2021 Men’s Workout Clothes Top Fitness Apparel for Men

2021 mens workout clothes

Working out in the right clothes can make or break your workout. Whether it’s a dri-fit top to wick away moisture or the right pair of shorts that don’t ride up during an important lift, the proper fit and comfort can make all the difference. We also understand when you look good and feel good […]

Best Kettlebell Workout Routine at Home

Full Body at Home Kettlebell Workout Routine

Kettlebells don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve. If you walk into most gyms today, you’ll probably see these poor things lying around in the corner with dust and spider webs covering them. But, the truth is, kettlebells are a fantastic piece of equipment, and you can use them in many ways to […]

How to Beat Workout Laziness And Start Exercising

How to beat Workout Laziness

Do you find yourself so bored out of your mind with your exercise routine that you are just too lazy to workout? If so consider yourself just one of many men who have been exposed to the fitness flu we like to refer to as workout laziness. So by now, you’ve probably successfully dodged a […]

Best At Home Workout To Achieve Lasting Results

Creative Ways to Enhance Your At Home Workout

Creative ways to enhance home workout. We have always been firm believers that the best place to build muscle is in the gym; but there are many people who choose an at home workout and still achieve fantastic results. The joys of working out at home mean you can take full charge with no waiting, […]

Top Skinny Guy Workout Guide to Gain Muscle

Skinny Guy Workout Kettlebell

While talking about muscle gain, training, and weight gain, the question about the best skinny guy workout for muscle gain always comes up. However, ectomorphs or hard-gainers, in general, have a tendency to overtrain, not allow adequate recovery time, and not eat enough for the perfect body. This can be an endless source of frustration […]

Afterburn Effect: Post Workout Calorie Burn

Post Workout Calorie Burn Using the Afterburn Effect

The body’s natural ability to burn calories after successfully completing a workout is generally referred to as Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or simply within the fitness industry as the popular afterburn effect. In basic terms, what EPOC means is that the metabolism rate of the human body will remain in an elevated state after […]

Men over 40 Workout Routine: 7 Best Exercises To get Fit

Balanced Weight Training for Men over 40

The saying, you are never too old to start an exercise routine, is true for weight training for men over 40. Many individuals have learned that weight training has benefited them in many ways such as boosting their metabolism rate, preventing muscle loss generally associated with inactivity, and increasing bone density and muscle mass.Men today […]

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Best Workout For Fat Guys Shed The Weight

Still looking up the best workout for fat guys on the internet? The uber fitness-centric world, along with the competitive social media ecosystem, makes it extremely hard for a fat guy to feel good about himself. Often times, someone on the heavier side feels uncomfortable with their body to even try and make a change. […]

At Home Cardio Workouts You Can Do Anytime

Cardio Workouts You can Do At Home

Cardiovascular training contrary to the traditional belief does not focus entirely on running aimlessly like a hamster on a wheel. Neither does it require performing numerous reps of stair master exercises for hours on end. To debunk these myths we will show you some at home cardio workouts that are fun, effective and engaging. Top […]

Best Lower Body Workout For Tall Guys

Lower Body Workouts for Tall Guys

Finding the best lower body workout for guys when you are tall is a challenge in and of itself. Let’s face it the benefits of being tall far outweigh the downsides however when it comes to lifting weights the typical advice doesn’t always apply. While longer arms and legs can help you beat the shorter […]

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

Top Fat Loss Workouts For Men Routine

If you are searching for the best fat loss workouts for men, welcome aboard We have some exercises for fat loss solutions for you which are not as intimidating and are comparatively achievable compared to some of the crazy hard-core exercises out there. We believe that it is best when you start slow and build […]

Tips To Recover After an Intense Workout

4 Tips for recovering after an intense workout. Although you may be tempted to go all out and push yourself to the max every day to get the results that you desire quicker, how you recover after an intense workout is equally important as the workout itself. This is especially the case if you want […]

Best Workout Supplements for a Great Body

Best Workout Supplements for a Great Body

If you want to flaunt a rippled body, you should start investing in the best workout supplements that you can get your hands on. Supplements not only fall in the nutritional requirements of the body it also helps to optimize your workout. Supplements are known to enhance performance and help in workout recovery too. If […]

Best Warm Up Exercises to Avoid Injury Post Workout

The Best Warmup Exercises: to Avoid Injury when Workout

Warm Up exercises are often skipped and overlooked by a vast majority who think it’s just a waste of time. However, what most people don’t realize is that for a safer workout and more optimized performance, warmup exercises are crucial. It’s a simple equation if you don’t want injuries then don’t skip your warm-up routine. […]

Full Body Dumbbell Workouts At Home

Dumbbell Workouts: The Full Body Workouts At Home

Full body dumbbell workouts at home are quick and easy ways to get your heart pumping and to move all your muscles. When thinking about these workouts, many people believe they must use a lot of equipment or that there’s no way to do it at home. Let me tell you a secret: you can […]

The Best Workouts For Men Over 50

Fit at 60 volume 2 Workouts for Men Over 50

If you have been searching for workouts for men over 50 year old you don’t have to look much further than Grant Donovan, founder of mensfitclub He reminds us that remaining fit is a choice no matter your age. At age 60 he is living proof that you can stay fit and have your best […]

Vacation Workouts To Remain Fit While On Holiday

vacation workouts

Are you also struggling with the thought of losing your shape on your vacation? While you need a break from your everyday routine but for the fitness enthusiasts, the idea can create havoc. They understand the consequences and how skipping their workout routine can be a terrible idea. Well, you can always count on your […]

Effective Leg Workouts For Leg Day

6 Best Leg Workouts: The Best Leg Day Workouts To Do

If you are struggling to find the most effective leg workouts for your leg day, fret no more! Even though you might want to get started with leg workouts for making your legs stronger and more defined, there are a bunch of benefits that come with doing leg exercises. It boosts the metabolism as leg […]

The Best Home workout equipment For Strength Muscle

The Best Home workouts equipment For Strength Muscle

If you are on board with the world of home workouts or are curious about where to start, we are here to provide you with some precious information. So listen up and take notes! Most of us might be under the impression that home workouts need no equipment, however, that is simply not true! There […]

HIIT Workout: With The Right Supplement

HIIT Workout

Have you ever wondered why supplements so important, especially in a HIIT workout. Well supplements not only fill the clefts in your diet, or to maximize the outcomes you get from your practice, they also assist you to improve your performance in the gym significantly. If you are into performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT workouts), […]

Juicing for Weight Loss | Best Workout Juice Recipes

Juices That Are Healthy For Pre and Post Workout

No, juicing is not limited to juice bars and brunches with the ladies. ‘Juicing’, in fact, is having a big moment nowadays. It has been one of the most prominent buzzwords of the year, followed closely by the likes of ‘avocado’ and ‘kale’. Trendy juice bars and cold-pressed juices have been big over the few […]

TRX Full Body Burn Workout Anyone Can Do

TRX Move

If you are looking for a variety in your exercise regime, while craving a trx full body burn, TRX Suspension Trainers might be your answer! In fact, TRX training or total-body resistance exercise has been used by many in their fitness journey; and eventually, the results have been amazing, to say the least. TRX primary […]

How To Do The Perfect Burpee For A Full Body workout

perfect burpee

If you are into fitness, you must surely know the importance of a perfect burpee! Fitness enthusiasts generally do various kinds of exercise to maintain their level of fitness. And a perfect Burpee exercise is a must on everyone’s list for good reason. The Burpee is challenging but not too difficult and also one of […]

Tabata Workouts: The 9 Best Workout You Have To Try

Tabata Workouts for men

There are many high-intensity workout plans and styles and one of the most popular is the Tabata workout plan. Tabata workouts will leave you gasping and panting for oxygen, but, the benefits that come along with this intense method are endless. A great Tabata workout plan to start out has eight rounds with twenty seconds […]

Best Shoulder Workout Exercise Training Routine

Shoulder workouts for supersized shoulders

If you want to focus on a shoulder workout, you should know about what the advanced training principles are. You have a specific goal, you need to determine a routine for more optimal results. When it comes to accomplishing your fitness goal, everything matters, from the choice of the exercise to the sets and reps […]

Best Crossfit Workout Training Shoes For Men

Crossfit shoes for the workout

When it comes to the CrossFit Workout, proper CrossFit shoes matter! With that said we have compiled our top picks of Crossfit shoes for you to make it through that tough workout. All of these shoes on our list, are a perfect fit and let you smoothly glide through various exercises targeting different body areas. […]

Best Workout Songs from the Michael B Jordan Playlist

Workout Songs

To be motivated to build that greek god-like bod like Michael B. Jordan you surely need access to his workout songs. He overall stunned everybody with his ripped look for Creed-2, and that came with pushing himself to extreme limits. Moreover, the actor is not new to the gym scene, and most guys look up […]

Healthy Snacks You Need to Try For Post-Workout

post workout healthy snacks

Consuming healthy snacks after a strenuous workout help your body refuel and recover all of the lost energy. While your pre-workout snacks give you the stamina and strength, your post-workout meals ensure your body doesn’t deplete on essential fuel for recovery. Don’t sabotage your hard work by neglecting these healthy foods or fasting and missing […]

Kettlebell Flow Workout All You Need To know

Kettlebell- tool for powerful exercise

A kettlebell is an essential tool for working out. In fact, be it a regular for strength training, or extensive yoga; kettlebell can be a popular tool used in most workouts. Even though kettlebells tend to look a little intimidating, it is a powerhouse of incredible potential and can give your exercise that extra pump. […]

Best Superhero Workout You Absolutely Must Try

superhero workout

We all grew up on a healthy dose of superhero inspiration, which is probably why the best workouts programs for men usually include some superhero style moves. In fact, it is not surprising that most men struggle hard to get the body which is like that of a superhero. Besides, who doesn’t want to have […]

Does your workout footwear match your workout?

Does your workout footwear match your workout? Think again!

Dusting off the same beaten down workout footwear for your workout? In fact, we see you there, cynical of our claims that you need different shoes for your running and your aerobics class. Also, we know that the words ‘marketing scam’ are lighting up like a neon sign and flashing in red. We understand your […]

Gym Equipment to Workout with at Home

High tech gym equipment to look out for

In this modern world, the advancement of technologies has led to the emergence of some of the smartest gym equipment. Nowadays, people are also more conscious of their health and fitness and realize the long term benefits for their body. So they are doing various kinds of workouts with the help of this equipment in […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Compliment Your Workout

Healthy breakfast to compliment your workout

Everyone should have a healthy breakfast whether you are hitting the gym early or later in the day. Breakfast foods provide your body with nutrients like iron, calcium and essential vitamins that when missed in the morning are unlikely to be consumed later in the day. Even if you are not doing your workout in […]

Crossfit Workout 10 Exercises To Try

Cross fit workout

Curious about CrossFit workout?  We got you! Crossfit, admittedly, is not for everyone. And we understand why! It is an acquired taste, like wasabi and pineapple on pizza. We will either love it or really hate it. However, there is usually no lukewarm response to this form of exercise. But also there is no doubt […]

MIB Chris Hemsworth Workout to Get Shredded

Chris Hemsworth MIB Workout to Get Shredded

Chris Hemsworth MIB Workout is the talk of the town. In fact, this celebrity hunk who won hearts as the God of Thunder, Thor, is all set to win hearts once again. In addition, following his legendary portrayal of Thor, he is all geared to don the role of a special agent. His next flick […]

Best Big Chest Workout Routine Exercises Training

Big Chest Workouts to slay this year

Our selection of a few big chest workout is here to further help you get massive gains. Firstly, to build a bigger and better chest start focusing on not-so-boring exercises. A big chest not only improves your posture but also adds more height to your chest and make you look taller. The key to making […]

Best Science Backed Bicep Workouts and Exercises

Science Based Bicep Workouts comprise of the primary exercises you should aim for when trying to go big. Your biceps are often the muscle group first noticed by the people you meet and greet. There are many theories which circulate about the best exercises to train to get massive bicep muscles. Many suggest a high-rep […]

Fitness Gifts for Men who like to Workout

Fitness Gifts for Men who like to Workout

The best gift ideas for the man who loves to exercise fitness gifts for men make them feel special. Generally, people used to present gifts to men with products like a tie, a wallet, or a watch. Besides these usual gifts, you can buy the ideal gifts for men based on their passion. If he […]

The Top Workout Finishers to Increase Fat Burn

The Top Workout Finishers to Increase Fat Burn

Top workout finishers to increase fat burn. Workout finishers are the final hit on the nail. In fact, when done right, they bring out the maximum potential of growth for burning fats effectively. Dripping and sweating after running on the treadmill, these finishers use even the last ounce of energy left in you. Likewise, they […]

Celebrity Workouts to Get Ripped for the Big Role

10 Best Celebrity Workouts to Get Ripped for the Big Role

Celebrity workouts leave us spellbound. With impressive results, well- jacked, ripped and diced physiques, these movie stars have raised the bar for fitness. Their charismatic personality and well-carved physique certainly help them in landing big roles. Have a look at the best Celebrity Workouts Let’s go through some of the celebrity workouts listed below. Read […]

Perfect Your Workout Regimen Success for Beginners

How to Perfect your Workout Regimen for Long Term Success

In order to perfect your workout regimen for success, the key is consistency and hard work. When starting out, you must be dedicated to making yourself fitter and better. Only then will you be able to deliver the desired results. However, there are a number of ways which your workout can be thorough, and perfect. […]

Bicep Workouts The Best Strong Arms Exercise

Best Bicep Workouts for Strong and Impressive Arms

Your upper body is the first thing people notice about you and some good bicep workouts can help you build your guns and grab attention. The biceps are a powerful and vital muscle for your overall level of strength and if you want to improve their appearance you need to work on them. These big bicep workouts are key for […]

The Kevin Hart Workout Plan What he does

The Kevin Hart Workout Plan – What he does to Stay at the Top of his Game

Best known for his comedy performances, most people don’t know that the Kevin Hart workout plan is no joke. He is undoubtedly one of the most famous and funniest actors in the industry right now, however, when you talk about Kevin Hart, fitness is not always the first word that comes to your mind. Incidentally, it might come as […]

Best Leg Workouts Exercise To Pump Up Legs Day

Leg Workouts to Pump Up Legs Day

How many leg workouts do you have every week? If you answered one, then you’re like most people. And like most people, you’re selling yourself short. The truth is, no matter how good your program is, if you’re only training a muscle group once per week, you’re not getting the most out of your workouts. […]

Lower Abs Workouts to Get Your Six Pack Abs

Lower Ab Workouts to Complete Your Six Pack Abs

The lower abs workouts can appear to be hard but are essential when you want those dreamy six pack abs. The only reason you might be facing an interruption in obtaining the six-pack abs is that your midsection might still need some work especially the lower abs. The six pack abs can give you a […]

Compression Socks to Improve Your Workout

Benefits of Compression Socks for Men to Improve Your Workout Performance

Compression socks offer a lot of advantages to those carrying out heavy workouts on a regular basis. They have been on the market for some time now, and some even consider them an integral part of a successful workout session. For years compression socks and stockings have been used for medical reasons by people with lower […]

Best Beach Workout Routine For The Summer

Work the Beach with a Full Body Beach Workout

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach or get to visit often a beach workout is a fun way to work up a sweat. It’s also a great way to enjoy nature and relax your mind from the busy monotonous office or indoor scenery. Every summer  for those with warm weather we welcome […]

Burpees Workout the Ultimate Training Exercise

Burpees The Ultimate Exercise

The good old burpees is an amazing exercise that incorporates full body movement and it comes as no surprise that it is widely used in several different athletic disciplines throughout the sports world. You will hardly find any professional or elite training that doesn’t use this simple aerobic exercise to increase both strength and cardiovascular […]

Water Bag Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Water Bag Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Water bag exercises are a great way to mix up your workout and earn some pretty impressive gains. Matter of fact, if you had to pick one piece of equipment to do a total body workout with, going for a water bag would be your best option. The water bag is one of the most […]

The Strongman Workout to Build Strong Muscles

The Strongman Workout

It is highly noted that Strongman competitors are legendary. However, you don’t have to be from Poland or Iceland to do a strongman workout. The process is simple and achievable in your very own gym. Many aspiring strongmen have hit the gym doing squats, bench press, various pull exercises. And in so doing have successfully […]

