Benefits of Joining a Running Club

Benefits of Joining a Running ClubShould I join a running club? There are two types of men in this world- those who like to run and those who don’t. Scientists would have you believe that it is in our nature to run and there is plenty of evidence to prove this. Unfortunately for a lot of guys that workout, running is seen as the enemy because it can be detrimental to muscle gains and can be quite boring so joining a running club is not the first thing on their mind.

Well let us tell you that it does not have to be boring and also does not have to diminish your size and strength gains. Maybe that is not your worry, do you find you lack motivation to do so, or is the treadmill too boring?

The answer to your motivation  problems could be a running club!

A runner’s guide

First of all, a running club can give you a sense of team work and camaraderie where you can set goals and work on them as a group. Going it alone means you could struggle to improve your speed and distance covered. A good running coach can teach you all the different kinds of running methods such as intervals, circuits, fartlek and pace runs. A good coach can also teach you the importance of periodization, stretching, rest and recovery.

If you are a competitive person, you can use anybody in the group who is faster or stronger to use as a target of healthy competition and something to aspire to.

Leave the treadmill alone

The reason many guys hate running is because they automatically think of the treadmill; which can frankly be very monotonous. Running outside gives you fresh air, constantly changing scenery and terrain and you don’t have to stare at the same 4 walls throughout your run. So by joining a running club you can refresh your mind and your body at the same time!

Meet new people

This one is obvious, but it is always great to meet like-minded folk who share the same interests as you!

Improve your health

We saved this one for last as it is the most important, running can improve your lung function, mood, metabolism, immune system and help you get a better night’s sleep. It also produces endorphins which are a natural ‘feel good’ chemical that is released when you exercise- this is known as a runner’s high.

There are plenty of people who run and still manage to build muscle and stay strong, so don’t shy away from something that could improve your life in so many ways!

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