Best Ab Exercise Machine For Male

Ab Exercise Equipment that Really WorksMost fitness beginners when opting to purchase their very first piece of exercise equipment are often looking for that perfect ab exercise machine to help them sculpt those six-pack abs. Sadly the fitness industry today is renown for a vast number of companies advertising a wide range of exercise machines all filled with the promises of delivering the most rewarding experience from the latest ab exercise machine. Only to be left disappointed and underwhelmed.

If you’ve ever found yourself trapped in such a situation wondering to yourself what the best ab exercise machine is best for achieving your goals, then sit back relax take a deep breath in and get ready to tighten those abdominal muscles as we review a couple of the more popular, effective and affordable machines available today to allow you to make the best choice in this over saturated market.

Ab Exercise Machine Review – Super Abs 7 vs AbEx Exerciser

The Super Abs-7

Recognized as one of the more advanced pieces of machinery offering premium training results for the individual of an intermediate or advanced fitness level, the Super Abs-7 with its comfort straps designed from resistant Nylon slings is best known for isolating and developing the lower abdominal muscles.

The equipment which requires the individual to hang their knees and gradually lift them up is known for primarily targeting the lower abdominal muscles through the upward or lateral movement of the knees to additionally engage the obliques. Professional bodybuilders have customarily recognized the lower abdominal muscles of the body as one of the harder trained areas during the typical exercise workout which is one of the reasons why the Super Abs-7 has been highly regards as an effective training equipment.

The Super Abs-7 however has two main disadvantages to its use. The first of which is noticed in the fact that the equipment requiring a minimal amount of muscular build to ensure the proper technique is known for quickly overtraining the stomach muscles and as such is strongly recommended for advanced trainers. The second drawback is observed in the need for including a suspended equipment such as a chin-up bar to affix the straps allowing a full range of motion (ROM). The average price of the Super Abs-7 exercise machine will range about $49.99 USD

The AbEx exerciser

Commonly referred to as the “ab-roller”, this popular piece of equipment is undoubtedly one of, if not the most advertised ab exercise machine in the fitness industry today. Many of the local gyms today are known for carrying several models of the ab-roller due to its high demand by a vast number of regular trainers. The AbEx exerciser when used during the workout allows the individual training to not only maintain a proper during the exercise but additionally serves as a motivational means for most men who have traditionally been found to be inconsistent in their Ab training.

Using the AbEx exerciser allows the trainer to easily target both the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as the obliques for a total abdominal workout with a movement slightly easier than if you were performing stand-alone sit-ups by allowing the person training to successfully complete more reps while maintaining the proper technique.

The AbEx exerciser however does have the downside of the exercise motion causing some indifference with the person training by often appearing in the form of a monotonous routine. As a solution it is strongly suggested that individuals mix up their workout routines by including variety of abdominal exercises such as leg raises for a better experience.

AbEx exercisers today are sold in with several modifications to accommodate the needs of the individual, varying in upper body size, quality construction, and comfort features such as neck pads. The basic price of the AbEx exerciser will cost around $39.99 USD.

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