Sex Temperature – Go From Chill to Thrill

Sex Temperature - Go From Chill to ThrillWhen it come to sex, temperature is one of the most commonly overlooked sensations. With all the emphasis on tickling, teasing, and caressing, it can be easy to forget that our skin is remarkably tuned in to changes in temperature. Some lubricants address this by creating a warming or cooling sensation made possible by certain chemical additives. However, some people, like those with sensitive skin, find these products to be irritating to their skin. And once it’s there, it usually takes a good shower to get it off… talk about a mood killer!

The safe, easy, and fun alternative is waiting for you right in your freezer… ice. A single ice cube can provide a variety of pleasure for you and your partner.

1. Start foreplay off to a frosty start by tracing an ice cube over exposed skin. Start on areas like the arms and legs and move to more sensitive areas. Don’t be afraid to lick up any trails of melted water left behind. Gently rub the cubes around the nipples with your hands, following with your tongue to leave her with a warm sensation. The change in temperature between the cold ice cube and a warm mouth can be tantalizing.

2. Work in a small piece of ice during kissing or oral play for an unexpected yet exhilarating surprise. Have her go back and forth between having the ice in her mouth to cupping it in her hands and rubbing your scrotum. The hot and cold combination heightens sensations in a very enticing way. You can also use a cube in your mouth while going down on her. Simply move it in a north to south motion with your tongue for an amazingly powerful sensation.

3. You can even put your other favorite toys on ice for a whole new way to enjoy them. Just make sure the toys are freezer friendly or simply slip the side without the battery opening in a cup of ice. The icy vibration will send sexy chills up her spine when it touches her sensitive areas.

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