Why Love is Expensive So What a Regular To Do

Why Love is ExpensiveReason why love is expensive, What do jewelry stores, florists, and hallmark all have in common? They suck money out of men’s wallets at an alarming rate. It doesn't have to be Valentine’s Day for a woman to expect flowers, and it doesn't have to be her birthday for her to expect jewelry.

Let’s face it guys, love is expensive!

It doesn't matter who you are the facts are the facts, being single is just cheaper than being in love. In our culture it is expected that the man buys the woman everything her heart desires and if you don’t then you’re a jerk.

Of course, let’s not overlook the dating process in general. You meet a woman at a club, bar, supermarket wherever, and with that first look you are in hook-line-sinker. But she won’t show you she is into you just yet, slowdown there cowboy. You have to wine and dine her first. That means taking her to the most expensive restaurant in town to show her how much she means to you. You order an expensive bottle of wine and tell her to get whatever she wants on the menu. The check comes and of course you are expected to pay it. And you do all of this without ever knowing if you will ever get a second date. That is love in a nut shell.

What makes love so expensive?

If you do get a second date you are presented with the prospect of playing out that same scenario over and over again for the rest of your life unless you break up and remain a bachelor. While we don’t want the latter it is really the only way to escape the endless cycle of trying to impress the woman of your dreams. But if you choose to take your relationship to the next level you have even more impressing to do, instead of your girlfriend you will be trying to impress her family. This in turn costs money. There will be countless holidays, anniversaries and birthdays where you will need to shell out cash on gifts and entertainment. Not to mention vacations and several other expenses over time.

What is a regular guy to do?

While all the above are the reasons why love is expensive, in reality the motivation for you to do these things is your love for her. You would probably give the clothes off your back if she asked you too and yet, you do it all in the name of love. And if you can find a woman who appreciates you and completes your lifestyle then the expense is all worthwhile. But for others considering the high cost of love, bachelorhood may just be a little more appealing.

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