The Benefits Of a Jump Squats Workout Exercise

he Benefits of a Jump Squats Workout

Jump squats exercise are a great way to develop leg muscles, agility, balance and improve cardio. Usually, when it comes to getting bigger, stronger, and more agile, many people believe that the only way to achieve these feats, is to lift heavy weights all day long.  They think that the absolute last thing they should […]

45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

Ultimate 45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

The first thing you are asked about when you have recently started working out is how much time you spend on a bench press. This is because the best part about having a toned body is to have a well-toned chest. To get those perfect pectorals, here’s a 45 minute chest workout you can easily […]

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts interval training

High Calorie Fat Burning Workouts

Looking for new fat burning workouts to shed pounds while still building muscle? Some of the most effective means of fast calorie burning is with high impact cardiovascular workout. This method is similar to traditional cross-training routines which often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of […]

6 Pack Abs Workout How to get a Six Pack abs Fast

Exercises tо Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

Rеаdу tо get 6 расk аbѕ vеrу quickly? Thеn rеаd оn fоr the bеѕt exercises tо gеt 6 pack abs fast. The grеаt thing about mоѕt аbѕ exercises is that they саn be dоnе at home in уоur ԛuеѕt tо mold the perfect 6 pack abs. Thе fоllоwing home аbѕ exercises will help you tо wоrk […]

Muscle Blitz Workout For Building muscle

The Muscle Blitz Workout

If you’re like most men, you probably wish you could add a few pounds of solid lean muscle to your frames, and boost your strength and fitness levels in the process. If you do indeed wish to achieve this, you first need to understand exactly what you need to be doing in the gym, and […]

Beginner Workout Routine Plan To Follow

Worst Things a Beginner Can Do at The Gym

The first day of a new year is when most people hit the gym to start their beginners workout. All those ‘New Year, New Me’ vibes finally get you there, and you are overwhelmed to start a healthy life. Now before you start walking on the tough path you have chosen to earn a healthy […]

Fighter Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Mass

MMA Ultimate - Fighter Workout For Men

If you have ever watched a MMA fight you know without a doubt that these guys are lean mean fighting machines. The fighters achieve those chiseled bodies and intense strength and power through discipline, mental toughness and grueling workouts. Most importantly, we have their secrets here to share with you. This MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout […]

Weight Training Workouts Principles Best Super Speed

Super Speed Weight Training Principles

Super speed weight training is high impact training routine designed to effectively utilize the technique of improving the cardiovascular body function through the weight training workout. The workout can be easily used by both beginners and advanced weight trainers to enable them to lose those excess pounds by increasing the rate of calorie burn, improve […]

Benefits of Spiderman Pushup Workout Routine

Get More out of your Workout with The Spiderman Pushup

There are many different variations of the good old pushup and the Spiderman Pushup exercise is just one of many. The nice thing about doing these types of Spiderman pushups exercise is that you don’t need any equipment and you will get huge benefits that include increasing you upper body strength and your central core […]

Body Weight Workout to Build Muscle at Home

Build Muscle at Home with The Body Weight Workout

After deciding to build muscle at home with a body weight workout without using weights the first thing you need to do is create a plan. You will want a specific time and place that you are going to work out and the order of exercises included. It certainly can be done but it needs […]

4 Quick and Easy Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

Treadmill workouts for weight loss

The treadmill for some may feel monotonous and boring. However the treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. The good news […]

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit Workouts You can do at Home

CrossFit workouts at home for strength building, high impact, and fast calorie burning training routine that have been quickly sweeping the health and fitness industry all over the world. In fact many people today have credited their weight loss and newly found discipline to this training workout. How to do CrossFit Workouts at Home Many […]

Barefoot Squats to Enhance Your Workout Training

Barefoot Squats

In today’s fitness and bodybuilding world many people face the ultimate challenge of finding the proper workout plan. However, all of these workout blueprints are based on various key aspects. One of those crucial elements are the physical patterns that are part of the daily routine of the workout plan. One notable exercise modification that […]

Ways To Prevent Workout Soreness of The Muscle

Tips to Prevent Workout Soreness

We have all heard somebody say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. The question is how relevant is this quote? It goes without saying that working muscles to full exertion is going to lead to some pain; but there are things we can do to prevent workout soreness and speed up recovery. Top Tips to Prevent Workout […]

Is My Workout Too Easy? 3 Tell All Signs

Is your Workout Too Easy

As far as overall health and fitness is concerned, you simply cannot overlook regular physical exercise in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet in order to yield optimal results. Working out should be a fun and enjoyable activity and pastime that you actually look forward to, rather than dread. The great thing about exercising […]

Fat Burning Exercises You Should Add to Your Workout

Fat Burning Machine

There are myriad methods to get your body’s metabolism rolling and burning fat more efficiently. It doesn’t matter so much what fat burning exercises you do, as much as how you perform those exercises. We are going to talk about some basic principles and exercises that will turn your body into a fat burning machine. […]

Calves Workout Exercise Training Blaster

Intense Calves Workout Blaster

The calves workout blaster, For many weight lifters, calves workout is probably one of, if not the most neglected aspect of the body with respect to weight training. Several fitness enthusiasts have just resorted to the age old myth that their underdeveloped calves are as a direct result of hereditary genetics. The sad truth to […]

Bicep Blaster Workout Routine Benefits

10 Minute Bicep Blaster Workout

Toning bicep muscles and increasing muscle mass often requires the individual to perform a number of exercises based on resistance and training. This form of training however does not necessarily have to include the use of dumbbells or other weight- training machines. By utilizing your body weight you too can benefit from the effective results […]

Adonis Index Workout How to find Your Index

How to find out your Adonis Index

The Adonis Index is simply the golden ratio of an existing tape measure used to obtain the current shoulder-to-waist ration. This known ratio is often referred to by many professionals within the fitness industry as the Adonis golden ratio. Mathematically speaking the Adonis ratio is based on the comparison of any two existing characteristics that […]

Pre Party Pump Workout to Look Ripped

The Pre Party Workout to Look Ripped Before you Go Out

Some guys swear by doing 20 pushups as their pre party pump workout to look ripped before heading out for the evening. Others won’t leave the house without hanging from their inversion bar and doing some full body reverse crunches. The reason being they believe it helps them to look “more ripped” than if they’d […]

Slide Board Cardio Exercises Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Slide Board Workout

A lot of guys have probably seen the fat burning slide board workout on the floor of their gym and passed it up for something more traditional like free weights. A lot of people actually don’t know how to utilize this device but no worries, here are some solid exercises anyone can perform. Fat Burning Slide […]

German Volume Training Workout Benefit

German Volume Training Workout

German Volume Training workout otherwise known as GVT by most weight enthusiasts is a specific weight program used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifting contestants to successfully gain mass and reach new plateaus. How to do the German Volume Training Routine Irrespective of the set goals by the weight lifter, the German Volume Training routine […]

Fiber Destruction Muscle Workouts

The Muscle Fiber Destruction Workout

For the latest installment of our Intensity Techniques, we’ve decided to give a big shout out to Eric Broser who has built a truly dynamic and intense lifting program. He developed the very popular Power, Rep Range, Shock Training system (before it was cool to develop your own training system). In this post we are […]

Best Cardio Workouts Plan to Melt Away Fat

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat

One of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is some forms of cardo exercise maintaining a good cardio workouts to increase the body’s energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Cardio workouts can melt away fat loss Top Cardio […]

The Ultimate Stronger shoulders Workout Exercises

Exercises to Build Bigger, Stronger Shoulders

For many men the true expression of being physically fit is wide, stronger shoulders that are packed with muscles upon muscles. It’s the ultimate in manliness and if you’re one of those men who want to start defining your shoulders and arms.  The right exercises that build bigger stronger shoulders. 7 exercises to help you […]

Cybergenics Workout Program For Muscle Gain

The Cybergenics Workout

A typical cybergenic workout plan will include high intensity training consisting of a number of exercises complemented with several nutritional supplements. Providing you with a challenging and rewarding fitness experience. Most of these workouts are designed to severely train the muscle tissues while lowering the active recovery times by introducing a variety of dietary supplements. […]

Meal Timing to Better Fuel your Workout

Meal Timing to Better Fuel your Workout

Meal timing to better fuel your workout. Have you ever had days where no matter how much you want to, you simply cannot find the energy to really push yourself and power through your workouts? If so, you’re most certainly not alone as everyday it is a constant battle for many of us simply forcing […]

Pre Workout Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Body

Pre Workout Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Body

Pre workout breakfast ideas to fuel body. If you’re the type of fitness junkie that likes to exercise in the morning it’s important to have proper nutrients in the body, In order to supply energy for an upcoming workout. There’s a lot of preference here but we’ll go ahead and list our favorite pre workout […]

5 Signs you Should Change your Workout Routine

Signs you Should Change your Workout

Most beginners when starting an exercise program to improve their overall physical health, and or weight loss will often do so with a high level of enthusiasm and great expectation occasionally seen getting out of bed early, arriving to the gym on time on a daily basis pumped with motivation and vigor. However over time […]

Exercises Total Body Burn Workout For Fat Loss

Exercises for a Total Body Burn

Most men today with the increasing membership and transportation costs are actively looking for new and innovative ways to maintain their exercise routine in a total body burn and calorie burn without sacrificing the benefits of the gym workout. This desire has often resulted in the introduction of a plyometric routine. The workout program to […]

Muscle Building Workout Basic Principles

Basic Principles of Building Muscle

Individuals regardless of their race, nationality and size all share the same physiology and anatomy. However each person born of varying linages have been exposed to different conditions during their existence resulting in generational traits being handed down to descendants making each person develop a tolerance to some things and not the other. This existing […]

Off season Workouts Crosstraining Routine

Off Season Workouts – the Origins of Cross Training

Mention the words off season workouts crosstraining and non-athletic types will either think you’re talking about footwear or that you’re simply not dedicated to a single fitness endeavor. Mention the same words to a serious athlete and you’ll have started an exciting conversation about sharing workouts, techniques and  your exercise goals. The origins of off […]

Jiu-Jitsu Workout Routine For Strength Exercise

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Workout

Brazilian jiu-jitsu workout (BJJ) is a combat sport and martial art, where fighting often takes places low down on the ground. Techniques such as chokeholds and jointlocks such as footlocks and leglocks are used. The Jiu-Jitsu workout techniques style originated in around 1914 in Japan and was brought to the West by Mitsuyo Maeda. Benefits […]

The 30 day Squat Challenge: Workout Program

The 30 day Squat Challenge

It seems that the 30 day squat challenge that was released by Tribesports continues to get positive reviews from many different kinds of fitness people ranging from the average jogger to the serious marathon runner. We will briefly be looking at the breakdown of this challenge, why and how it works. Can you do the […]

Post Workout Protein Timing Fact or Fiction?

Post Workout Protein Timing - Fact or Fiction

The Post Workout Protein Timing otherwise known as the golden post workout has been hailed by many in the fitness industry as a once in a lifetime opportunity claiming the vitality of this meal timing to muscular tissue growth. What is Post Workout Protein Timing? There are a vast number of theories and suggestions ranging […]

Active Recovery Workout Routine – Ultimate Guide

Active Recovery Post Workout

The term active recovery post workout otherwise known as AR is used in the weight and fitness industry as the engaging in a series of low-frequency workout routines after each workout. These exercises are generally done during the cool-down phase immediately after a successful workout or can be used in itself as a workout program […]

Strength Training Workout Benefit why its important

Balancing your Fitness Training with Strength Training

When you are starting any total body training program it is important to balance your general fitness with strength training workout to ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise. Before we discuss some of the specific methods recommended to help you balance your weights and cardio there are a few main components […]

Interval Training Workouts Most Benefits

Effective Interval Training Workout

The interval training workout is seen as a cardiovascular physical training routine which involves an occasional alterations in the intensity usually beginning with a low frequency workout and ending with a high intensity exercise with specific rest periods in-between. Most fitness enthusiasts have found it to be quite effective by including a high intensity exercise […]

Best Quick Workout Program For Beginners

10 Ways to Save Time During Your Workout

In the world of Hollywood movies and make believe the average person has an entire hour and more to devote to their workout. In reality this is far from the truth as for the average employee having 24 hours within a typical day is almost never enough they only have time for a quick workout […]

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Sometimes seen as one of the most boring forms of exercise ever experienced. The treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. […]

How to do Box Squats Workout and the Benefit

Box Squats Workout

In order to maintain the flexibility of having a strong physique one needs to develop fairly large muscular legs to sustain upper body strength and muscle mass. One of the key exercises used by many of the fitness experts today is known as the box squat workout. Many professional powerlifters and advanced fitness enthusiasts when […]

Muay Thai Workout The Ultimate Training

The Muay Thai Workout

The word “Muay-Thai” when translated to the English language effectively means the art of Eight Limbs, or Thai Boxing. The sport has often been referred to as one of the most brutal combative stand-up martial arts sports using a combination of powerful kicks, and punches using the feet, elbows, knees and even the forehead the […]

How to Get a Golf Workout

How to Get a Golf Workout

A great golf game can do a lot of things from helping you to unwind after a stressful week to helping you secure a business deal in a less “business type” setting, but for the most part it isn’t exactly a great workout unless you take the time to make it one. If you’re looking […]

Best Quadricep Workout With Weights

Killer Quadricep Workout

Whether leg day may be the most-dreaded, most-loved or most-skipped part of your workout regimen, it is crucial. Our quadricep workout, specifically, are the main players in the extension of the knee and a vital part of a strong frame, not to mention in walking, standing, and running. Leg workouts can either be split into […]

Sandbag Workouts Program For Beginners

Full Body Sandbag Workouts

For a long time few experts within the fitness industry have traditionally associated using sandbag within a training workout as, unstable, odd shaped, unbalanced and just purely impractical. However others have hailed the sandbag theory as the direct opposite  it is because of those above stated facts why sandbag workouts are one of the more […]

How to not Waste Time at the gym During Your Workout


Many people are guilty of not working out the way they should in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Today, when stress, obesity and high cholesterol levels are the main culprits to reduce human stamina and mental growth, a proper workout plan can play a major role in the making of a healthy body and […]

Best Medicine Ball Workouts Routine For Beginners

The Complete Medicine Ball Workout

Using only an eight pound medicine ball for an entire body workout doesn’t generally appeal to the average gym-goer. However it should be noted that this routine is the very program used by University of Northern Carolina coach by the name of Jonas Sahratian. He used it to bring the popular Tar Heels basketball program […]

High Intensity Back Workout Routine

High Intensity Back Workout

Building muscles to successfully create that thick wide v-shaped back can be one of the most difficult tasks ever to be accomplished both for beginners and even professional weight lifters. Many professional weightlifters will testify that not only does having a well-defined back gives the physique a wider and more powerful look immediately identifying them […]

Superset Workout Routine For Mass

The Superset Workout Routine

There are several ways to effectively structure exercise sets for a workout routine. One of those methods used by many fitness professionals today is the superset workout routine for men. How to use the superset workout method to amp up your workout This superset workout routine for men specifically involves doing one set of a […]

Muscle Endurance Workout Benefit

Muscle Endurance Workout

It is easy for the average fitness enthusiast to become lost between the exiting weekly pool sessions, tough workouts, and extensive bike rides resulting in the typical neglect of the gym dedicating most of their time to the more enjoyable activities of their choice. This often leads to the occasional workout performing a few sets […]

Full Body Workout Without Weights

Ways to Workout Without Weights

In today’s world there are many individuals who do not have access to a local gym, for financial, work schedule or other reasons. Regardless of the situation, training at home without the assistance of gym equipment or workout without weights is very much a reality used by many individuals in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding and […]

Kettlebell Abs Workout to Build your Six Pack

Kettle Bell Six Pack Workout

If you have a kettlebell handy you don’t really need much more than a little time to get a good kettlebell abs workout that can shed fat and strengthen your core. Use this core strengthening kettlebell six pack workout to burn off those extra calories. Ultimate Kettlebell Six Pack Abs Workout Kettlebell Swing The kettlebell […]

Functional Training Workout How it Can improve Fitness

Functional Training Workout

Functional training workout is the practice of training your body in the gym to be better suited for real life actions that require strength. Quite often when we are performing traditional weight training on a regular basis we are targeting “glory muscles” for their aesthetics as opposed to building functional strength. The major issue is […]

How Music Improves your Workout

How Workout Music Can Enhance your Workout

We have all at some point been exposed to music during our workout. Whether it’s listening to the iPod during our daily walk or jogging or at home doing the chores while playing the stereo to our favorite jam. Now scientific research has confirmed that music improves your workout and enhances the performance and endurance […]

