Best Cross Training Exercises To Improve Your Fitness

Best Cross Training ExercisesMost fitness experts will testify to the fact that during their strength training workouts by including the use of cross training exercises have been a vital aspect of their workout routine which has helped prevent events of muscle damage, imbalances and has delivered them from the usual boredom which can often be experience with the same old day after day exercise routine.

Top 6 cross training exercises to take your training to the next level

Some of the best cross training exercises recommended by fitness professionals include: Running is One of the best ways to maintain a healthy and strong cardiovascular system by including a running program into your workout. The ability to run, a good pair of running shoes, and a strong motivational attitude allows you to include this routine almost anywhere. Running is a great weight bearing exercise used to improve bone mass, conditions the leg muscles, improve heart and lung functions, and an excellent stress and mild depression relief exercise.


The art of cycling has been scientifically proven as one of the best low impact workouts available used to improve cardiovascular functions. This activity can either be performed as a high or low frequency workout. Including a cycling workout into your routine will effectively strengthen the hips, quadriceps, calves, legs and also improve core performance. Most experts have suggested that riding a bicycle around town or your neighborhood to run errands or even using cycling to get to work is an excellent transportation option to maintain a healthy heart. You can also join a spin class at your local gym and get the same benefits as cycling outdoors.


Athletes who are typically involved in sport activities such as tennis and swimming which require the contestants to perform repetitive motion patterns several times have found yoga to be a perfect cross training routine. This artistic routine has been found to unfold and relax stressed muscles while providing a gentle workout for the entire body. This cross training routine has the added benefit of improving flexibility of the body, increasing balance, lungs and breathing function, and increasing muscle density and developing core strength.


Kayaking cross training workouts have been used on several occasions to build upper body and core strength while giving the legs a break. This repetitious yet rhythmic movement of paddling through open water provides the athlete with an excellent cardiovascular workout which although can be observed as a high frequency workout can also be quite soothing to the muscles. Many fitness enthusiasts have often taken the decision to embark on kayaking vacations in locations such as Belize and Baja to benefit of this enjoyable adventure as a change from the day to day routines of the normal workout.

CrossFit Workout

This increasingly popular and basic workout is used by athletes worldwide to build core strength and endurance by CrossFitness running. During the off-season periods many fitness experts have included this routine as a daily workout to increase their overall performance and fitness capabilities.


Using hiking as a form of cross training exercise activity has been observed by many athletes as adding a bit of spice to their exercise workout. This full day outdoor activity allows the athlete to improve flexibility and agility, increase balance, build endurance levels and breathing as they carefully maneuver their way through rocks and various obstacles. Due to the nature of this outdoor experience many experienced hikers have often suggest paying close attention to weather forecasts to take the necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Core Strength Training

The most vital muscles required for almost every form of athletic training are the supporting muscles for the torso and trunk regions of the body. These muscle sets are specifically used to maintain the stability of the spine from the pelvis regions to the head thus allowing the athlete to effectively power motions to the legs and arms. Most if not all powerful motions exercised are based within the center of the body. This is one of the main reasons why many fitness experts have mainly focused on building core strength for successful coordination and powerful athletic movements.  cross training exercise

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