Stop Overthinking Sex In The Bedroom

Stop Overthinking SexSex can be a spur of the moment thing or a carefully planned event; it is fun, enjoyable and is a great way to get closer to a person, especially the one you love. However, sometimes men can start overthinking sex, letting their insecurities about their performance hinder them from enjoying the act and hindering their sex partner from enjoying it as well. So how do you stop overthinking sex and just start doing it?

Well, we’re going to give you three tips to make it happen.

• Start by Getting Pleasure Yourself

The best way to stop over thinking sex is to let yourself sink into the pleasure and enjoy the act. When you are feeling pleasure you’re not so hooked on worrying about if she’s enjoying it, what if you’re doing a move wrong, should you this harder or that gentler, etc. Sure, it’s good to help your partner find pleasure as well, but if you’re focused on the pleasure that you’re feeling you’ll be able instinctively move the right way, say the right thing and just make it a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

• Hit the Books for Research and Ask Her What She Thinks

When you’re overthinking sex and worrying about what you’re doing wrong, do yourself a favor and find out ways to improve your sexual technique. When you know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong you’ll be more confident about yourself in bed and about your ability to give her pleasure. If you worried that you aren’t meeting her needs sexually ask her about it, most women are very willing to talk about how to improve your sex life or she might even simply tell you that she loves what you’re doing, problem solved.

• Be Spontaneous

A good way to remove the opportunity for you to start overthinking sex is by being spontaneous. When you’re spontaneous, you have less time to worry about what you’re doing wrong because you’re caught in the heat of the moment. If you get in the mood, go for it. Whether it’s a fast bout of lovemaking on the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon or an impromptu bit of sex in the pool late at night; revel in the act of sex on the fly. She will thank you for it and she may even return the favor down the road by catching you unaware and rocking your socks off.

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