The Importance of a Cool Down After Your Workout

Importance of a Cool Down After Your Workout

Cooling down after a workout has been dismissed by many people as a myth or old wives tale with seeming unimportant and a general waste of time. The truth of the matter the importance of a cool down after your workout is just as important as the initial warm up before you begin your exercise […]

Best Kettlebell Workout For Beginners

Kettlebell: The Original Cast Iron

Imagine a workout that incorporates flexibility, strength and cardio, all in one. Now, imagine doing that workout using just one piece of equipment. Well say hello to the kettlebell workout. Top 5 Kettlebell Workout Benefits Although kettlebells have been around for many years, they are coming back lately with a vengeance. Kettlebells are a fresher […]

Best Workouts for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

best workouts for skinny guys

Being a skinny guy doesn’t mean you can’t pack on a nice set of toned muscles, luckily for you we have the best workouts for skinny guys that will give you hope with muscle building tips for skinny guys. Are you a fan of bodybuilding? Perhaps you’re a football fan, or even a fan of […]

Circuit Training: The Perfect Workout Routine

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is popularly seen as the average workout program combining fitness training with a cardiovascular workout. The circuit training exercises utilizes a method involving weight or resistance training to effectively achieve the maximum workout within the shortest time possible. How Circuit Training can take you to the next level Highly recommended for people who […]

How to Get Bigger Shoulders With This Workout Program

How to Get Bigger Shoulders

Men are always trying to get bigger shoulders simply because it makes your waist look smaller and you get the ‘Adonis’ look. Extensive research has shown that all women are subconsciously more attracted to the Adonis look than the ‘Apple’ or ‘Pear’ look in men. Tips to Get Bigger Shoulders The Adonis look basically is […]

Best Workout Gloves – Fit Like a Glove

Workout Gloves - Fit Like a Glove

How to find the right workout gloves. In the process of carving out that perfect body, did you also carve up your hands? Blisters, callouses and rough spots are common side effects of working out – particularly weight lifting and workouts involving grip apparatus. It’s a simple matter of friction. The same resistance that gives […]

Best Workout for your Body Type Tips

Planning your Workout for your Body Type

There are many factors that influence what workout for your body type you should do to reach your fitness goals. Gender, age, ability, etc. are all factors; however, one of the most important and perhaps most overlooked is body type. Yes, just because you and your buddy weigh the same and are the same height […]

Workout Recovery Plan Step by Step That Works

Post Workout Recovery Tools

Way to go man. You hit the gym today, and you hit it hard. Now what happens? We all know that the way muscle is built is by lifting weights (tearing down muscle fibers) and then giving said muscle adequate time to rest and rebuild (recovery). But what’s a guy to do when an otherwise […]

Best Warm Up Exercises Before Your Workout

Breaking Down Your Warm Up

Anyone who’s ever felt the stabbing pain that comes with having insufficient warm up exercises for a workout can appreciate there is a real benefit associated with pre-workout preparedness. For that purpose, dynamic stretching is incredibly effective at minimizing muscle soreness as well as rushing blood (and oxygen) to the muscles you’re about to work. […]

Workout Partner Pro’s and Con’s of Having one

Pro’s and Con’s of Having a Workout Partner

There are many pros and cons of having a workout partner to help you spot on a given exercise. Probably the biggest advantage is that you can train to the point of failure and even beyond that point. Another advantage of having a training partner must be the motivation. Tips of pros and cons of […]

Rope Exercise Workout Cardio Benefit

Rope Exercise Workout

The basic training routine like every other aspect of lifestyle requires some degree of change to breath new life and interest to stimulate the workout for the individual, advanced and even professional fitness enthusiast. As such it is often suggested to incorporate various and unconventional techniques into the training routine like rope exercise to restoring […]

Exercise Breathing Techniques to Improve your Workout

Breathing Techniques - Inhale… Exhale… Repeat

Regardless of your fitness level and your choice of health and fitness activities, one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your results is to really concentrate on your exercise breathing techniques. Besides keeping your blood oxygenated as you also increase your heart rate and respiration levels, proper breathing can also improve your […]

Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Tips Steps by Steps

Natural Bodybuilding Workouts

When it comes to getting the perfect physique there are a ton of different strategies that one can pursue including natural bodybuilding workout routine. You can try different set patterns, reps, weights, machines, cables, and an infinite number of variable adjustments. Natural bodybuilding workout tips to get results fast However, you don’t have to research […]

Burpee Workout Routine The Ultimate Program

The Ultimate Burpee Workout Routine

The ultimate burpee workout routine is an exercise that gets the whole body moving and only requires your own bodyweight as the catalyst for working up a sweat. Doing a burpee workout routine is really about cardio but also building your shoulders, chest, glutes, thighs, and core as well as increases your respiratory endurance. Performing […]

5 Fitness Results Tips for a Better Workout

Work it Out: 5 Tips for Better Fitness Results

5 Tips for better fitness results. The act of being fit involves a large variety of workouts, lifestyle changes and mental discipline that can either bring  fitness results or fizzle out. For many men being physically fit can add a sense of stability to their mental health, giving them an outlet for the daily stress […]

Westside Barbell Workout Program For Beginners

The Westside Barbell Workout

Many lifters will have heard of the Westside Barbell training Workout, especially in the powerlifting circuit. Fans of the sport will be well aware of its principles and how effective it can be. For those of you who are less familiar with  westside barbell What’s behind Westside Barbell training Workout The Westside Barbell training workout […]

Pyramid Workout For Weight Loss Challenge

Keys to A Successful Pyramid Workout Challenge

The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge. Pyramid workout routine designed to allow the exerciser to perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions then working their way in the number of reps to one. The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge A basic and effective workout used to challenge the user […]

Advanced Supersets Workout Routine

Advanced Supersets Workout

Supersetting is one of our favorite ways to get the most out of a workout and do so in a time efficient fashion. Getting well acquainted with an advanced supersets workout plan allows you to basically power through two exercises at virtually the same time and really burn out your muscles by hitting them repeatedly […]

How to Get Ripped Physique With Your Workout Plan

Seeing the Changes In Your Physique

When most people see a bodybuilder with a ripped physique the one of the first questions that comes to mind is“So, what’s your body fat percentage?” Quite frankly most don’t know and really don’t care. Should you ask a bodybuilder about his physique. The same way the judges at a bodybuilding show don’t ask you, […]

Up The Ladder Down The Ladder Workout HIIT


Up the ladder down the ladder workout, here is a technique that I LOVE!  Now, I will preface this by saying this is not for the faint of heart.  And, truth be told, I only use them for Side Lateral Raises (for shoulders).  You can try them for other exercises or even body parts, but […]

No gym At Home Workouts Plan Exercises

Top 5 Free Work Outs

If the cost of a gym membership or setting up a home gym makes you not want to work out you have a good reason. An annual gym membership can run you $500 a year and to buy and a treadmill or elliptical can cost you easily a few thousand dollars. Added up over time […]

Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss HIIT

Treadmill Workout To Burn Fat

You are probably very aware of the good publicity that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been getting lately. It has changed the way many people exercise on a regular basis now because of the undeniable proof that it works which has now been universally accepted. What you might not know is you can incorporate […]

Hybrid Workout Program To Build Muscle Strength

What is a Hybrid Workout

Research has now shown us that the only way to get solid gains in muscle and strength is by the correct combination of volume as well as strength training also known as a hybrid workout program. When we talk about volume training we are generally talking about the amount of repetitions that you are doing […]

Best Workout Techniques Training Tips

Intensity Workout Techniques - Mastering Your Mind

Mental toughness is what often separates the average athletes from the exceptional ones. When it comes to strength training, there are tons of blood-pumping, skin-crawling, muscle-building intensity workout techniques you can use in your regular, everyday workouts to take them from just ordinary to spectacular. However, among all of these, there is one that we […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Hercules Workout

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Hercules Workout

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a household name all over the world, he has witnessed great success as a football player, professional wrestler and an A list movie star. One thing that is most notable about the Rock (apart from his athleticism, charisma and acting ability) is his impressive muscular frame. The Rock started with […]

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workout Tips

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Ideas

There is a common problem amongst fitness fanatics; with the majority of us men tending to focus on resistance training and shying away from fun fat burning cardio workout but then wonder why our fat loss goals have halted or become non-existent. Many people see cardio as a chore and boring, with little stimulation but […]

5 Best Fat Loss Workouts That Burn Fat Fast

Creating your own High Definition Fat Loss Workouts

Any athlete or fitness fanatic will tell you that the foundation of getting any results from your fat loss workouts happens in the kitchen. You need to be eating correctly and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day if you want to get results from your hard workouts. create your own high definition […]

How to Workout to Failure For Maximum Result


We have all heard the phrase go hard or go home, but the question is how many of us practice what we preach by workout to failure? When most people start training they go hell for leather, making new gains all of the time and it makes us feel unstoppable. Knowing that relentless lifting will […]

Best Core Strength Exercise Workout

How to Test your Core Strength

A strong core is the foundation of any athlete’s strength and performance. The bridge in your posterior and anterior chain. It is the link that completes a true athlete’s body and without it you can severely impede your overall performance in everything you do. Explosive power, agility and balance all rely on a core strength. […]

Best Advanced Lifting Techniques Workout

Advanced Lifting Techniques to Enhance Your Workout

Away from the beginners circle in weightlifting comes a much bigger challenge; it can get much harder to progress as the years go on and we must find new ways to shock our muscles into making new gains. The good news is that there are many tried and tested advanced lifting techniques methods that really […]

How to Get Motivated for Your Workout

Advice to Keep you Motivated for Your Workout

There are different inspirations and advice to keep you motivated for your workout. Motivation for your workout go together in perfect harmony and work together in synergy. Both are great things separately, combine the two and that is when legends are made. Yet take one away from the other and our success can falter. We […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout To Burn Fat

The Basics of the Cardio Acceleration Workout

If you like the idea of changing your body in only six weeks then there are two basic things that need to be changed to get that affect. The new program has to include cardio acceleration combined with weights that creates an intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) program. Cardio acceleration that can change your […]

Post-Workout Shake Tips on How to Perfect Exercises

Tips on How to Perfect your Post-Workout Shake

Tips for the perfect post-workout shake. Post-workout shake when it comes to our bodies, it’s probably safe to say that the majority of us simply are not blessed with god-like genetics which allow us to build muscle mass and burn body fat at the drop of a hat. If we’re truly serious about improving our […]

Bodybuilding and Weight Loss Workout Program

Bodybuilding and Weight Loss

It might sound like a paradox to put bodybuilding and weight loss in the same sentence because bodybuilding is all about weight-gain and not weight-loss. So we need to be more specific when we say weight loss because what we actually mean is fat loss and there is a big difference. Top Tips for Bodybuilding […]

The Muscle Failure Workout for to Build Mass

Training for Muscle Failure

If your objective is to gain muscle as quickly as possible most professional weightlifters will tell you that you have to train to muscle failure. Some will even insist that you need to go beyond the point of your ability using the muscle failure workout. Going beyond the point of failure means used things like […]

Can A Sedentary Lifestyle Hurt Your Workout?

Can A Sedentary Lifestyle Hurt Your Workout

Can a sedentary lifestyle hurt your workout, We put in the work almost every day, about an hour each time. We raise our heart rates in cardiovascular exercise, and then make the rounds for strengthening and muscle building. However, is it possible that our sedentary lifestyle is negating all this hard work? Is sitting for […]

X Reps Workout Intensity Techniques

Intensity Techniques - X Reps

Another blood pumping, high intensity technique you can use is a little something called X Reps. Originally invented by Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson of Ironman Mag fame,  short for extended reps are essentially partial reps usually done at the end of a set. Intensity techniques extended reps works great for those of you who […]

Strongman Workout Exercises Plan

Three Strongman Workout Exercises that can Get You Working Out like a Champion

A strongman workout is all about demanding full body movements that lift incredibly heavy objects and if done right can turn even the puniest man into a strongman champion with dramatic improvements in overall body strength. Of course strongman competitions are for the professionals and can be a bit dangerous for the untrained, but with […]

Best Triceps workout Lifts That won’t Kill your Elbows

Triceps Lifts That won’t Kill your Elbows

With exercise like triceps workout and weight lifting comes wear and tear but little attention is paid to how taxing upper body lifts can be on the elbows. For most who train; the emphasis of safety is on the knees, hips and spine and there is little regard for the elbows. Here are some tips […]

Functional Strength Training Workout Benefits

The Benefits of Functional Training

The benefits Functional strength training has been popular amongst athletes for quite awhile now. It has helped athletes all over the world to improve how they train. The main theory behind this concept is to build a solid foundation on movements we have evolved to be physically capable of. It is designed to help us […]

FST-7 Training Workout Program for Muscle Gain

The FST-7 Training Program

FST-7 training was developed by the Pro Creator Hany Rambod and used as an exclusive training principle for his clients. The Fascia Stretch Training 7 FST-7 body building training method has been incorporated into a vast number of training programs by several trainers to effectively train those stubborn muscle groups that are seemingly resistant to […]

How Dark Chocolate Can Enhance Your Workout

Can Dark Chocolate Enhance Your Workout

Can dark chocolate enhance workout? When it comes to foods to consume to actually help you power through your workout, you probably think of the typical foods. Oatmeal, bananas, protein bars, a piece of fruit and so on. The last food you’d think would be beneficial would be dark chocolate but in actual fact, according […]

Hill Training Workout Tips You Will Benefit From

Hill Training - Head for the Hills to Win it

Exercise scientist and national competitor, Heikki Rusko—one of the world’s leading researchers in running performance—needed a fast an effective method to prepare for the National Master’s Championships. His fix: Hill training. Knowing that hill training produces an increase in performance and a boost in aerobic capacity, Rusko heads for the hills. At 64-years-old, you’ll be […]

Triceps Workout The Best High Volume Exercise

High Volume Triceps Workout

Training to build bulky, biceps and triceps has been one of the many fitness goals often set by many gym-goers. As such there are a number of workout programs ranging from performing multiple warm-up exercise sets followed by a single exercise set for targeting the triceps muscles, to performing 20 or more exercise sets. We […]

Kettlebell Workout Exercises Program For Beginners

The Kettlebell Decoded

Have you ever noticed an unusual looking handled cannonball sitting in the corner of your local gym its call the kettlebell. Or maybe you’ve even seen someone swinging it back and forth and wondered to yourself, what it is that? Well stick around as we are about to introduce you to one of the best […]

Elliptical Exercise Body Workout You Will Enjoy

Maximizing Your Elliptical Performance

Cardio enthusiasts literally leapt at the chance to try the elliptical machine when it first debuted in the early 1990s. Here it was – a completely zero-impact way to get in a run, walk or jog – the elliptical exercise body workout. Thereby extending the distance and time most people were able to put in […]

Ninja Warrior Workout Plan For The Everyday Man

Ninja Warrior Workout

The American Ninja Warrior is a reality TV competition show where some of the most talented, impressively strong and nimble competitors navigate through some of the toughest obstacles courses known to man. This show was inspired by the Japanese show Sasuke and the top 10 warriors go on to compete in the annual competition in […]

Boxing Workout Routine Best Guide

The Boxing Workout

There’s no doubt that the boxing workout routine is a rough and tough exercise that requires physical strength, endurance and extreme stamina. It’s no wonder why so many men including celebrities have taken interest into learning the moves of a prize fighter. They have bulging biceps, washboard abs and legs of steel and when it […]

Micro Workouts Exercises Routines

Effective Micro Workouts

Micro workouts today have become somewhat of a seemingly popular novelty as a vast number of fitness and health professionals today are constantly encouraging more and more people to get involved in this type of workout. The micro workouts exercises is frequently seen as an ideal and preferred option for the busy individual who is […]

The Biggest Loser Workout Plan Cardio To Burn Fat

The Biggest Loser Workout

If you’re a fan of the inspiring television show “The Biggest Loser” you may have watched the shocking Season 15 finale which showed champ Rachel Frederickson after losing 155 pounds becoming the first contestant in the history of the show to finish underweight, and yet healthy and sustainable. To help get you fit we will […]

Stronger Legs Workout Power Moves Exercise

Power Moves for Stronger Legs

It has often been said that the basis of a strong and balanced athlete is recognized in a pair of well-developed legs. However finding the right power moves for stronger legs workout might not seem at first like the easiest thing to do, especially if you want to build muscle and strength instead of explosive […]

Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan That Works

Proven Exercises for HardGainers

Getting buff for some men have always been much more difficult to achieve than others. Such men are generally referred to as “hardgainers.” Being a hardgainer however does not mean that you should stop chasing your goals of acquiring the perfect physique. Nor is it a life sentence filled with frustrating workouts that never seem […]

Stretching After Exercise Workout Benefits

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Stretching after exercise workout, If you’re like most guys, your grade school P.E. teachers, your high school coach, and your college coaches drilled the following mantra into your head: never exercise cold muscles—always stretch before a workout. Is there a benefit of stretching before exercising? Well, it may take some meditation, mental conditioning, or therapy […]

Soccer Legs Workout Back Squat Train like a Footballer

The Soccer Legs Workout

For a professional soccer player to perform at his maximum potential a strong well conditioned body is a must. In particular there is a large emphasis on strength training soccer legs workout aimed to strengthen their lower bodies resulting in some seriously muscular soccer legs. Workout tips to get those muscular soccer legs like the […]

Sports Drink Recipes To Try Before Your Workout

Natural Sports Drink Recipes

Take a look at these natural sports drink recipes. Did you know most sports drink like Gatorade contain sucrose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, juice flavor, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, and various dye colors? If you are looking for a way to put some electrolytes back into your body after a tough workout but don’t […]

Plank Exercise Benefits to Enhance Your Workout

Strength in Stillness

So you’ve tried cardio, weight training, plyometrics, martial arts, sports, and more – but you’re still looking for a new challenge or untapped method for enhancing your physique. The answer is actually simpler than you think. It’s not about doing more reps or heavier weight or pushing harder… it is about doing less and finding […]

Best Pre-Lifting Snacks to Power your Workout

The Best Pre-Lifting Snacks to Really Power Charge your Workout

When it comes to working out, it’s probably safe to assume that from time to time, many of you probably experience drops in energy where you simply feel too weak to run another mile or lift another weight. The reason for this could very well be that you’ve simply not fueled your body enough in […]

Best Cardio Workouts For Beginners

Cardio – How Much is Too Much

There’s no disputing that cardio is an essential component of any total-body fitness regime. It boosts metabolism, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves endurance, promotes lean muscle,and burns excess fat like few other activities can. Guid to determine the right amount of cardio for your workout But (and yes, there’s always a but)… over-dedication to […]

The Best Pushups Circuit Workout

Pushups – The Ultimate Upper Body Workout

Looking to achieve a chiseled chest and biceps? Try this dumbbell free, pushups circuit workout guaranteed to shred your chest and generate new muscle growth. Pushups are a tried and true exercise that has made the test of time because it is so simple to perform and effective. First things first if you are a beginner […]

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Personalize Your Workout by Somatotyping

Any good personal trainer when they meet a potential client for the first time needs to first explain what genetic predisposition the person has. This is called somatotyping which puts your body into a category that explains the lean muscle to fat distribution that you have genetically. Build your workout around Somatotyping The Endomorph Endomorphs […]

The 5 Best Ab Workout For Beginners

Tips and Techniques to Improve your Ab Workout

Everyone wants those rock hard chiseled abs but let’s face it doing sit ups can be quite a drag. Not to mention if done incorrectly you can risk injury. If you want to strengthen your abs, it is imperative that you work your abdominals on a regular basis with effective strength-training abs exercises. But if […]

Best Ways to Beat Workout Boredom

How to Overcome Workout Boredom

Busy day? Have a lot on your mind? Chances are when you hit the gym for your workout your mind doesn’t just automatically switch off. Or has your workout routine gotten so predictable that people at the gym know what machine you’re heading to next before you get there? Everyday life and a monotonous workout […]

4 Best Pool Workouts Exercises for Men

Intense Pool Workouts for Men

Think pool workouts are just for swimmers or old ladies doing jazzercise think again. Professional athletes like NFL and NBA players have been known to hit the pool for cross training, low impact speed and strength training and injury rehab to name a few. So pool workouts for weight loss or to help relieve some […]

Stability Ball Exercises Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Stability Ball Ab Workout

The stability ball exercises has the ability to target your entire core and for that reason should be a regular in your abs workout routine. The primary muscle groups you work are the rectus abdominis better known as your six pack muscles, the transverse abdominals and your oblique’s. It is important to have the proper […]

Rest Day Workout Routine For Your Day Off

Making Your Day Off Count

For every stress you put your body through for strength or cardio training, a recovery period is equally as important. While it can be tempting to dismiss an active rest day workout routine, light exercise can accelerate results, even world class athletes understand the importance of keeping active on their rest day. The Right Amount […]

Workout Pain You Shouldn’t Push Through

When NOT to Train Through the Pain

Pain is weakness leaving the body, right? In most cases, we’d agree with you. If a workout doesn’t cause some sort of discomfort, the odds are that it’s not challenging your body enough to make any sort of change. Unfortunately, as men, we often overlook workout pain… dismissing them as minor annoyances, when, in fact, […]

Low Volume Workout Training Program

Balancing High Volume and Low Volume Workouts

When training regardless of how you would like to look at it, the three fundamental ways to increase the frequency of your low volume full body workouts is by achieving the ultimate High Volume and Low Volume Workout Balance. Low Volume Workout Training Program to Enhance your Fitness First 3 Steps 1. Increasing the volume […]

Cardio Workouts Without Running 3 Simple Step by Step

The Great Cardio Workout... Without Running

If you want to get in a good cardio workouts with out running on the treadmill or if you have injuries that will not allow you to there are other options out there. Cardiovascular exercise is continuous exercise for at least 20 minutes where your heart rate will raise and you should perspire. If you […]

5×5 kettlebell workout Tips to Build Strength and Muscle

5 x 5 x 5 Kettlebell Workout

The Kettlebell is a great tool that will give you a full body workout. One of the best 5×5 Kettlebell workout benefits is the cardio-vascular and anabolic systems that work together during exercises. Their popularity has risen over the last few years due to the exposure from professional athletes ranging from the NFL to MMA […]

The Best Post-Workout Drinks You Should be Using

The Best Post-Workout Drinks You Should be Using

When it comes to helping your body recover after a workout it’s a given that liquids are essential, but oftentimes people think that all drinks are created equal when they choose their post-workout drinks. However, the simple truth is that though pretty much all liquids help to hydrate you some work much better than others to […]

Squats Alternative Exercise To add to Your Workout

Is there a Substitute for Squats

Serious athletes will tell you that there is simply no way to alternative squats exercises. Those who are regular squatters seem to be very passionate about this and will often insist over and over that no exercise can compare to the squat when it comes to lifting for your legs. Looking for alternative squats exercises? […]

Upper Body Weight Plate Workout

Total Bodyweight Plate Workout

Interval Training today has become one of the most adopted forms of training as several trainers are slowly changing their routines from the occasionally boring cardio workout to a more intense and high impact training routine like Body weight Plate. Body weight Plate High Impact Training Most men who have preferred interval training as a […]

Overcoming Workout Burnout From Exercising

Tips to Avoid Workout Burnout

It’s not uncommon to find men caught up in the ritual of packing the local gyms in huge numbers trying to achieve the maximum muscle build and physique in the shortest time possible. Sadly one of the common mistakes experienced by many of these fitness nuts is overtraining their muscles with far too much exercise […]

Tabata Training Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Tabata Training Torcher Workout

Tabata training is popularly known in the fitness industry today as a form of high-intensity interval training generally consisting of eight sessions of exercises performed at an exceedingly high frequency within a fixed interval. Although a typical Tabata Training circuit workout takes only four to six minutes to complete most athletes today have found it […]

Best Belly Fat Workout Men Exercise

Moves that Make Your Belly Fat Disappear

Most people wanting to lose a few pounds of belly fat are often willing to literally starve themselves or take a range of overpriced and sometimes useless supplements promising them the perfect physique in a three weeks. But a few exercise moves can make belly fat disappear. Top Belly Fat Shredding Tips and Exercises Luckily […]

Best Body Recomposition Workouts

The Total Body Re-Composition Workout

Most men who have a love for automobiles will often express their love and great admiration for cars built by German engineering. Fitness enthusiasts today have been found sharing a similar love for German ingenuity through the scientist Hala Ramble who introduced the world to probably the best Total Body Recomposition Workout experienced in the […]

Consumption During and Post Workout

Consumption During and Post Workout – What Does Science Say

There was a recent study published by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute about the consumption of carbohydrate electrolyte enhanced beverage (CEB) during and after a workout and what impact it has on recovery and subsequent performance. It also addressed the benefits if any on consuming amino acids and protein during a workout. Finally it discusses […]

Low-Intensity Workout For Weight Loss

Low Intensity Workouts for Higher Fat Burn

It seems that most people either fall into the trap of believing that the more intense your workout is the more fat you will burn or that the closer your heart-rate is to maximum the more calories you will burn. Interestingly enough their have been studies that show exactly the opposite so we are going […]

Classic Exercises That Add to Your Workout

Classic Exercises That are Still Effective

You’ve probably heard that old and popular phrase which states that “the best things in life get better with age”. Well classic exercises like many of the fine wines enjoyed today are often viewed as a vintage form of training by many professionals within the fitness industry. Classic Exercises to Add to your Workout Jump […]

Metabolism Boosting Workouts Plan

Metabolism Boosting Workouts

Most effective way to increase your current rate of metabolism boosting  is through metabolism workout and maintaining a proper diet. While cardio training provides a considerable increase in the metabolism of the exerciser this method of exercise is rarely considered as a solitary method of training as many individuals tend to lose a significant amount […]

Best Pre-Workout Supplements on the Market Today

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements on the Market Today

Well, spring has now most definitely sprung for many of us. Temperatures are soaring, trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, and people are starting to go out in public wearing less and less. Yes, spring and summer most definitely mean less clothing, which if you happen to be in shape, isn’t a problem in […]

Pyramid Sets Workout Program For Training

Strength Training with Pyramid Sets

So let’s say you’ve been consistently training for a number of months but still have not been able to see the desired results in your muscle gains. Well guess what! You probably need to mix things up by introducing a few pyramid sets training workout to shock those muscles and stimulate their growth. How Pyramid […]

Chest And Triceps Workout For Beginners

The No Barbell Chest and Triceps Workout

Most fitness experts will tell you that the barbell bench press is the best exercise for developing the pectoral muscles to achieve a well-defined chest. This however is not 100% accurate. Bodybuilders when building the chest and triceps muscles strongly recommend against training aimed at focusing solely on the bench press exercise as a primary […]

Best Speed and Stamina Workout Exercises

Tips to Increase Your Running Speed and Endurance

Professional runners and athletes continue to conquer their goals and set new barriers and records for true speed and stamina workout. Feats that once believed to be absolutely impossible are now achievable. Many trainers outside these events who were privileged to witness these breathtaking events have often wondered what contributing factors were made possible to […]

Back And biceps Workout Bodybuilding

Muscle Building Back and Biceps Workout

Having a strong back and biceps is undoubtedly one of the best health features of  muscle building that all men want to achieve. A large majority of the existing back workouts today are basically divided into two specific segments aimed at targeting the lower back and upper back muscles accordingly by primarily focusing on the […]

The 10 Ab Burner Workout That Will Roast Your Belly Fat

The 5 Minute AB Blaster Workout

With all the new and amazingly condensed workouts available to the average fitness enthusiast today, men who have occasionally complained about not having enough time to exercise are gradually finding themselves enrolling in a number of workout programs to get in shape with a ab burner workout to improving their physique and overall health. Ab Burner […]

Rowing Machine Workout Benefits Full Body Workout

Full Body Rowing Workout

The ergometer commonly referred to as the rowing machine is widely known for providing the body with a full body rowing workout exercise. But don’t be fooled by its’ common appearance or boring name. One session on this machine will have you sweating, burning and crying for your momma. Health Benefits of a rowing machine […]

Best High Intensity Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Tips to Improve your Workout Intensity

Regardless of your respective training methods and desired goals set within your exercise program if there’s anything you should pay close attention to, it is to keep your workout intensity at a constant level. Top tips to pump up your workout intensity Optimum muscular build will never be realized unless your training workout reflects a […]

Isodynamic Split Squat Workout for men

Isodynamic Split Squat Workout

One of the widely used and adopted exercises used in the training a number of professional athletes and body lifters is the isodynamic split squat which is simply viewed as a traditional split squat performed with an isometric or ISO hold at the bottom of the exercise movement. What is an Isodynamic Split Squat The […]

Jump Power Lifts Workout Routine To Build Muscle

Jump Power Lifts to Build Muscle and Explosive Power

When it comes to physical exercise and training, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that many of you tend to head to the gym several nights a week, and engage in a number of different activities and exercises like jump power lifts. Obviously, some of the most common exercises are going to be those involving […]

Outdoor Circuit Training no Equipment Workout

Mountain Climbers

Many fitness enthusiasts in their hopes to achieve faster results to their training routine have occasionally opted to take their circuit training workouts outside of the traditional gym settings. outdoor circuit training be perform at home or even in a park near you. Top Workout Circuit to try in the great outdoors In a recent […]

spring workout plan The Ultimate Exercise Guide

Spring Workout Guide

The season of Spring has traditionally been observed to produce its very own and unique effect urging people into a fitness frenzy to get in shape. Maintaining a Spring Workout exercise is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and Spring Workout plan in the wonderfully warm weather to build muscle, improve performance and […]

Lower Abs Workout For Beginners 4 Easy Exercise

Best Exercises to Work Your Lower Abs

Most men have been found training for countless hours on end to achieve that coveted washboard stomach specifically for the purpose of being the main attraction at the local beach or gym. This is often viewed as a misdirection within the fitness industry by professional trainers and athletes as although creating the perfect six-pack lower […]

Is Muscle Pain After Workout Good or Bad

Workout Pain - The Good vs the Bad

The popular phrase “No Pain No Gain” has often been a fundamental principle in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Most professional athletes will state that experiencing some level of workout pain is an integral part of any athletic exercise training and a necessary factor for the development and subsequent improvement of their overall performance. What […]

Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout Step By Step

Tips to Stay Motivated During Your Workout

Most men in their quest to build muscular mass and tone will often begin their fitness regimes with a high level of enthusiasm but quickly lose focus eventually terminating the workout when their fitness results are not recognized as quickly as they would like or when the routine loses its flavor ineffectively becoming nothing more […]

Prowler Push Workout: Training Tips All You Nee To Know

The Prowler Push Workout

In the fitness world today, The Prowler push has been increasingly becoming a dominant attribute used in the training routine of a large majority of professional bodybuilders and athletes. How to perfect the prowler push The prowler often referred to as difficult, efficient and highly effective is one of the best known conditioning devices used […]

Weak Point Training Exercise Body workout

How to Strengthen Your Weak Spots

On the road to physical perfectness the average fitness enthusiast will begin their quest to build themselves to a solid rock chiseled proportional physique much to the appeal of just about everyone he comes into contact with. However time spent at the local gym will often prove that there are some body parts which simply […]

lower split training Workout Exercise

split training

Upper and Lower body split training has often been referred to by many within the fitness industry as one of the most credible forms of training performed within a single workout session. What is Split Training? The typical upper and lower split training session generally requires the person training to focus on a series of […]

Cross Training Workouts Fitness Plan For Beginners

Cross Training Tips from The Pros

Most men in their quest for the perfect physique, enhanced strength and performance have routinely been found stockpiling massive exercise arsenal utilizing every known cross training method at their disposal to gain their goal to perfection. Importance of cross training in your Fitness Routine Some men however have unwillingly dug themselves into a type of […]

Best Flat Abs Workout Exercise Sit-Ups

Get Flat Abs Without Sit-Ups

Most men when feeling a little flabby around the tummy areas immediately go into a flat abs workout frenzy focusing mainly on exercises such as the conventional sit-up, or stomach crunch. Experienced fitness trainers however through their continued exposure have found a number of available methods to get flat abs without the use of the […]

Best Obliques Workout Exercise Routine

Exercises to Blast Your Obliques

Often referred to as the cuddly muffin top, fatty mall hangovers or those outstanding love handles, these belly fat areas often seen bulging over the waistband are never a pleasant sight to the aspiring bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. So what is the best obliques workout exercise to get rid of those love handles. take a […]

