Have you missed the NBA Season?

I love basketball! I grew up playing it and just love the game. The NBA appeared to have lost the season with the owners and players not able to agree on the latest labor negotiations. They were able to find some common ground and we will have our first NBA game on Christmas day. I ask you sports fans, did we miss it? I am a big basketball fan. My time though is precious. With my career, my family and the other activities I enjoy, I don’t have a lot of time left to watch basketball. I had to carve out the precious time I do have in the past to watch the NBA.

I have listened to a lot of talk radio and the consensus is that we haven’t missed it. That is not good for the league. I read that 13% of all sports betting are on the NBA. The person reporting said that if the season would have been cancelled the money will probably have shifted to the college game and the NCAA tournament.

Basketball is a great game to watch and an even better game to play. I suggest to the basketball fans to dust off your Air Jordan’s and find your local Y and join a league. The positives are that you will be in better shape for it and when you do catch a game feel good about yourself when at the bar drinking a few cold ones as you watch Lebron and Kobe go at it.

Writing this post takes me back to my youth when I used to get excited about watching Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird play. There are a lot of great players in the NBA these days that I enjoy watching but they just can’t compare to those other guys that made up the original dream team at the 1992 Olympics.

I’ve heard a couple of interviews with Scott Raab promoting his book “The Whore of Akron.” It chronicles Lebron James’ career growing up in Akron, playing for the Cavaliers, then how he handled the whole decision to go to Miami. It is on my holiday reading list so if you check it out; I would love to hear your comments. If you get out to the courts, remember how much fun you had as a kid playing the game. Hit threes, take it to the hole and don’t get caught watching the paint dry!

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