45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

The first thing you are asked about when you have recently started working out is how much time you spend on a bench press. This is because the best part about having a toned body is to have a well-toned chest. To get those perfect pectorals, here’s a 45 minute chest workout you can easily do.

Ultimate 45 Minute Chest Workout

Pro tip: Following is a list of exercises that you can do for a 45-minute chest workout. To make the most of it, carry it out as three to five sets of each, with 10 – 12 reps, and a rest period of around 90 – 120 seconds.

1.       Incline barbell bench press

45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

Lie down on a bench at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees. Hold the bar with your back arched, and start pulling it to lift the weight. Make sure the bar is just slightly wider than the overall width of your shoulders.

On the upper part of your chest, you should now lower the bar, and turn your feet to the floor while you press the bar up.

2.       Dumbbell bench press

45 Minute Chest Workout to Build Impressive Pecs

Next, you should do dumbbell bench press. Take each dumbbell of appropriate weight in each hand, and lie flat on your back on the bench.

Now hold the dumbbells at the level of your shoulders, and then raise them over your chest.

3.       Bent over 1 ¼ cable fly

Bend your legs to lean forward. Now, bring your shoulders inwards towards your chest, bringing the grip attachments together as you do so.

Finally, return to initial position after you feel the stretch of your chest muscles.

4.       Dips

For carrying out dips, you would need to go to the dip station. Grab the bar on each side of the dip station and append yourself over it.

Next, you should lower your body as much till the upper arm is running parallel to the floor.

5.       Decline bench press

This is the final exercise for your 45 minute chest workout. Lie down on the adjustable bench. This time, set an angle such that it is declining, while your feet are clamped to the leg braces.

Next, bring together your shoulder blades while arching your back.

The next step is to hold the bar. You must do that keeping in mind the width of your shoulders. The bar must be outside your shoulder-width.

Without bouncing the bar on your chest, bring it down to touch your chest, and then lift it back up.

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