Descending Ladder Workout Exercise For Total Body

The Descending Ladder Workout

The descending ladder workout has been often used by professional marathon runners to train their bodies for the rigors of the traditional 5k and 10k marathon racing events. How to do the descending ladder workout Unlike half and regular marathons which will observe the contestants resting fatigue during the latter mile portion of the run, […]

Cardio Acceleration Workout to add to your training

The Cardio Acceleration Workout

The Cardio Acceleration Workout today is a vital factor to shred unwanted fat and effectively stimulate muscle growth by utilizing a technique known for combining resistance training along with high frequency cardiovascular workout to form a single high intensity and fat burning routine. How to reap the benefits of a Cardio Acceleration Workout During a […]

Weight Training Workouts Tips for Tall Men

Weight Training Workouts for Tall Men

Workouts for tall men. The traditional weight training room has occasionally been referred to as the most feared room to the tall individual training. This is primarily due to the fact that for such individuals to complete their training routines requires stretching themselves at often cumbersome angles to obtain the correct posture. This incorrect positioning […]

Hardgainers Workout Routine Plans Lifting Tips

Hardgainers are often recognized as individuals who by training on their own find it extremely difficult to increase their body mass and muscle growth using traditional methods of weight training. This is primarily due to their failure to implement the proper training techniques, in addition to their lack of consistency of the workout and motivation. […]

How To Create a Workout Plan For Your Exercise Routine

Why You Should have a Workout Plan

Having a regular workout exercise routing is an important attribute to the natural health and welfare of every individual. The key in maintaining a proper workout plan is finding a training routine that is suited to the lifestyle of the individual. Some people often find the traditional home workout to be most convenient for their […]

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine Before Workout

Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine

Notably one of the most neglected and highly important aspect of any training or workout, is the warm up routine. Generally there are two varying forms of the traditional warm up exercises used in pre lifting known as the General Pre-Workout Warm Up and the Specific Pre-Exercise Warmup. How to do the General Pre-Workout Warm […]

How Many Workout Per Week Should I Do to Build Muscle

How Many Days should You Workout Per Week

Beginners and even seasoned professional bodybuilders when structuring a training routine need to determine the frequency and days to workout per week that they will dedicate to their training. How many days should you workout per week? Additionally the professional bodybuilder and professional trainer will give careful consideration to the frequency of their weight training […]

Soothe Sore Muscles After Workout With these food

Foods that Soothe Sore Muscles

As we grow older, we begin to notice subtle changes in our bodies. Changes that we may never have noticed before in the past, but ones which now creep up on us as we begin to grow older that’s why it is so important when you finish exercise to soothe sore muscles there food that […]

4 Full Body Exercise Workouts that Torch Fat

Workouts that Torch Fat

The typical health physician will often recommend that their patients involve themselves in some form of activity consisting of at least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate to intense exercise to torch fat and improve their cardiovascular function and health. Individuals who have been known to perform an exercise workout two to three times on […]

Maintain Muscle Gain With Minimal Workout

Rules to Sustain your Muscle Gain

Having achieved the desired muscle gain and obtaining the physique you’ve always wanted now leaves you with the added responsibility of maintaining this new body. Below are some of the successful techniques used by many fitness trainers and professional bodybuilders to maintain their physique. with a diet plan for gaining muscle eating the right foods […]

The Best Superhuman Strength Exercises Workout

Exercises for Superhuman Strength

We have all heard of the occasional stories of persons suddenly reacting with seemingly superhuman strength during extreme circumstances such as a mother saving her child in the face of certain danger or an individual fighting to save their life when their existence is threatened. It has often been said the average gorilla possesses the […]

Best Curl Exercises for Bigger Arms Workout

Curl Exercises for Bigger Biceps

One of the main body parts that many individuals have generally placed an emphasis on when starting any muscle-building and strength training program is enhancing their curl exercises biceps. This particular muscle group when doing curl bar exercises has often been one of the more highly noticeable muscle groups than any other and as such […]

How to Set Up a Workout Plan After Injury

Setting up a Post Injury Workout Plan

If you happen to have gone through spells of prolonged physical activity and exercise, whether it be in the gym, on the running track, or anywhere else for that matter, then you’ll almost certainly have picked up the odd injury here and there, and if not, then consider yourself extremely lucky. If you have however, […]

6 Effective Ways to Improve your Workout performance

Simple Ways to Improve your Workout

The body needs to be exercised and properly refueled after each workout. Many times striking the right balance can only be achieved through rigorous hours and efforts or personal experimentation trying to discover the perfect program to fit your daily needs and body’s requirements improve your workout. Unfortunately there’s no quick solution or bundled package […]

Signs You Are Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

Are you Overdoing Your Cardio Workout

When it comes to getting results from your cardio workout it is all about intensity and consistency. This is something that has now been scientifically proven by studies which have shown that if you follow up an intense cardio exercise with another workout like lifting weights, the second workout suffers and the intended muscle gains […]

Best 30 Minute Workout Circuit Routine for a Healthy Body

Effective 30 Minute Workout for a Healthy Body and Mind

Most people though aware of the health benefits of a daily exercise routine, come up with excuses for not being able to exercise in spite of their good intentions there are a few exercise you can including this 30 minute workout. Benefits of a 30 Minute workout Exercise helps you develop a strong metabolism along […]

Cold Weather Fitness Workout Plans Training Tips

Committed to Your Fitness Plans In The Cold

Unless you happen to live somewhere without seasons we’re looking at you, Miami guys—winter can get chilly. Our primitive, basic response to a chill in the air is to hunker down into a pile of blankets, watch the game, and have some soup, sticking to your fitness workout plans is the last thing on your […]

The Gridiron Workouts: Intense But Invigorating

As your weekend festivities inevitably take you to a football game or two, step away from the nachos and beer for just a moment and take advantage of some special fitness activities that exist only when you visit the football field and experience one of our gridiron workouts. Gridiron workouts for spectators Stadiums Even if you’ve got […]

The Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat & Build Endurance

Cardio workouts like the treadmill, kickboxing and spinning class are the best workouts for heavy weightlifters. We all know those guys who slave in the gym pumping iron day in and day out but you never catch them on a treadmill. What most of these men don’t realize is that all of the work that […]

Adventure Mud Run For A Great Workout Training

Looking for a fun way to get out and participate in some exercise and you don’t mind getting a little dirty? If so an adventure mud run may just be the right thing for you. These races challenge their participants to navigate through challenging obstacles like mud and sometimes fire all in the name of fun […]

Swimming Workouts Tips Beginners Must Add to Training

Taking your workout to the pool is one of the best ways to get involved with a swimming workout plan that you can continue for many years to come. The cardiovascular benefits of swimming workouts compare pretty evenly with running or jogging, but without the pounding to your joints. As well, because swimming workouts forces […]

The Best Spring Boot Camp Circuit Workout Conditioning

The US armed forces know a thing or two about transforming everyday citizens in to lean, mean fighting machines. Now thanks to mensfitclub.com you don’t have to enroll with the military to try your hand at Boot Camp. Check out our Spring Boot Camp series where we will walk you through how to start your […]

Tis The Season To Stay Fit with These Workouts Tips

Tis the season to stay fit. We all know how easy it is to pack on the pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. In addition to cold temperatures, daylight savings time, traveling to visit family and gatherings that include indulgent foods it can be hard to keep a consistent workout schedule. But if you want […]

Workout Intensity: How To Maintain It For More Strength

We’ve reached the point in a couple of sports seasons where leaders emerge and lesser teams have to dig deeper into their workout intensity to find additional strength. In baseball right now, The Cards and Rangers are in a back and forth series in the NLCS. In college football LSU and Alabama came off of very decisive victories […]

6 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

6 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

Many start their weight loss journey in hopes of improving their self-esteem and physical health and appearance. And while weight loss can lead to benefits such as having a more positive body image and more room in your favorite jeans, there are also several unexpected benefits of weight loss. Every weight loss journey is unique, […]

5 Tips For Starting A Home Gym for a Small Space

5 Tips For Starting A Home Gym

Everyone needs to exercise at least three to four times a week to keep themselves healthy and in shape all the time. You need to practice the same methods within yourself if you want to live longer and healthier. However, not everyone has a gym membership or doesn’t have enough time to travel to their […]

Reasons Why Muscle Flexibility is Important

Muscle Flexibility

Have you always been secretly envious of people who can bend here and there like it’s a walk in the park every time? Or is muscle flexibility simply something that you think you’ve been (like many of us are guilty of) overlooking in your workout routine?  Well, the fact that you’re taking an interest in your […]

How to Start a Fitness Routine and Stick with It

how to start a fitness routine

You know that exercising regularly will improve your quality of life and decrease your risk for health problems. But, even with the research in front of you, it’s tough to start a fitness routine. The numerous benefits of working out don’t change the fact that finding the time (and, more importantly, the motivation) to exercise […]

The Importance of Insurance for an Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyle

Leading an active lifestyle is important, no matter your age. Keeping fit and getting enough physical activity is actually a great way to stay healthy and reduce your risk of certain diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even different types of cancer. But, just because you live an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you are […]

6 Simple Ways To Stay Fit At Home

6 Ways To Stay Fit At Home

Staying fit should be a priority to all men as it will lead to a better quality of life and fewer health issues. The problem is that going to the gym can be time-consuming and not everyone can fit it into their schedule. Contrary to popular belief, the gym doesn’t have to be part of your […]

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Overall Best Home Exercise Equipment

Training at home is fantastic especially when you are starting a new workout plan. You don’t have to commute, worry about what you’ll wear or wait around for people to finish so you can do your exercises. There are plenty of other benefits you’re probably well-aware of. The only problem with home training is the […]

How to Deal with Stress The Healthy Way

how to deal with stress stretching

In these unprecedented times, potential stressors are all around us. As if everyday stressors weren’t enough, COVID-19 continues to spread, and civil unrest has begun to follow suit, especially in America’s biggest cities. It’s a lot to deal with, leaving many people searching for effective methods to deal with stress and help them with the […]

Best ways to lose weight this summer

Ways to Lose Weight Health Plan

Looking for a jumpstart to lose weight this summer? Shedding off that fat is not an instant procedure, but we have come up with the best ways to speed up the process. Summer is that time of the year when great bodies and fad diets rule the internet. Losing weight is just as important to […]

How To Overhead Press: Complete Upper Body Strength

Overhead Military Press

How to overhead press for complete upper body strength. The Overhead press until 1972 was actively recognized as one of the main activities in Weightlifting competitions. Professional bodybuilders and weightlifters were seen competitively arching their backs to press heavier weights overhead. This tendency made scoring of athletes a difficult task for the presiding judges which […]

Men’s Sweatpants that you never want to take off

mens sweatpants

With the obsession of athleisure, the new essential of a wardrobe is men’s sweatpants. Nowadays sweatpants are not just for the gym but also casual wear. We are living in an age where sporting sweatpants while shopping at the mall or going to a movie, is commonplace. With all of the new trendy styles available […]

Get results with a home fitness personal trainer

at home personal fitness trainer

Get results with a home fitness personal trainer. In the 21st century, the importance of a home fitness personal trainer is increasing. With all the technological distractions and a fast-paced lifestyle, many people have neglected their health. That’s where a personal trainer that you can use your technology-driven life and connect virtually with comes in […]

Creatine alternatives that you never heard of

creatine alternatives that you haven't heard of

If you are looking for the perfect body and want to use supplements to help you along you might want to explore some Creatine alternatives which are available on the market. Gaining muscle mass is one of the prime reasons why you hit the gym for a good workout. But your hard work doesn’t stop […]

Why First-Aid Training for Personal Trainers is a Must

first-aid training for personal trainers

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer? There is much more to it than learning how to lift heavy weights and the difference between HIIT and a good circuit. No matter why you are entering the world of personal training, you need to also learn basic First-Aid Training for Personal Trainers. Importance of First-Aid Training for […]

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Awesome Aerobic Exercises for Losing Weight

Aerobic exercises are a fun way to lose weight and reduce that stubborn belly fat. Even regular gym-goers often get bored with the same old cardio workout routine. But by changing things up with some fun aerobic exercises that follow rhythmic beats and music that can pump your blood flow you are going to benefit […]

Muscle Building Dinners to Try Tonight

Health Muscle Building Dinners to Try Tonight

If you are getting bored with the same old muscle building dinners look no further. We all know eating proper is an important component of building and maintaining muscle mass. In fact, eating healthy is the crux of a fit healthy body. A proper diet needs to provide you with all the necessary nutrients and […]

Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

The 11 Best Fitness Tips For Men To Get Results

11 Kick ass fitness tips for men for to take your exercise game to a new level. While you are dedicated to your routine exercise is that enough? Motivation is an important factor, but finding and using the right advice will get you started and keep you going for the long term. From beginners to […]

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Stick For a Lifetime

Healthy Eating Habits

Having a healthy lifestyle is something we all dream of but following the advice for healthy eating habits are somewhat tougher than we can imagine. In order to move from bad habits that were holding you back to good habits that turn into a lifestyle we need to have a plan with checkpoints to keep […]

Best Strength training Programs for men

The Best Strength training Programs for men

Strength training programs for men is a vital component to any fitness regimen. If you are just getting started or returning to exercise again after a long break it’s easy to get comfortable with your daily exercise routine. If you find your efforts are not leading to weight loss or muscle gain, it’s time to […]

Men’s grooming tips for warm weather

mens grooming tips for warm weather

Searching for men’s grooming tips when it’s hot outside doesn’t make you less manly. Instead, every man should be worried about their skin health and appearance. Spring and summertime come with refreshing energy but can also bring damaging effects for your skin. Especially when the sun rays are in full effect. Applying nothing on your […]

Celebrity Personal Trainers To Inspire You

10 best-known celebrity personal trainers

Time and again we wonder how famous actors and entertainers have such flawless bodies. The secret for most is their celebrity personal trainers. These personal trainers, are not only there to offer encouragement but customize their workout plan and tailor their clients’ bodies to a specific goal. They analyze everything from food intake even down […]

4 Easy Tricep Exercises To Build Muscle

tricep exercise for strong set of arms

Every serious weightlifter knows the importance of including tricep exercises if they want a strong set of arms. However, most casual lifters underestimate tricep work and believe that biceps are the best way to get stronger arms. Unfortunately, that concept is only half of the truth. When you work your biceps you can gain mass […]

Top 5 Benefits of Pilates The Science Behind it

man doing pilates

One of the most essential forms of physical workout is Pilates. These classes can be intimidating for beginners who are new to the physical activity world. However, this type of workout comes with an amazing list of benefits for your entire body. Pilates, will improve your posture, bodily alignment, and give you an amazing core […]

Unhealthy Food That Disguise as Healthy Food

sneaky unhealthy food as healthy food

Everyone wants to have a diet full of healthy food that nourishes the body and mind. However, with sneaky marketers capitalizing on health food trends and exploiting your good intentions it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Food manufacturing companies have become experts at deceptive marketing strategies to make you believe […]

Beginner Powerlifting Guide For the Average Man

Powerlifting: The Beginner's Guide For An Average Man

Powerlifting is not just a regular workout. It is, in fact, a power sport which comprises mainly on three different exercises: squat, bench press, and deadlift. In professional lifting the competitor attempts to lift the max weight in a single lift with the barbell which is stacked with weight plates. However, nowadays it is no […]

Are Skinny Teas just a marketing gimmick?

skinny tea

You may have come across those skinny tea ads on Instagram claiming to mellow your body fat. Did you not spot a thin girl posing with a cup of FIT Tea inspiring you to lose weight effortlessly? Many new fad diets come every year and eventually go with a lot of people not even noticing. […]

Best Back Exercises to Improve Muscle and Strength

Back Exercises - Pull Ups

Have you been slacking on your back exercises We understand if you have. It is fairly easy to let the importance exercises to strengthen back muscles slide. This is especially true as your back is not the first thing that people notice. It is not something that you display to the world around you the […]

Trekking destinations you can’t miss

Trekking man

Trekking moutains is undoubtedly one of the best ways to test your body’s stamina and endurance. It is not only one of the best form of physical workout, but, it gives your mind and body a fun-filled joy. Thus, one will only cherish these adventures in the coming times. Trekking or hiking as it is […]

Bad Habits That are Ruining Your fitness goals

Bad Habits That are Bad For Your fitness goals

Your intentions might be noble, but there are certain ‘bad habits’ which keep us from accomplishing your fitness goals. Although these habits may not look as menacing as some of the other practices, they are certainly sneaky and take you down in the most unexpected way. No amount of success with your fitness goals will […]

