Best Chest Workout Routine in 30 Minute

30 Minute Chest WorkoutFor those of you who have a particular interest in the muscles in your chest, you may want to concentrate mainly on a chest workout. Whether it is due to time constraints or simply because you are focusing only on the chest many people would rather spend little time, say thirty minutes on a chest workout. One thing to realize here is that a thirty minute chest workout is quite stressful and may leave you in some pain afterwards simply because of the fast pace, so be prepared for that.

30 Minute Chest Workouts to build a killer chest

The thirty minute chest workout routine is recommended for advanced and experienced bodybuilders because it is high-intensity training so beginners may have difficulty adapting to the demands on the chest muscles. Additionally, advanced bodybuilders would have already embedded the disciplined nutrition requirements accompanying weight lifting. Because of the high-intensity and rapid demands on the muscles it is suggested that this workout be followed by a meal high in carbs, protein and vegetables to promote muscle growth and recuperation.

Lifting Techniques

So what exactly does the 30 minute chest workout involve? To put it simply it involves going all out to what is termed “absolute failure”. If you are not familiar with the term, absolute failure means that you repeat an exercise, in this case the bench press, so many times that your muscles lose their ability to go another round. You cannot do another rep due to momentary muscular incapability.

Lift to Failure

It is interesting to note that unlike other weightlifting routines, which have pre-determined number of reps, the 30 minute chest workout simply involves the lifter going on and on and on to the point where the spotter must step in. If you are interested in a bigger chest and you want to get it via the 30 minute chest workout you’ve got to remember the phrase “no pain, no gain”.

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