality mattress will retain its shape from edge to edge, providing the maximum possible usable space.

Change your mattress

If the mattress seems to sag or droop excessively whenever you get near the edges, consider upgrading. Likewise with mattresses that sag in the middle… it’s time to replace them. For most people, a queen-sized bed is plenty of space for sex and slumber. However, large or tall individuals may appreciate the extra space and comfort a king-size bed provides.

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