5 Ways To Get a Ripped SixPack Abs

5 Tips to Build a Ripped Six PackFirst of all, when guys usually ask how to get a good full set of abs; they take little notice to the advice is given. They spend hours and hours every week doing crunches and never address their diet or cardio. This guide is to show you once and for all how to build a ripped sixpack that is VISIBLE!

There is no point having Sixpack abs of steel if you can’t flaunt them.

1. Address your diet

This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself and make carbs the ‘enemy’. That is such an old wives tale and should be completely ignored. With that being said, if you are eating crap and have a high body fat percentage you will not be able to see that ripped sixpack . The trick is to get the right balance of calories, starchy carbs, fibrous carbs and lean protein and feed your body at regular intervals.

2. Vary your workouts

With any other part of the body, we build up immunity and thresholds and your muscles are no different. If you repeat the same exercises all of the time, your muscles will get used to the work and stop responding, meaning less growth and strength. Come up with ways to constantly shock your abs, make the exercises intense and effective then they will be in a constant state of repair and re-growth; leading to a solid sixpack.


Water is the giver of life and 70% of your body composition is made up of it, the body works in synergy and water is one of the main tools in this process. Drinking 2 liters of water a day will improve your brain function, protein synthesis, shuttling of nutrients to muscles, energy levels and much more. Don’t under estimate how important water is.

4. Lay off the machines

For beginners; any ab exercises are going to work but for intermediate to advanced trainers you need to train smartly. Hanging knee raises and decline weighted situps are two of the best core builders- NOT THE AB CRUNCH MACHINE, machines make your body work in unnatural ways that can be taxing on your joints and spine. Stay safe.

5. For a full sixpack and balanced core

You need to train ALL of your mid-section including your spinal erectors, hip abductors and serratus. Muscular proportion and balance is vital to avoiding injury.

Remember that your training is a process of trial and error, everybody has different genetics so there is no magic formula for what works and what doesn’t. Your best supplements are hard work, patience and perseverance.

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