Burn Fat Faster with Cold Temperature

Burn Fat Faster With Cold TempThe idea of your body burning more calories when dealing with cold temperature is not new. Unfortunately just sipping cold water during the day is not going to do it as you need a more integrated approach in order to burn fat and get results. It all has to do with thermogenesis, the way your body processes heat production.

The human body functions best at an average body temperature. So when it gets cold or when you drink something cold like an icy drink, your body responds by increasing the rate at which it burns calories temporarily to continue to keep you warm or warm up the drink that is now in your stomach.

A great example of thermogenesis is when you get cold and your body responds by shivering to produce body heat. The muscles contract to make the shivering motion which in turn uses additional energy or calorie reserves. Another way your body can naturally produce heat is by use of BAT or Brown Adipose Tissue. This kind of fat that is found predominantly on babies, also known as that adorable baby fat. It’s nature’s way of protecting their little bodies and as they grow older they lose this fat as they no longer need it. BAT can also be found hibernating animals or adults who live in extremely cold climates.

Brown fat is different from white fat found in adults because it can extract fatty acid from your bodies’ fat reserves to produce heat. You can convert your white fat into leaner, calorie burning brown fat by working out in the cold weather and exposing yourself on a regular basis to cold temperature.

When starting out for the first time it is recommended that you change your shower routine to using cold water. By turning down the water temperature it can help suppress your appetite and reduce your chances for overeating during breakfast and get your calorie burn started with the first thing you do in the morning using natural thermogenesis process.

Another idea to burn fat using cold temperature is to move your workout outdoors. If you live in a cold climate you can increase your calorie burn just by running outside instead of on the treadmill in the heated gym. Just make sure you prepare by wearing the appropriate attire such as long sleeve shirts and pants as well as gloves and thick socks. Roughly 10-15 minutes into your jog you should be able to work up a sweat and start to peel back some of those layers.

If you live in a warm climate a good idea to burn calories fast is to swim in an unheated pool as any movement you do from real swimming to just playing in the water will burn more calories than you normally would. The trick is to try and lower your body temperature which immediately starts the process of thermogenesis.

Another tactic that might sound a bit extreme but can directly increase the fat burning speed of your body is turning down the thermostat in your house. You start this process by not been scared of shivering or getting goose-bumps. Then go about your business doing your chores or other household duties without putting on a lot of clothing. You may feel uncomfortable at first with the goose bumps and shivers but your body will adapt to the lower temperature and your daily fat burn will begin.

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