Best Battle Ropes Exercises For Beginners

5 Battle Ropes Exercises for Beginners

Battle ropes are popular in gyms. You must have seen those giant tough ropes. Also known as battling ropes, this workout tool is excellent for building lean muscle and muscle growth.

Now, don’t get panicked about how to set up the battle ropes or how to use the battle ropes. This post is designed for beginners who are eager to begin a battling rope exercise routine.

Here we go.

Beginner Battle Ropes Workout

1.      Double Wave

double wave exercise ropes

This is one of the simplest battle ropes exercises for beginners. It feels so much like playing that you rarely feel the tension in your arms.

Stand with your feet in shoulder-width position and face the anchor. Grab each end of the ropes in each hand and bend your knees. Next, begin to move your arms up and down at the same time.

This way, you make double waves which extend to the anchor.

2.      Power Slam

Power slam is one of the most challenging battle rope exercises. Why? It requires a full control of the rope handles while you lift and slam.

So, this is how it works:

Hold the ropes in both hands while maintaining a quarter-squat position. With your hands in a resting position in between your legs, raise your arms up powerfully, and slam the ropes down.

Remember to remain in a squat while the ropes are whipping the ground. Once they land, pull your legs apart, and stand up. Repeat this until you feel confident that you’ve learned it.

3.      Alternating Wave

Rope Exercise Workout

Alternating waves exist in a variety of forms. As a matter of fact, you can combine other body moves such as squatting and jumping while performing the alternating wave.

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and bend your knees. Grab the ends of the rope firmly so that your palms are facing inward. Focus on sending waves down to the anchor.

Raise any of your arms to shoulder length and slam while quickly raising the second arm and slamming as well.

Ensure that both arms are not in shoulder length position at the same time. Repeat until the waves are alternating neatly.

4.      Alternating Wave Jump Squat

This is one of the battle ropes exercises which tones your body and builds your core. In this workout, your goal is to combine squats with alternating waves.

Start by making alternating waves with the ropes firmly in your hands. Once your waves begin to look real, jump into the air, and land in a gentle squat.

While it’s essential that you maintain your weight as you jump, you shouldn’t lose your focus on making the alternate waves.

This is a pretty easy exercise to begin with.

5.      Jumping Jacks

The jumping jacks make up an entertaining battling rope exercise. Why? It takes you back to childhood where you did a lot of jumping ropes.

Now, hold the ropes in reverse and make sure that they are slack so that you can jump with flexibility.

Jump into the air and part your legs midair. Return to the ground with your legs closed. Repeat until you have enough reps.

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