Best Abdominal Exercises To Get Your Six Pack

Abdominal Exercises that Will Give You Abs of SteelEvery man wants a glory “six pack” that women just drool over and men get green with envy over, but sometimes acquiring those fable abs isn’t as easy as you’d hope. Getting truly defined and toned abs isn’t just about doing a thousand abdominal exercise sit ups, it’s about doing the right combination of exercises to get tone and definition throughout the abdominal area. Luckily for you, we’ve put together these 3 abdominal exercises that will give you abs of steel and make you the envy of every other man you meet.

Top 3 Abdominal Exercises for Six Pack Abs

The Blast-Off Pushup

Now you might wonder how a “pushup” can help you get better abs, well this one does wonders for you abs because of how much abdominal strength it takes to make it happen. The blast-off pushup is done by first getting on your hands and feet with your hands wrapped around two fairly heavy dumbbells, hand and feet spread shoulder width apart. Tighten your abdominal muscles and your glutes as you keep your back and head in a straight line, then extend your body forward until your entire body is in a straight line at a 90 degree angle from the floor using only your hands and feet to keep off the ground. Return to the original rest moment and then repeat this exercise in 60 seconds reps five times. To give even more definition, increase the speed or move your feet closer together.

The Bucking Hop

This move begins similar to the blast-ff push up with you on your hands and feet shoulder width apart, hands wrapped around dumbbells. Keeping your knees at a slight 90 degree angle and tightening your abs and glutes, proceed to hop your feet to the right then back to the middle and then hop to the left then back to the middle. Do this exercise in 60 seconds reps five times. To increase difficultly take one big hop to the left and one big hop to the right, eliminating the middle hop altogether.

The Kickthrough

This exercise takes a little bit of coordination, but offers a great deal of abdominal definition for those who can do it. Start by getting into an at rest position with your hands flat on the ground and on the balls of your feet, each shoulder width apart and your knees at a 90 degree angle. Now keeping your abs and glutes tight, kick your left leg underneath your body as you roll your left hand and body to assume a one arm, one leg hip-bridge position that is held for 30 seconds. Return to the at rest position and then proceed to do the same maneuver for your right side. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

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