How to Make Friends with Benefits Work

How to Make Friends with Benefits WorkThere will be times in every man’s life where a long term relationship does not fit in. If you find yourself in this space where maybe you just broke up, started a new job, are going to school or just not finding the right person you may want to entertain the idea of a friend with benefits (FWB). The long and short of a friends with benefits relationship is you get the sexual benefits of a real relationship without the titles or work that goes into a real relationship. If you are going to enter a FWB relationship follow these simple rules.

1. Choose your partner wisely – A good place to start is someone in your current circle of friends or by going out and meeting new friends.

2. Don’t let your intentions be known right off the bat – take time and talk to the person and figure out where they are emotionally and how they feel about casual relations.

3. Set Boundaries – Once you find a good fit be very clear about what you want and don’t want. Discuss things like hang out times, if you are dating anyone and if you want to let anyone else in on your little secret.

4. Follow the Boundaries you Set – Never ever enter into a friends with benefits relationship hoping something more will come out of it. You are only setting yourself up for future disappointment. On the flipside make sure your FWB isn’t trying to break the ice just to move in closer. This can ruin a friendship and make things awkward when hanging out with mutual friends later on.

5. Know when to cut things off – If you or your FWB start developing feelings make sure to cut the cord before it gets too deep. Remember these relationships have a shelf life and if they drag on longer than a few months one of you are bound to start feeling more of a connection.

Taking the step into being friends with benefits can be a mutually advantageous relationship with very few drawbacks if both of you are on the same page. You can effectively prevent the loneliness that comes with being single without dealing with the limitations of having a girlfriend. So long as you just remain open with your FWB and cut ties when the time is right you’re all but assured to have a good time.

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