Your Love Life And Technology Interfering

Is Technology Interfering with Your Love LifeDo you love your iPhone more than your love life? Well some studies suggest that our fondness for our technological devices has reached a tipping point, and have now begun to interfere with many people’s relationships. It seems as though communicating strictly through text messages isn’t the best idea we have ever come up with as a species. If you have recently been dumped for reasons you can’t explain, or if your girlfriend complains about how little time you spend with her then you may have fallen victim to the tech brain drain.

Top ways technology might be interfering with your love life

Technology is a beautiful thing. We have phones that are capable of doing things that personal computers couldn’t do just a few short years ago. The second we receive an email, phone call, or instant message we can check it. We are constantly connected to our workplace and our private relationships with the touch of a button. However, there is a slightly less positive side to all this connectivity, we are never alone!

Social Media and Your Relationship

If you are in a relationship you probably understand the importance of such things as Facebook and text messages to learn about your partner. But how much time you spend stalking their Facebook page could come back and bite you. Instead of spending the traditional dating period getting to know your new love interest, you can now simply open up your Facebook app and search their name. Once you add them as a friend you can see virtually everything they have done over the past year. Where is the mystery in that? This overload on transparency can actually have a detrimental effect on your love life.

The bad and good of being interconnected constantly

On the other end of the spectrum technology has the ability to come between you and your girlfriend/wife/partner. If you are a business man or simply always connected to your device it is possible that your loved one may feel left out or even ignored. Of course, the last thing you want to do is choose Siri over Sara, so you may want to analyze how much time you spend checking your phone compared with the amount of quality time you spend with your girl. Often an honest run down on log time of how much of your day is spent on your phone can reveal whether or not technology is interfering with your love life.

Turn it off during quality time

Instead of spending the evening on your phone or tablet, make an effort to shut down your devices after a certain time every night. Let that time be reserved for you and your partner and don’t allow any email or text message to get in the way of that. Your love life is much more important than checking up on what your friends had for dinner. Technology can be used for good or bad, but you have to make the decision on how you will use it.

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