Best Ab Exercises To Get Those Six-Pack abs

The 5 Best Ab Exercises: To Get Those Six-Pack abs

Looking for ab exercises which will give you all the excuses to take that shirt off? 6-pack abs are something that all men think about wistfully; however, it is not something that comes to everyone. Are they even for real, or are they just mythical phenomenon made up by fitness experts? Well, we are here […]

Health Tips To Start When You Hit 30

health tips to follow at 30

In this world, most people are perplexed about the health tips that are to be followed when they turn 30. The common fact is that hitting 30 can be rough with both mental and physical stress as you are moving from youth to adulthood. Even if you are in good physical condition and have good […]

How To Use Weight Machines: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

strength training with weight machine

If you are looking to start strength-training workouts but are not an expert at free weights you can use weight machines during your workout session. The weight machine is nothing but an exercise machine mainly used for weight training which works with levers, cables, and pulleys as the main sources of resistance. Weight machines are […]

How To Do Sumo Deadlift: Learn The Perfect Form

Sumo deadlift

Have you heard of sumo deadlift exercise routine? If not, we are here for you. Don’t be intimidated by the name, because it is nothing but a variation of the traditional deadlift mostly adopted by powerlifters. Sumo deadlift gets its name because of the difference which lies in the setup of the lifter’s feet and […]

6 Best Muay Thai Training Moves For Beginner’s

Muay Thai Cardio Workout

Did you know Muay Thai fighting comes wrapped with multiple benefits for your heart? The Muay Thai training can beat all your cardio workouts, CrossFit workouts, or HIIT personal workouts. The Muay Thai history dates back centuries ago, and it is also the national sport of Thailand. People of Thailand have been practicing this super […]

How to Use a Foam Roller to Relax Muscles

Foam Roller Exercises

A workout with a foam roller? We are sure you may have never imagined this! But doing foam roller exercises can be an exciting way of exercising. There are also several effective ways to use a foam roller to relax muscles when the tightness starts hindering your workout sessions. It is moreover a great tool […]

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

Natural weight loss tips for a Healthier Life

If you thought losing weight was a crazy desire, you were wrong, you simply need natural weight loss tips to help you on your journey. These tips are best for men seeking to lose weight and are facing trouble in the process. The everyday lifestyle and the hectic schedule can act as hurdles slowing down […]

Fitness Trackers: The Top Picks For Men To Choose From

Best Fitness Trackers for Men

Men have found another wearable for their wrist after smartwatches which is the fitness trackers. You can consider them as a reasonable alternative to the smartwatches. It is nothing but a device that provides you with various uses. You generally use it to track and monitor your sleep, heart rate and the steps you take […]

Inspiring Ways to Have a Beer After an Exercise Session

Ways to Have a Beer after exercise

Experts and fitness enthusiasts alike are on the fence about whether having a beer after finish exercise is a good idea or not. During a vigorous workout, the body tends to lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes. We also burn our carbohydrate stores and tear down our muscle proteins. A beer after finish exercise, […]

How To Do a Handstand: A Step By Step Guide

Guide to Perform a Handstand

It takes a lot of years of practice to master the intimidating pose of a handstand. In order to properly do a handstand, you need the right physical skill and a lot of strength. Performing a handstand demands flawless balance, good core strength, and good overall upper-body strength. Not everyone can do a handstand with […]

Stem Cell Therapy Benefits On An Aging

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Despite the scientific community’s tendency to change opinion constantly, it has been proven time and again that an active lifestyle is key to living a long and healthy life. With advancements in sports medicine and technology, this is more possible than ever before. There are, however, a few things to consider as the body ages […]

Athleisure For Men The Right Way to Wear It

Who doesn’t love feeling totally great throughout the day while all the while looking trendy? While that idea may have once quite recently been a fantasy, in the present current world it’s a reality. On account of the blasting pattern of athleisure, a man will look great and feel great in the meantime. Despite the […]

The Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

What Makes the Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

When practicing CrossFit or weightlifting, most of the time the weight that rises falls on our poor knees. There are moments of maximum effort in which when we do not have adequate protection it is very likely that in the long run, we are prone to suffer some injury while executing our routines. Of course, […]

Net Worth of Jack Nicholson – The Legendary Actor

featured jack

Jack Nicholson is one of the most competent actors in Hollywood. In fact there are very few people in the world who don’t know of him. The star is much acclaimed for his excellent method of acting and also for brilliant film making. He has indeed left a very firm impact on the film industry […]

How To Do Mountain Climbers and Get Healthy Benefits

man doing mountain climbers

Mountain climbers exercise are a type of bodyweight floor exercise which starts in the plank position. It is a hybrid type of workout which is a mix of cardio and strength training and works on the core, glutes, triceps & biceps, deltoids, quads, and hamstrings. The secret to an amazing body is good posture and […]

Best deodorant for you to choose from

A guy applying deodorant

Deodorant has become a necessity in contemporary times for both men and women. It significantly boosts self-confidence along with eliminating the bacteria and bad odor from one’s underarms and other body parts. However, if you are a gym goer, or you sit for long hours in the office, or you enjoy the great outdoors with […]

The Whole 30 Diet Plan All You Need To Know

The Whole 30 Diet Plan All You Need To Know

Are you also baffled about what the Whole 30 is? Don’t worry. As a matter of fact, we have all the info you might need regarding the same. Whole 30 is a diet plan to clean up your food habits by eliminating the food that is harmful to your health. This diet plan can offer […]

Snoring Tips Treatment To Stop It Natural

Couple tackling with snoring

One of the most common sleeping issues is snoring, which affects both men and women. However, a snoring sound is normal every now and then, but, for some people, it is a chronic condition that needs a cure. But, it can also be a body’s way of telling about an underlying health condition. When the […]

Box Squats: How To Do Box Squats The Right Way

Proper squatting technique

Box Squats is the exercise you need when you want to build explosive power. Squats are generally the favorite exercise of many people, and the box squat is a popular variation. Many people also carry out box squats proper execution with dumbbells. It is in fact for people who are looking forward to a powerful […]

Top Chili Recipe For Your Weight Loss Program

hot chili recipe to manage weight

What can be better than a mouth-watering classic chili recipe for the love of hot and spice With so many spicy chili recipes to help you feel warm and comfy from the inside, they can be hard to resist. The combination of chili beans with meat and veggies can be a treat. In light of […]

Muscle Strain: Symptoms What you need to know

A man dealing with muscle strain and sore muscles

Overlifting during your workout routine or placing immense pressure while performing a movement can lead to muscle strain. While sore muscles happen when you carry out a new workout or engage in powerful exercise for a more extended period. It is important to know the difference between no pain, no gain, and just plain pain. […]

Top 5 Ways to Achieve Muscle Growth Fast

Muscle growth exercises for workout routine

There are various reasons why people workout and the desire for muscle growth fast is at the top of the list. However, that doesn’t mean that there are many other important reasons to pump some iron. In fact, far from it, muscle growth improves posture, increases bone density, decreases body fat percentage, improves mental health […]

Benefits of Water: Why you Should Drink a Gallon a Day

benefits of water

The benefits of water are endless. In your quest for the answer, you will find more than 100 benefits of drinking water. It is not only vital for our survival but critically important for overall health and wellness. The first thing you are taught in school is that the human body is 60% water and […]

Healthy Fats To Stuff In Your Gym Bag

seeds with healthy fats

You might be surprised to know that the seeds you threw away as kids are jam-packed with healthy fats? The best thing about these nutrition-rich seeds is that they make an excellent snack for your post-workout meal. They may not appeal as mouthwatering to your eyes, but these tiny seeds indeed offer many health benefits. […]

7 Ultimate Push-Up Guide And How To Do Them

featured push up

Whenever someone mentions working out, you might be aware of at least some version of the push-up appearing in your vision. However, just like any other workout, the push-up also has a wide range of variations are essential and vital for bodybuilding. Thus, it is one of the most common and popular forms of workout […]

5 Reasons for running a marathon

marathon running

Did you know that running a marathon not only makes you exceptionally fit but also makes you aware of your social responsibility? Marathon running comes with its own perks and has a more significant positive impact on your body. It is important for your first one to train with someone who has experience or a […]

Membership Levels

Mensfitclub.com is now offering a complete member subscription to help you reach your goals of muscle gain, weight loss or nutrition. Sign up now to receive your personal workout guide and meal planner at a low rate of only $4.99/month, $13.99/quarter and $39.99/year and Join our Get Fit Membership community who are changing their lives […]

Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Stories

before and after

Every now and then, we come across some amazing before and after weight loss stories that leave us both baffled and inspired. These stories are not just a small dip on the scale but massive, jaw-dropping transformations. These before and after success stories help us push the boundaries and limitations of our bodies. Also, it […]

Net worth of Bradley Cooper – A Star is Born

bradley cooper

The famed actor of The Hangover Series, Bradley Cooper, is definitely one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities. In fact, his new movie A Star is Born with co-star Lady Gaga has already earned him nominations at the 2019 Golden Globes and Oscars. Besides, he is nominated for the best director and the best actor for A […]

Muscular Strength: How Pomegranate Can Help

muscular strenght

It might be news to you that pomegranate is great for muscular strength. However, you might not know about the health benefits and what a wonderful super fruit the pomegranate is. Pomegranate is rich in nutrients and comes with various health benefits. Every part of the fruit, from the seed to the peel is beneficial […]

Muscle Groups to Train Together on the Same Day

muscles of the body to train on same day

Generally speaking, people are confused about deciding which muscle groups to train together. Besides, most people are working out to maintain their body and to be healthy and stay fit. In these days, having six pack abs is a trend desired by men of all ages. In fact, the individuals who want to build their […]

Keto diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks

Are you a Starbucks fan since its inception but also follow a keto diet? Well, with going keto you are giving up on carbs and other good things you may have enjoyed. Does that mean you have to give up on Starbucks too? Apparently not, because Starbucks is here to ensure you are at the […]

How aerobic rhythmic exercises work for you

aerobic exercises playing badminton

Aerobic rhythmic exercises are an excellent option to start your workout. At times the complexity and monotony of everyday workouts can lead us to the path of discouragement. The aerobic exercises come across as dynamic and exciting options to experiment with on those days that you’re dragging and need a little boost. After all, working […]

Belly Fat Burning Exercises To Lose Fat in 10 Minutes

quickly burning the belly fat

If belly fat is your prime concern, let’s put a stop to it today Also, don’t make excuses like ‘I don’t have time to work out’ and ‘Gyms are expensive’ fool you In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes of belly fat burning exercises to get you to your dream shape. Yes, you heard […]

Yoga For Weight Loss 7 Ways To Burn maximum Fat

Yoga and Weight Loss

Undoubtedly yoga is one of the best ways to relax, release stress, offer flexibility and of course ward-off that stored fat. If you follow this ancient practice regularly for 15 minutes every day, you can notice miraculous results. Furthermore, to help you get most of the yoga we have come up with this guide featuring […]

Fitness Myths Debunked That You Probably Believe

myths and facts

The advice you take on your fitness journey matters the most. You can either benefit from accurate advice or with misguided information end up following the wrong path. Being wrongly aware can lead you to harm during workouts and intrude on the goals you set. Follow along to find out what are the popular fitness […]

Best Craft Beer You Can Enjoy State By State

The 10 best craft beer you can enjoy State by State

Nothing pairs as well with pizza than a flavorsome local craft beer you can find all over this beautiful country. America is definitely the place for most creative and unique beers with over 5,000 breweries putting up a massive competition. Not to mention, all of these breweries have varieties of damn good craft beers brewed […]

Best Exercise Video to Suit your Goals

youtube exercise videos for fitness

With a single click on Instagram and Youtube, you certainly have access to each and every exercise video these days. All of these fitness channels and fitness influencers have a hold to the best tips for the perfect body. So, if you don’t feel like renewing your gym-membership and want to take your home workout […]

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Great

effective weight loss tips

Some people are always in search of weight loss tips from any resource they can find, a fitness app, television programs or websites. With obesity at record rates, it’s no wonder that people are desperately seeking weight loss advice. The current obesity crisis is largely due to lifestyle changes and the impact of junk food, […]

Having Weight Gain Struggle How To Cope Mentally

how to gain weight quickly

While so many are trying to lose weight, some guys end up with a weight gain struggle no matter what they try. Losing weight is not always a concern for everybody sometimes gaining weight is. Instead, when you want the right shape or want to bulk up, weight gain and muscle gain is essential. And, […]

Lose Belly Fat With These Practical Exercises

Lose Belly Fat With These Practical Exercises

The opening move when you decide to improve on your appearance should be to lose belly fat. Once the belly flab settles, it becomes a tedious task to get rid of this stubborn fat. Not only does it ruin a man’s perfect look but takes a toll even on your health. A flat belly indicates […]

How To Find a Good Gym Trainer What to look for in one

How To Find a Good Gym Trainer - What to look for in one

A gym trainer can help you overcome the fear of intimidating workouts or other factors that prevent you from going to the gym. In fact, their constant motivation and endless guidance can have an amazing effect and help you achieve consistent progress. Leading to a better body and an improved quality of life. The right […]

Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work

weight loss pills for good shape

You will find many weight loss pills which claim to get you in shape without you having to do anything. To lose those extra pounds all you have to do is be regular in swallowing your tiny pill. While the wish to get an attractive body remains, the will and energy to exercise can be […]

Are you losing muscle instead of fat?

muscle loss or fat

During weight loss workouts, most people face a common problem of losing muscle rather than losing fat. When you lose weight the breakdown of fat and muscle tissue in your body can lead to loss of muscle. This is a great drawback for you on your weight loss journey since you want to drop the […]

What is The Best Deadlift for Your Body Type?


One of the best compound exercises, the deadlift, helps you to engage a number of large muscle groups. There are several varieties of this exercise so it is important to choose the best deadlift for your body type for safety reasons and to get the biggest gains. If you serious about your fitness, then you […]

Drinking Habit Treatment For your Health

drinking habit of a young man

A moderate drinking habit may not harm your health but instead, provide you with notable health benefits. Your choice of beverage can be an excellent ice-breaker on social occasions and undoubtedly spike your mood. Over the years everybody must have told you how alcohol damages your body. In fact, if you come home wasted every night, […]

Vegan Muscle Gain – All you need to know

Vegan Gains - All you need to know

Veganism is not news to anyone, and the same applies to vegan muscle gain. Not only it is ethically and environmentally more responsible, but it is also extremely beneficial for your health. Many people have documented and claimed how the vegan diet has brought in a considerable wave of change into their lives. However, many […]

Lost your Fitness Motivation How To Overcome it


If you have recently started on a journey of fitness transformation and have lost your fitness motivation is a common problem. In fact, even the seasoned exercisers go through this phase. But if you want to remain fit throughout the year discipline is the key. However, when you have lost your fitness motivation is a […]

How to Squat Using Proper Form Your Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form

It is essential to hone the skill of how to squat for building muscle strength of your core body. Squats top the list of best exercises which also aids in losing weight and muscle gain. However, this doesn’t take away the difficulty one harbors when performing them. Why is squat the powerhouse of exercise? Squats […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the woman you love

Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for the woman you love

Where do people get that perfect valentine’s day gift? The kind which makes the lady of your life beam with joy instead of prolonged silence followed by faking a  ‘that’s cute’? As we all know, tackling valentine‘s day can be a little challenging, especially when it comes to gifting that special woman in your life. […]

Make cheat day A Healthy Day In Your Diet

cheat day

Do you have any idea about what a Cheat Day means? Cheat day is nothing but skipping your diet plan and eating the desired delicacies for a day. On this day, you can eat anything that you want like pizza, burgers, chocolates, or drinks.  But fitness experts are advising that you should make your cheat […]

Inspiring Celebrity Fitness IG stories on Instagram

Top Inspirational Celebrity Fitness IG stories

Instagram has many inspiring celebrity fitness IG stories related to fitness and weight loss. In fact, there are stories of fitness and building physique spread all over the app. However, if you are looking for some motivation to hit the gym, you needn’t look far. Just log in into Instagram, feed hashtags like #fitnessinspiration, #healthyliving. […]

Healthy choices in everyday life that you will Enjoy

10 holiday fitness choices you will be proud of!

