Best Core Strength Exercises For Your Abdominal

Complete Core Strength ExercisesCore strength exercises are specifically designed to strengthen your core muscles, namely your back and abdominal muscles as well as the muscles around your pelvis. Having and maintaining a strong set of core muscles stabilizes your body, supports the spine and improves your overall fitness level.

Top 4 Best Core Strength Exercises

Your breathing during core strength exercises should be free and deep as you focus on tightening the deepest abdominal muscle known as the transverses. This muscle is easily identified as that tightening feeling you get whenever you cough. It is generally recommended that you do these exercises at least five to six times per week.

The classic abdominal crunch

One of the basic core strength exercises is the abdominal crunch This is done by laying on your back placing both feet against the wall ensuring the knees and hips are at 90- degrees of each other tightening the abdominal muscle Lift both shoulders off the floor towards your knees crossing both arms across the chest holding the position for at least three to five seconds. Repeat this process as many times as possible.

The Bridge

The bridge exercise is done by laying flat on your back with your knees bent upward ensuring that you do not tilt your hips in any direction. Begin the exercise by raising the hips off the flow until they are aligned with the knees holding this position for three to five seconds taking deep breaths. Return to the starting position and repeat the motion.

The single-leg abdominal press

By laying in the exact position you would for doing the Bridge Exercise; begin by lifting your right leg until both your knee and hip are at 90 degrees of each other. Place the right hand on the elevated knee and apply sufficient force against the knee while using your abdominal muscles to push against your hand while keeping your arm straight. Hold this position for three to five seconds taking deep breaths. Return to your initial position of rest and repeat the motion using your left knee and hand.

Core strength is increased by doing variations of the abdominal leg press. Start by using opposite hands on the knees and by placing the hand on the outside of the knee as opposed to on top of it using the hand to push the leg inwards creating a resistance by continually pushing the knee outwards from the center. Similarly alternating hands for both sides of the exercises to strengthen core.

The double-leg abdominal press

Laying flat on your back, knees bent begin by raising both legs off the floor bending both knees and hips at 90 degrees of each other. By placing both hands on each knee begin pushing against the knees while at the same time pulling the knees towards your chest using your abdominal muscles keeping both your arms straight. Hold this position for three to five seconds taking deep breaths and repeat. Other Complete core strength exercises include , variations of the Double-leg abdominal press; the Segmental rotation, the Quadruped, the Modified plank and a few others.

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