Sex Slings - The Sling’s The Thing

Sex Slings - The Sling’s The ThingWhen the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Archimedes first discovered the principles of leverage, he likely wasn’t thinking of how this would apply to the bedroom, but leverage is an important component of sexually activity.

How the Sex Sling can Enhance your Sex Life

Think about the way we’re built. Each of our joints has the power to become a lever – allowing us to moderate force, angle and a great number of other aspects important to a pleasurable sexual experience.

More positions and stability

Sex slings offer a more extensive variety of positions and greater strength, balance and coordination in sexual situations. It can also prove rather handy in situations where one partner is much larger than the other (tall men and short women for example) or where one partner suffers from a chronic injury such as lower back pain.

In both of these cases, the sling allows the stronger partner to support the weight of the other without sacrificing the angle or engaging muscle groups that work against pleasurable sexual sensations.

Free up your hands to concentrate on pleasure

Women often feel like sexual slings grant them more freedom in the bedroom, allowing them to concentrate on their own pleasure rather than on holding a position or balancing uncomfortably. As well, women often feel that the sex sling allows them options for more control during sex (looping the sling underneath your partner’s back and using the handles for women-on-top positions)

They also allow for maximum pleasure by extending new and exciting positions that you normally couldn't perform under your own strength. And, as sexual apparatuses go, sex slings are easy to set up, easy to learn, easy to experiment with and easy to store. So what’s holding you back?

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