Making healthy choices is not everyone’s natural inclination. We live in a fast-paced world which is abundant in convenient unhealthy choices and it’s easy to stumble along the way. However, there are various small changes that you can incorporate daily, that lead a much healthier life. Simple changes that do not require a massive gesture […]

Fitness Apps to Lose Weight Or Bulk Up

Fitness Apps to Lose Weight Or Bulk Up

We are living in an era which requires an app for everything. Whether to order a cab or shop for groceries, and fitness apps are not far behind. There are a variety of apps available which can help you in this tedious love/hate that one has with fitness. They act as a personal trainer who […]

How to Bench Press With The Right Technique

The correct bench press technique is essential for upper-body muscle development. You can c all it one of the critical basic lifts when you are strength training. In any gym, you will find a majority of lifters doing bench press in their own variation. This favorite lift is spotted in almost every men’s workout routine. […]

Macro Counting All You Need To Know


Macro counting is a way of dieting where you, also, keep a close count on the intake of micronutrients. Generally, it is the grams of nutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats, etc.) consumed and the ratio of each. Therefore, this helps you to be better aware of the food you eat and possibly make swaps for […]

Best Glute Exercises to Build a Stronger Looking Butt


Glute exercises are not only meant for a better-looking rear but they also provide benefits like great posture and an increased bone density to name a few. Glute exercises help you with the better function of your body movements and work in conjunction with your core to provide a total body balance. Moreover, the Glute muscles group […]

Chiropractor visit to Erase back pain

Why you should not limit your Chiropractor visit to just back pain?

You might think of a Chiropractor visit as something that you need if you suffer from back pain. But a chiropractor visit can help in many different ways. It might not come to mind when things are going just ‘fine,’ however, it can provide a remedy for many ailments that might surprise you. Even though […]

Stretching Exercises to Improve Your strength Gain

Stretching Exercises to develop more strength

Stretching Exercises help your body reach its full potential during a workout session. Doing a stretch might not be that thrilling, but it’s equally important for any versatile fitness routine. Including stretching exercises in your workout will help to enhance your flexibility, develop more strength and bring down muscle tightness. It also protects your body […]

Weight Loss Supplements For Men Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements for men to drop those pounds

Are you looking for weight loss supplements for men? From the crowd of many supplements, we take a deeper look to see which one might be the best option. Due to lifestyle changes, people are facing many weight problems these days. Obesity is undoubtedly among one of the top health diseases leading to an array […]

Fitness Resolution to Commit to this Year

Fitness resolutions to commit to this new year.

Every new year, millions of people take many resolutions and one among them is the fitness resolution. In reality a majority of people often forget these resolutions after few days or weeks. However, fitness resolution is one of the important changes that can transform your lifestyle and bring you back in shape. Therefore, we want […]

Top 10 hottest female fitness models

A fitness model working out.

Female fitness models are undoubtedly an inspiration for many. Suppose, you are scrolling through your posts, won’t you stop staring at a fit model? Their posts and daily workout regimes are further taking the internet by storm. In fact, their perfectly sculpted figure along with a fit body make heads turn everywhere they go. Of […]

Comfort Food Healthy Options For The Winter

Winter comfort food options with a healthy spin

Healthy comfort food. In the winter season, everyone likes to have comfort food in order to deal with the cold. Most people prefer hot delicacies to feel warm and cozy. In fact, comfort food helps to satisfy your mind and body as well as warm-up you. Everyone has their favorite dishes as comfort food and […]

Weight Loss Apps that Help You With Your Diet

Top 10 Weight Loss Apps that Can Help You Shred Your Diet

Weight Loss Apps are extremely beneficial. Infact, it is your very own trainer on your mobile. Firstly, they offer workout suggestions and help keep track of your calorie intake. These apps aids also promote weight loss making one aware of their lifestyle and habits and much more. Infact, if you are looking for a self-motivator, […]

Weight Loss journey With DJ Khaled’s 26 Pounds

How DJ Khaled lost 26 kgs in Weight Watchers?

DJ Khaled has created quite a ripple in the music industry. Leading with his epic music, charming presence and recent inspiring weight loss journey! Even though an artist should not be judged for their weight issues, recently DJ Khaled has been in the news for more reasons than one. His recent weight loss journey has […]

Aerial Yoga and The Benefits Why You Should Try It

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Why You Should Try It

Ever heard of Aerial Yoga and the benefits? Do the large strips of fabric supporting a person while he does impossible looking poses sounds familiar to you? If yes, you are right! That is aerial yoga, a variation of the traditional type of yoga. Fabric hammocks are suspended from the ceilings which can support over […]

Leaky Gut Syndrome and How to Heal it

Signs of a Leaky Gut and How to Heal it

Leaky gut is a condition that affects the intestine. The condition causes the walls of the intestine to turn loose. Thus, many large particles also enter the blood easily. Undigested food, toxins, and bacteria also pass through the intestinal walls. This further causes irritation in the gut. We will look at leaky gut syndrome, its […]

How to Prevent Obesity For A Healthy Life

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your Life

Educating the present generation about health is important to fight and prevent obesity. Which is spreading quickly across the globe. Obesity is also a large cause of many health hazards. The responsibility lies on every individual to spread awareness. The knowledge for building a healthy lifestyle is indeed necessary. How can you Prevent Obesity? Consider these […]

Muscle Strength And Endurance Exercise Program

Essential Exercises for Building Muscle Strength

Essential exercises for building muscle and strength. The right exercises are essential for building muscle strength. In fact, the very reason for hitting the gym is the desire of becoming stronger and bigger. Spending 5 to 7 hours on average at the gym, pulling and pushing presses is not the only essentials. However, a balanced […]

Weight Chart to Help you set your Weight Loss Goals

Weight Chart to Help you set and Beat your Weight Loss Goals

In order to meet weight loss goals, we need comparative data like a weight chart tailored just for men. This comparative data helps to meet the goals we set and the ideally required stage we need to meet. What is a Weight Chart? A weight chart uses the body mass index to correctly determine your […]

What Supplements Should Be Taken on a Daily Basis?

What Supplements Should I Take on a Daily Basis

Ever caught yourself wondering, what supplements should I take? The use of supplements varies highly on the kind of diet you follow. Also, it depends on the amount and duration of your exercise routine.  Even with a perfect diet, your body usually has some nutrient deficiencies. That is where supplements can help provide you with the […]

Top Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables For Your Keto Diet

Top 10 Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables to Eat on the Keto Diet

The Keto diet is a globally popular diet plan where people eat low carb fruits and vegetables along with high protein and fat content foods to manage weight. In the ketogenic diet, it is recommended to keep carbohydrate intake below 30g every day. Following a new diet like this is not a simple process, as […]

Is White Rice Healthy for You and Why

Is White Rice Healthy for You, and Why More Athletes Prefer it Over Brown Rice

Is white rice healthy or not is a question that many ask when putting together a healthy meal plan. It is no surprise that athletes go through a rigorous exercise and health regime to gain their physical proficiency. Even though physical exercise constitutes a significant part of it, dietary habits also contribute significantly towards this. […]

Energy Balance:How to Achieve And Maintain It

How to Maintain a Healthy Energy Balance

You hear the phrase energy balance and chances or you may not be aware of what it means. It is not a term you hear every day. So let us fill you in the secret. Energy balance is a balance that the body maintains between the energy consumed and the energy burned. This balance can […]

How to do the Inverted Row Exercise

How to do the Inverted Row Exercise?

Inverted row exercise is a type of pull exercise which uses your bodyweight horizontally. While pull-up exercise does the same vertically. Balance out your workout regime by working effectively on your back, biceps, and core. Inverted row exercise works on the muscles to different degrees and different angles. Inverted row works to enhance overall back, grip, […]

How To Execute a Proper Pushup Technique

How to Execute a Proper Pushup

If you have been working out for a while, you will understand the importance of how to execute proper pushup form. The reason why the Pushup has stood the test of time as an exercise staple is because it’s a complete body movement. It is remarkable for improving strength and engages the core and the […]

Sleepless Nights: How to Overcome Them

Top Causes of Sleepless Nights and How to Overcome Them

Sleepless nights can be one of the most frustrating things you can have as an adult. Imagine slogging through the day at work. Then you come home beat and tired, only to stare at the ceiling trying to manifest sleep. Even a day of disturbed or no sleep can leave you strained and grumpy for the entire […]

Fitness Vacation Perfect Winter Resorts

Winter Resorts Perfect for a Fitness Vacation

A fitness vacation isn’t for everybody. However, if you’re one of those people who consider a physical challenge a must then a one of these winter destinations may be just what you’re looking for. There are countless fitness vacation options all over the globe giving you a wealth of fitness options. Options from scuba diving to rock […]

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

How Much Cardio Exercise Should You Do?

Many people value cardio exercise for its huge influence on heart and lung health. There is, no doubt, the big question of how much cardio is necessary. I often hear people ask, “How much cardio should I do per week?” “How long should I do cardio to burn fat?” “How much cardio should I do […]

Gallbladder Pain When to Know if It’s Serious

The Danger of Gallbladder Pain and When to Know if It’s Serious

Gallbladder pain can be wrecking. This attack is usually severe and life-threatening. Thus, you should understand the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options. What is Gallbladder Pain? Your gallbladder is a tiny organ beside the liver. That’s right it’s not close to the bladder like most think. It is a small organ which aids the […]

Unilateral Training for Body Strength and Muscle Balance


Unilateral training doesn’t receive nearly as much love as it should. In fact, unilateral training such a crucial element of full body strength and muscle balance, yet so many people don’t even know what it is or how to incorporate it into their training effectively. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about […]

Health And Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Enhance Your Fitness

10 Sесrеt Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ Tо Еnhаnсе Уоur Fitnеѕѕ

Health and Еxеrсiѕе Tiрѕ may seem a dime a dozen these days. However, Sееn аgаinѕt thе bасkgrоund оf mоdеrniѕаtiоn аnd tесhnоlоgiсаl advancements which add to our sedentary lives and keep us indoors for longer amounts of time. Thе ѕignifiсаnсе of maintaining уоur bоdу аnd mind has gаinеd аn unрrесеdеntеd аmоunt of importance and attention today […]

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss Program

Best Cardio Exercises to Maximize Weight Loss and Improve Heart Health

Cardio exercises can help in a myriad of ways in getting you closer to your dream body. Some of the best forms of cardio exercises not only do they  test your stamina, they are strangely satisfying. An intense cardio session can leave you feeling refreshed and with a sense of euphoria a feeling often slated […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Strength Training

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Strength Training

There are tons of healthy breakfast ideas out there, but most of them aren’t suitable for individuals who practice strength training. You see, as a strength athlete, you need to look further than just eating ‘healthy’ if you are to reach your fitness goals. The caloric and protein contents of the meal matter a lot […]

The Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The Ketogenic Diet for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

The Ketogenic diet has become a household name and for good reason. When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, most men seem to struggle. Building muscle is extremely difficult at the best of times. Yet building muscle while losing body fat, is darn near impossible. Most people go on a calorie deficit to lose […]

Best Battle Ropes Exercises For Beginners

5 Battle Ropes Exercises for Beginners

Here are 5 Battle ropes exercises for beginners that anyone can incorporate into their workout routine. You must have seen those giant tough ropes at the gym. Also known as battle ropes, this workout tool is excellent for building lean muscle, increase cardio capacity and muscle growth. Now, don’t get intimidated by how difficult they […]

Obliques Exercises to Build Core Strength

Best Exercises to Build Your Obliques and Firm Your Core

To develop a strong and stable core, you need to add some exercises to build obliques for a firm core to your routine. And though many people overlook them in their training, the obliques are just as important as any other muscle in the core. That’s because strong obliques make you more athletic and better […]

The Most Physically Demanding Jobs

The Most Physically Demanding Jobs

If you’re not the desk job type that can sit down all day long in an office then you might want to explore the world of some of the most physically demanding jobs. These jobs are mainly outdoors and double as a killer workout. Top 5 Most Physically Demanding Jobs Bikers – Bike Taxi (Rickshaw), […]

Potato Diet To Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

How to Lose Weight with the Potato Diet

The Potato Diet has been turning a lot of heads. Seeing as though us men are crazy food lovers, keeping our hands off those tasty treats can be quite the task. However, many of us are immensely concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. As they say, you must give up on something to gain something. Thus, diet […]

Dr. Life a Guide for Men’s Health and Fitness Longevity

The Plan By Dr. Life

Dr. Life is a true life inspiration and his book the “The Plan” has got many people thinking about aging in a whole new way. Now, what’s your favorite excuse when it comes to neglecting your workout plan? One of the all-time most popular is “not enough time.” Let’s pretend for a second that’s really […]

Beta-Ecdysterone What’s The Benefits

The Amazing Benefits of Beta-Ecdysterone

Beta-ecdysterone is a compound that we extract from certain plants, some animals that live in water, and insects. Its structure is similar to that of anabolic steroids such as the hormone testosterone. Alongside three other compounds, beta-ecdysterone is part of a category of compounds that have been studied extensively for their biological effects. Now, what’s […]

Pneumatic Resistance Training Machines: Are they Better?

Pneumatic Resistance Training Machines: Are they Better

Everybody has their own preferences and likes and dislikes, it’s what makes us unique as humans, and what allows us to break free of that hive mentality, associated with animals and insects. Rather than collectively thinking in conjunction with one another, we think individually, and because of that, we’re unique. One person may like Chocolate, […]

Healthy Sleep Tips To Improve Mental Clarity

Best Foods to Promote Healthy Sleep

When it comes to health, fitness, and general well-being, many people tend to overlook the sheer importance of healthy sleep patterns and just how beneficial a good night’s sleep can actually be on the body. Studies have found that people that sleep for less than seven hours a night, are up to 60% more likely […]

Back Injuries: Common Pain from different types of injury

Understanding Back Injuries

When you have a back injuries it feels like your whole body hurts. Sometimes it’s a dull ache, other times it feels like an electric shock running down your spine, but it is always an unwelcome pain. understanding back injuries can be tricky some times. Whether your pain lasts for a few days, a few […]

Top Hydrating Foods To Add To Your Diet

Most Hydrating Foods

It’s important to eat hydrating foods to maintain optimal health and to function well, this is true throughout the year. Obviously, drinking plenty of water is your primary source of hydration. But you can also remain hydrated with a more interesting and varied diet of nutritional foods that provide excellent hydration properties. There are a […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in good physcial condition today and there is a very good reason why. When science was saying that we had to eat meat three times a day to lose fat and gain muscle Arnold and other bodybuilders were the first to realize that nature could make foods a lot more digestible […]

Fitness Motivation How to Motivate Yourself

Mens Fitness Motivation to Get You Ready for your Workout

Men’s fitness motivation get ready to workout. There’s one tool that most forget to utilize – fitness motivation. Sure, dedication, good habits, and willpower are crucial. But, knowing how to motivate yourself on an ongoing basis is just as important. We can (and should) establish a productive routine for the day. But, as you’ve probably […]

Relax Sore Muscles After Exercise With These Tips

How to Relax Sore Muscles

After an exercise routine or otherwise rough day inclusive of strenuous activities the muscles can become extremely sore. Though muscle pain resulting from exercise can become somewhat irritating and may be a strong indication that one should stop exercising and relax sore muscles. The truth is that in the long run exercising more will result […]

3 Foods that Cut Cravings to Help Your Weight Loss

3 Foods that Cut Cravings

When you get uncontrollably hungry and begin craving foods like never before your diet can take a real hit. If you’re looking to shape up and slim down, you’ll no doubt be all too aware that in order to do so you will need to get plenty of exercise, and consume fresh, healthy, nutritious, and […]

Can Polarized Training Improve Your Performance

Can Polarized Training Improve Performance

Can polarized training improve performance? The goal of any successful workout is to surpass the highest level of adaptation of the polarized training routine without subjecting the used to any forms of fatigue. Unlike the average beginner to moderately trained exerciser. The professional athlete requires a high performance routine to lose more weight, burn calories […]

Are Eggs Healthy and How Often Should you Eat Them?

The Real Deal are Eggs Healthy and How Often Should you Eat Them?

