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How to Transform Your Body With Exercises

Best Exercises to Transform Your BodyGetting in shape is never an easy task. While it is impossible to change the genetic structure of an individual it is probable to make the most of the person’s current physique by consistently training to transform your body and achieve the desired shape and muscular tone.

Best exercises to transform your body

The Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is a simple and excellent exercise used by many professionals to tone the body by effectively targeting the abdominal muscles for stability of the person training. The exercise has been found to additionally increase the heart rate of the person effecting an adequate means of cardiovascular activity to stimulate enhanced calorie burn  weight loss and transform your body.

  1. Get down on both the hands and knees then straightening both legs by elevating the knees off the floor, positioning the butt in an upward direction towards the roof.
  2. Begin to crawl by moving the right hand along with the right foot in a forward direction followed by the left hand and foot to complete a crawling motion similar to that of a bear.
  3. During the crawl the abdominal muscles are tucked in as you continue to crawl for a required distance before changing the direction and continue crawling for the duration of one minute.

Beginners to the bear crawl are often advised to maintain a crawl at a slow rate while more advanced exercisers will crawl for a period of thirty seconds in a forward direction and then crawl backwards for another thirty seconds.

Many professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have found the art of yoga a suitable training method to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Thus the dolphin plank yoga position has been used as one of the more effective training methods to train an individual’s core stability by targeting the horizontal abdominal muscles.

The Dolphin Plank to transform your body

  1. Start in a plank position, maintaining a balance by using the forearms and toes thus engaging the abdominal and chest muscles.
  2. The navel should be pulled inwards towards the spine elevating the hips in an upward motion toward the roof ensuring the forearms and toes remain firmly planted on the floor.
  3. After completing the motion the body is then lowered back towards the floor in the plank position to complete a single rep of the exercise.

Persons new to the dolphin plank exercise are often advised to omit the elevation motion of raising the hips in the exercise and instead hold the position for a single count, while the more experienced exercisers will lift one leg off the floor while progressing throughout the movement alternating lifting of the legs halfway the exercise.

The Scissors Kick to transform your body

The scissors kick has been used as an effective training method to sculpting the abdominal muscles and burning off excess fat.

  1. This exercise is easily performed as the individual lays on the floor tucking both hands underneath the lower back thus supporting the hips.
  2. The person begins the motion by lifting the legs towards the roof then gradually lowering them towards the floor without touching the surface utilizing the abdominal muscles while keeping the back firmly pressed against the floor.
  3. The right leg is then slowly elevated towards the roof while the left leg is posited just above the floor. While lowering the right leg towards the floor the left leg is elevated towards the roof simulating a scissors motion keeping both legs perfectly straight without bending the knees alternatively repeating the lifts as many times as possible within a one minute period.

The scissors kick has occasionally been variably performed recognizing a technique of increasing the angle of the legs to the floor positioning the legs directly over the hips for an easier experience for the average beginner while the more advanced individual will tend to shorten the angle of the legs to the floor to recognize just a few inches for a more challenging exercise.

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