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Before You Start CrossFit Things You Should Know

When CrossFit Doesn’t Fit

Fun, unique, challenging, constantly evolving, and with a great built-in community for support and motivation… what’s not to love about CrossFit? And in all honesty, we’re big fans of CrossFit ourselves. It employs well-rounded fitness approaches to make total health and wellness through exercise easier to integrate into everyday life. However, it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. Prior to diving in to your first day at the CrossFit Box here are a few things to know before you start CrossFit.

Top things to know before you start CrossFit

Dangers for beginners at CrossFit

The prevailing no pain, no gain, all go, no quit attitude often replaces a more reserved perspective. And while we don’t endorse wimping out of workouts when they get tough, sometimes proceeding with caution is how we prevent injury or learn we need to adjust our technique.

Not focusing on your form

Because CrossFit is typically high intensity, in short bursts, with a focus on pushing to failure, it’s not unusual to see things like technique and proper form take a back seat to the desire to complete the goal. If you are more worried about not looking like a weakling with the small weights or being the last guy to finish instead of making sure your reps are done properly it can lead to injury and worse. Make sure you are up to start CrossFit challenge.

Is CrossFit right for you?

Unless you’re an elite level athlete, odds are CrossFit is going to be beyond your depths, especially in the beginning. Concentrate on using good form when lifting, jumping, running or anything else. Not sure what proper form is? Ask the trainer at your gym or see if your CrossFit location has any personal trainers on site. Resist the urge to just “ask a vet” because it’s entirely possible they’re as inexperienced in biomechanics as you are.

Do you have chronic injuries? check before you start CrossFit

Additionally, if you suffer from a recurring, chronic, or long-standing injury, consider very carefully whether CrossFit is the right choice. You may enjoy the challenge and fitness – but if you’re spending half your time laid up with pain, you’re missing out on any physical benefit.

Looking for a customized plan?

Or, if you’re the type that needs or prefers a more customized plan – look elsewhere. CrossFit is not known for beginner modifications or progressive skill or intensity levels… and you won’t find much help if that’s what you desire. Other than that – expect to have fun, be challenged, and get the workout of your life.

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