Over the past few decades there’s been a lot of back and forth on the questions, are eggs healthy? Can they be part of a healthy diet? Is it acceptable to eat them on a daily basis? One day you hear eggs are bad for you; don’t eat them. The next you hear they’re packed with nutrients that no one […]

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Worst Things a Beginner Can Do at The Gym

The first day of a new year is when most beginners hit the gym. All those ‘New Year, New Me’ vibes finally get you there, and you are overwhelmed to start a healthy life. Now before you start walking on the tough path you have chosen to earn a healthy life. It’s important to be […]

Bаlаnсеd Diet Fоr Men Tо Gеt Hеаlthу

Bаlаnсеd Diet Fоr Men Tо Gеt Hеаlthу

The healthy сhоiсеѕ уоu mаkе with a balanced diet in thе еаrlу dауѕ of уоur уоuth саn ѕеriоuѕlу affect thе rеѕt of уоur lifе. Studiеѕ have shown thаt men whо hаvе had a healthy lifеѕtуlе in their 20’ѕ. Which inсludеd a nutritiоuѕ, balanced diet were lеѕѕ likеlу to dеvеlор hеаrt disease аѕ thеу аgе. In […]

Russian Deadlift | Deadlift Weight Training

Russian Deadlift

The Russian Deadlift exercise is a traditional barbell type of training used by many professional weightlifters and bodybuilders in the fitness industry today. This training has been used effectively to train the legs thus increasing core strength through the growth of muscle tissue. During the exercise, the arms are positioned in front of the individual […]

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

Wеight Lоѕѕ Supplement for Mеn Ovеr 40

If you are looking fоr thе bеѕt wеight lоѕѕ supplement fоr mеn оvеr 40, you аrе not аlоnе. In thе US, about 1 out оf еvеrу 3 реорlе are оbеѕе, аnd the number is highеr if you аlѕо соunt thе folks whо are оvеrwеight оr diѕѕаtiѕfiеd with thеir weight. Thе good news is thаt with […]

At Home CrоѕѕFit Wоrkоutѕ That Get You Out of the Gym

At Home CrоѕѕFit Wоrkоutѕ That Get You Out of the Gym

Home CrоѕѕFit wоrkоutѕ аrе wоrkоutѕ thаt put tоgеthеr strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, роwеr, ѕрееd, and bаlаnсе just like the ones at your local CrossFit box. If you’re new to the idea of CrossFit it iѕ a kind of training whеrе уоu соmbinе standard weights, with bodyweight and cardio exercises. It’s similar to training used for decades by […]

The Activated Charcoal Detox Does it Really Work?

The Activated Charcoal Detox What is it and Does it Really Work?

If you are looking for a solution to detoxify your body, the activated charcoal detox could be your secret weapon. It is among the world’s most popular detoxifying remedies. Activated charcoal has been used for centuries by Chinese and western medicines. We know that basically, human beings are the only species that do not consume dirt. […]

Pillar Strength Exercises for a Firm Core

Pillar Strength Exercises

Pillar strength is known as the foundation for all movement consisting of hip, core and stability of the shoulders. These are the three specific areas which provide the center axis for the overall movement. To understand how this works; one has to form a mental picture of the human body as a wheel with your […]

Best Spices for Weight Loss to Add Flavor to Your Diet

Spices for Weight Loss

Adding a some Spices to your favorite dish does more than just improve the flavor. Research has shown there are many weight loss benefits associated with spices in your diet. Instead of choking down that dry chicken breast, kick it up a notch with a little cayenne punch or ginger garlic rub . Check out […]

Natural Bodybuilding Bulking Methods

Natural Bodybuilding Bulking Methods

Go on admit it, how many of you used to watch wrestling over the weekend or whenever, or films with The Rock, or Arnold Schwarzenegger and day dream one day having a physique just like theirs? A large number of you we’re willing to bet, and if so, then there’s nothing wrong with that at […]

Heart Health And Bad Snow Hazards

Mother Nature - Snow Hazards & Your Heart Health

When old Man Winter in upon us and for many a blistering snowy one the toll it takes on your heart health often goes unseen. Yes, no warm days and palm trees if you’re luck enough to move south. Days like today I get nostalgic for a place I called home for 8yrs, South Florida. Then I […]

Politics for Beginners: Understanding Presidential Election

Politics for Beginners: Understanding the Coming Presidential Election

This coming November, America has a new presidential election. But have you ever wondered how it works exactly? this is politics for beginners.  Who are you actually voting for when you select a candidate? What are the basic facts about American politics that determine who wins and who loses? Politics for Beginners, What you need […]

Make Your Flight Connection Through Fitness

Make Your Connection Through Fitness

One thing none of us can afford to do is to miss our flight connection. No wonder it’s so aggravating to show up an hour to two hours early at the airport, wait around for a flight that’s probably going to be delayed, only to miss our connecting flight and have to be rebooked or leave […]

Is CrossFit Good for You or is it Overkill?

CrossFit Training Effective or Overkill

You may have heard of Crossfit the latest fitness trend taking the nation by storm. Crossfit is a workout club that offers workout sessions based on strength and conditioning principles used by police academies, tactical operations teams, military, martial artists, Olympic weight lifting, and hundreds of other elite training exercises. Sounds intense huh? Well, they have designed […]

Breathing Techniques to overcome Fatigue

Better Breathing Techniques to Fight Fatigue

You might not think about breathing techniques much since it’s something we do automatically. Amazing machines, the lungs. Without them, we obviously couldn’t breathe… but we also wouldn’t be able to turn calories into energy. And although we often take our lungs for granted, there’s a lot that goes into every breath we take. In […]

Top Speed and Power Equipment to be more explosive

Speed and Power Development Tools

Athletes of all levels work hard to develop explosive speed and power with a mixture of exercises and the use of speed and power equipment. When exercising for speed and power, you must work to become as strong as possible. However, strength does not necessarily equal speed. Pure power is a mixture of strength and […]

The Best Traps Exercises to Build a Bigger Back

Shrugging Off Working Out Your Traps

Ever train your legs and seem to always forget to train your calves? Now think about the upper body. Another neglected muscle that we often forget to train on our upper half is the trapezius muscle, also known as our traps. The traps are involved in spinal extension and neck flexion (forward, backward) and rotation […]

5 Signs You Are Overtraining and What to do About it

How to Know if You Are Overtraining

How to know if you are overtraining. Most fitness enthusiasts and body builders take their exercise workouts quite serious occasionally placing unknowingly unhealthful demands of their bodies to the point of overtraining by committing themselves to a total session period exceeding the recommended 5 hour per week training. Individuals who have surpassed this suggested boundary […]

How To Add Inches To Your Biceps in Weeks

How to Add Inches to your Biceps

There are several workouts that have been proven successful in developing biceps muscles for many athletes and fitness professionals. Most of them using a wide range of exercises and workout routines. However, you can add inches to your biceps fast through a series of short training sessions performed routinely once per week. All of which […]

The Best Cardio Machines for Maximum Calorie Burn


Ask anybody, if they’re happy with their body and how they look, and most will reply with an emphatic “NO”. All over the world, there are people struggling to lose weight with a cardio exercise Machines and feel great about themselves as a result. Recently there have been surveys conducted in which the participants were […]

Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Training for a Marathon

Running a marathon is a physical accomplishment of epic proportions, and one that will earn you eternal bragging rights. But having a marathon training plan involves more than just getting out there and running. Proper training can make the difference between failure and success. To train properly, you’ll need the following: Set a Reasonable Goal.  This is paramount. […]

Pуrаmid Training to Maximize Muѕсlе Gаin

Maximize Muѕсlе Gаin with Pуrаmid Training

Maximized Muѕсlе Gаin can be ensured via Pуrаmid Training. If you аrе a mаn аnd looking tо gain as much muscle as роѕѕiblе in thе ѕhоrtеѕt аmоunt of timе, thеn the Pуrаmid Training weight lifting mеthоd mау bе juѕt whаt you need. Serious mass growth is a result of Pуrаmid Training. Thе ѕtаndаrd three ѕеtѕ […]

How to Gain a Pound of Muscle a week Best Muscle Groth

How to Gain 1 Pound of Muscle a Week

Strength training and bodybuilding is often defined as the process of enhancing muscular mass by first breaking down the muscles and allowing them to successfully recover. The human body naturally responds to this breakdown when exposed to a rest period by allowing the muscles to effectively repair themselves during which their mass is increased resulting […]

How Vitamin C can Help you Add Lean Muscle

How Vitamin C can Help you Add Lean Muscle

As the bodybuilding supplement market is so lucrative and competitive, it should come as little shock to learn, that supplements can play a crucial role in enhancing one’s physique, and adding lean muscle mass to your frame. When you think of bodybuilding and muscle building supplements, you probably think of all of the usual and […]

The Best Vegan Protein Powder Mix

The Best Vegan Protein Powder

Building and achieving healthy muscles and strong bones are the key to living a healthy lifestyle and one which can be achieved by maintaining a proper protein diet. Many who have embarked upon this quest have come to the realization that to successfully attain this goal they would need to severely increase their daily protein […]

Bench Press vs Push Up Which Better?

Bench Press or Push Ups – What is the best measure of strength

When it comes to chest development, there are two exercises that have been battling it for decades in a bid to be crowned the ultimate chest exercise. The two contenders are the bench press and the humble push-up. People often discount push-ups as viable exercises because they’re simply bodyweight exercises, using nothing more than gravity […]

Progressive Overload Training to Stimulate Muscle Growth

Progressive Overload Training

Progressive overload training was developed for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers after World War II by a Dr. Thomas Delorme. The training is often viewed as the exposure of the body to a gradual stress increase over a period of time during the training exercise. Today this training principle has been widely adopted by fitness […]

Deload Week Benefits Why it’s Important in Your Training

How to Incorporate a Deload Week in Your Training

If you’re in any way committed to your training routine, scheduling a short and planned week of recovery into your exercise routine is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can possibly make. It will allow your body to naturally improve and achieve a mentally and physically renewed and ideal state. This basic and simple […]

The Body Part Split Training For Muscle Building

Body Part Split Training

The Body Part Split Training is known throughout the fitness industry as a specific type of training workout in which the person training will split their entire workout into a number of selective training sessions designed to target specific muscle groups. What is body part split training? One of the more popularly recognized type of […]

Losing Weight for The Over 40 Men

Losing Weight for The Over 40’

Although you’ve probably heard the saying that 40 is the new 30, one thing’s for sure, and that is the fact that once you do reach the big 4 – 0, you begin to notice subtle changes in your body and to your physique. You probably experience certain aches and pains that don’t seem to […]

Kettle Bell Training Routine For Beginners

Three Basics of Kettle Bell Training

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll now know just how popular kettle bell training has become, and will probably have even noticed your local gym has started to teach kettle bell classes on a weekly basis. But what is it about kettle bells that makes them so effective […]

Health and Muscle Building Benefits of Yams

Health and Muscle Building Benefits of Yams

Health muscle building benefits of yams – When it comes to our physiques, as far as building muscle is concerned, as well as putting in the work in the weight room, we must also put in the work in the kitchen if we are to get the most from each of our training sessions. If […]

Burn Fat Faster with Cold Temperature

Burn Fat Faster With Cold Temp

The idea of your body burning more calories when dealing with cold temperature is not new. Unfortunately just sipping cold water during the day is not going to do it as you need a more integrated approach in order to burn fat and get results. It all has to do with thermogenesis, the way your […]

Heat or Ice For Lower Back Pain What Works

Should you Heat or Ice Low Back Pain

Low back pain is something of common concern that all types of people experience at one point of life or another. It can be brought on from simply bending over, poor posture, lack of flexibility or countless other issues. Low back pain is actually one of the most common problems most people are plagued with […]

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle for Men

Top 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

For years bodyweight exercises have been used as simple yet effective method of training perfumed just about anywhere for men to improve their balance, flexibility muscle build and strength without the use of any exercise machines. these are the top 10 best bodyweight exercises for men to use to build strong muscle The top 10 […]

Protein Bar Recipes you Can Do at Home

Protein Bar Recipes you Can Do at Home

Your body needs fuel to get through a good workout that is something that we all know. So are you looking for a great pre or post workout snack without all of the added sugars and calories of store bought protein snacks? Well look no further than your own pantry for common ingredients to make […]

The Keto Diet – What is it and Does it Work?

Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diets are all the rage, and for good reason. You see, losing weight and building/preserving lean muscle mass is tough. In fact, calling it tough is like saying that running a marathon is a bit challenging. What we should say is that it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. For […]

How Often Should You Cycle Your Training

How to Cycle Your Training

Have you ever been on a weight training routine but notice that after a while gains in strength or muscle mass seem to grind to a halt? This happens because your body somehow seems to adapt to that routine and you don’t quite get the type of improvement you are seeking. It’s time to learn […]

Protein Smoothie Recipe to Supercharge Your Muscle

Post Workout Protein Smoothie Recipe to Supercharge Muscle Recovery

It is actually not enough to hit the gym hard; it may be more than that. Getting a desirable result from your workout becomes much difficult when you refuse to understand the importance of nutrition to your workout. I’m sure you must have heard before that nutrition has a significant impact on the way you […]

Bodyweight Exercises For Strength Training

The are some of the best explosive bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises often go very underrated as a viable way to build muscle and lose weight. Many people do not realize, whether athlete or not, one of the most important aspects that they can apply to their bodies is explosive training. There are many impressive looking […]

Pre-Exhaust Training For Bigger Pecs

Blast your pecs with pre exhaust trainings. New methods like Pre-Exhaust Training fit right into the cult following out there who stick to the basics when it comes to chest day. For most Monday is deemed as international chest day and a theory that pressing movements should rule every chest workout. There is good news […]

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Week 21:

Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme. Learn more about manual excerpts.

Week 20:

Workout Schedule – Dig deep to get in your workouts this week. No distractions and no excuses, let’s pump and burn! You are on your 4 day schedule of body part lifts with cardio and an ab burning circuit.

Week 19:

Workout Schedule – Let’s Kick off Week 19 with some supersets! You are on your schedule with the supersets broken down into Push and Pull Days with cardio and an ab circuit to firm and maintain your core.

Week 18:

Workout Schedule – After easing your way back in last week let’s get ready to turn up the volume! You are on your schedule of full body lifts with cardio and an ab burning circuit to help keep your midsection trim.

Week 17:

Workout Schedule – Feeling revived after a light week? Well let’s get ready to get back at it! This week you will be back on the day schedule of full body lifts with cardio. Take this week to ease your way back in after your deload and lift at 85% of your normal weight.

Week 16:

Workout Schedule – Now that you have completed 7 weeks of 4 day workout weeks we’re going to take a deload week to let your body recover and get ready to hit it hard again. This week you will be on a 3 day schedule of full body lifts with cross training cardio options. You […]

Week 15:

Workout Schedule – Get amped for another great week at the gym. You are on your four day schedule specializing in muscle groups with a new ab blasting circuit.

Week 14:

Workout Schedule – Are you ready to pump up the volume this week? We’re back to our four day schedule specializing in muscle groups with a new killer ab circuit.

Week 13:

Workout Schedule –Get moving it’s week 13 and we’re shaking things up. Your training schedule will move to three days this week including full body lifting and a weight training circuit for an intense burn.

Week 12:

Workout Schedule –Dig deep and find the motivation to keep going in your workout plan. Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 11:

Workout Schedule –Keep moving full steam ahead with your goals in week 11. Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 10:

Workout Schedule – How was the first week of 4 day training? Feeling strong and ready for some more? Your training schedule will remain at four days and specialize in muscle groups while still including abs and cardio.

Week 9:

Workout Schedule –Now that you have made it through the first two months it’s time to take your training up a notch! Your training schedule will move to four days and specialize in muscle groups.

Week 8:

Workout Schedule –Week 8 is here and you’ve been doing a great job! Keep moving and keep pushing for more. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week with the ab circuit.

Week 7:

Workout Schedule – Keep pushing your level of fitness to higher muscle gains and fat burn in week 7! Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week with the ab circuit.

Week 6:

Workout Schedule – Great job so far in your first 5 weeks! Are you seeing the changes in your body? Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week with the ab circuit.

Week 5:

Workout Schedule – Four weeks down and still going strong! Get amped for week 5. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week with the ab circuit.

Week 4:

Workout Schedule – Getting into your workout groove after the first 3 weeks? Keep up the good work for week 4. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week.

Week 3:

Workout Schedule – Feel great after your first two weeks? Keep the momentum going in week 3. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week and this week we will increase your cardio and abdominal work.

Week 2:

Workout Schedule – Great job on completing your first week, now continue to hit the weights and cardio for week 2. Your training schedule will continue with 3 workouts per week. This week we will do supersets (S/S). This is a combination of two exercises. Alternate these two exercises within the same set.

Week 1:

Workout Schedule – To get started on your Journe