Why Women Love Musicians So Much

Why Women Love MusiciansSo the question is why women love musicians so much. There are an almost countless number of guitarists, pianists and singers who have become undeniable sex symbols across the world. In fact, many women swoon at the very sight of their favorite musician. While this does not mean the non-musically gifted are doomed to a life of loneliness, being a musician sure seems to be a way to get the ladies on your doorstep with a single strum or a five-note melody. But why does this happen? What makes them so special? Once you dissect the reasons why women love musicians, it isn’t too hard to understand.

Musicians Listen… Maybe

Although it is not necessarily set in stone, most men are centre their thought processes around vision and what they see while most women focus on what they hear. In a sense, this is the reason why men tend to refuse to ask for directions and rather use a visual map while women have the opposite tendency. This psychological difference between the genders has created a lot of wars and relationship break-ups in the past.

The reason why women love musicians is because they fill the gap. Musicians tend to be able to process both visual cues and auditory cues more equally than other people as is necessary in playing music. In other words, many women unconsciously believe that musicians are more likely to listen to them and understand their ways of thinking than non-musicians. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but it sure makes an impact on the dating field.

Musicians Are Confident

Above all else, women look for a man who is confident in themselves and their actions. Another reason why women love musicians is because a majority of musicians have a general air of confidence. Why is this so? This is because they have had experience performing in front of other people, baring their emotions and passions to the audience, and pleasing them with their art. Although it is not universal, this typically gives the musician a greater sense of confidence and intestinal fortitude that women absolutely adore.

Musicians Are Mysterious and Expressive

Contrary to common belief, women do not want a man who acts like a gentleman and is completely in touch with his feelings. Sad to say, these men tend to land outside of date-able territory. Also, most women don’t necessarily want a man who is cool and unmovable. While many women jump on board at first because of their calm, collected and mysterious appearance, they soon get off the bandwagon when they realize there is nothing particularly interesting under the surface.

Once again, musicians bridge the gap and meet both criteria most women look for in a man. Most musicians do not fall over themselves in laughter, rage or an outburst of tears. They also have a good understanding of expressing themselves in the right time and the right way, as is essential to music and performance. At the end of the day, it is easy to see why women love musicians.

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