Places She Wants to Be Touched But Won’t Say

Surprising Places She Wants to Be TouchedAs men, we tend to believe there are only 3 areas a woman wants to be touched where she enjoy stimulation, her breasts, vagina, and butt. But that is far from the truth. Women crave spine tingling body stimulation and want to feel every sensation possible, but unfortunately we often fail to give them the sensations they crave.

Tips to find out where a woman wants to be touched

But before you go and start touching your girl from head to toe, start by understanding the areas she wants to be touched that turn her on the most.

Hair and scalp

For example, men think women get their hair done on a regular because they want to look good. Although this is part of the reason, it doesn’t sum it all up. Getting hair cut, styled, and washed is a process that relives tension on her scalp and feels truly pampering. The next time she comes home from a hard day’s work start massaging her head and scalp and work your way down her neck to completely relax her. Talk about brownie points!

The hips and pelvis

Another location that stimulates her senses is her hips and pelvis. The surface area above her uterus and vagina is packed full of nerve endings and if you lick and kiss this region you could send her into a tizzy. A few simple licks and kisses will do the trick and will get her begging you to head down south. Resist the urge and continue to tease her by moving to her inner thighs. This entire area is extremely sensitive but is not a go to spot for many guys.

Pamper the feet

Of course, no discussion about places to touch her can overlook the feet. Modern women often work long hours in high heeled shoes and are exhausted when they arrive home from work. Slid off her shoes and gently rub and caress her feet after her work day. Not only will she appreciate the rubbing and touching she will also enjoy the relief from her feet.

Ears and neck

The ears and neck are also erogenous zones for most women and can be easily stimulated by soft kissing and sucking of the earlobes and down the neck. Although, it is important to realize not all women love this type of sensation so do it once and gauge her reaction from it before you make it a regular practice.

Behind the knees

Behind her knees is also a great place to spend a few minutes. Start by caressing and then kissing this area to stimulate the nerve endings that are packed there. She will love the experience of being kissed behind her knees as she probably has never felt it before, and it will spice things up between both of you by opening you up to new sexually exciting zones on your bodies.

When things heat up go for the Mons area

Touch her in the Mons area. Right above her labia lies a soft bit of tissue, that is extremely sensitive to touch and sensations. Try rubbing the area with the palm of your hand in a circular motion. She might not even realize she likes the sensation until you do it for her. You can also gently touch and massage the area with oil for a sensual overload.

No matter how strange it might seem, there are more than a handful of sensual locations to touch your girl. Be adventuress and feel her out to give her the most pleasure possible. These are some area where a woman wants to be touched.

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