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Bodybuilding bulking Myths Debunked

Bodybuilding Bulking MythsMany of you have in your quest for perfect health and physique have undoubtedly had to struggle with the numerous contradicting advice of your friends, so called fitness experts, and the dreaded self-proclaimed bodybuilding television ads offering you the total body physique of a lifetime. Never before has one industry been riddled with countless recommendations and promises only to add to the confusion of the average novice. The fact of the matter is; there are myths and truths to the art of bodybuilding. Pay close attention as we are about to uncover in this article some of the bodybuilding bulking myths to allow you to begin your successful training program confidently and without fear.

Bodybuilding bulking myths

Question: What makes the muscles of the body grow?

The answer: Hormones

Hormones are the single most important element to stimulate muscle growth which can only be positively achieved depending on the current lifestyle of the individual or bodybuilder by gaining the proper nutritional value from a healthy diet complemented by a regular exercise routine. Self-proclaimed and often inaccurate fitness enthusiasts will often suggest that muscle fatigue and soreness is the foundation for muscular growth – This my friends is a poorly constructed bodybuilding bulking myth or as I like to say, a flat out lie. On no occasion is muscle soreness ever an indication to your muscular growth but rather only a symptom of your muscle’s POTENTIAL for growth by resting, repairing recovering and adapting to the impacted loads experienced during the training exercise which again I will emphasize is only possible with the proper hormones.

True or False?
Calories burnt during the cardio exercise workout represents the benefits of fat loss achieve from training.

The answer: False

Do not ever be misled by this popular bodybuilding bulking myth. There has never been an indication that the amount of calories burnt during the exercise offers the individual with any viable results but rather a results are only achievable through a properly designed workout routine focused on increasing metabolism and hormonal in its nature as your body routinely adjusts its hormonal value temporarily after successfully performing the exercise workout.

The greater the intensity of the workout, the more the body secretes the grown hormone. Interval training involving quick sprints has been known to offer the person training with an increased level of cardiovascular benefit when compared to a moderately paced to low intensity cardio training. A high intensity cardio activity improves the aerobic capacity two to three times the normal value attributing to the individual training to effect their bodybuilding training by being able to lift heavier loads during the workout increasing the levels of testosterone to enhance fat burning and promoting weight loss.

Let’s look at it from a simple standpoint. Bodybuilding and strength training in effect are designed to stress the muscles of the body forcing the muscle tissue to adapt to the work experience. This inevitably challenges the body to change its physique to perform the daily activities by altering its hormonal environment.

Question: If I workout more will my muscles grow more?

The answer: Not on your life. bodybuilding bulking

There’s an old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well in the fitness industry any experienced bodybuilder will tell you that the worst mistake they ever made when deciding to pursue a career in bodybuilding was to follow the village idiot and overstrain their muscles.

Over-training is recognized as one of the most easily completed failures experienced by not only beginners but also the occasional professional in their pursuit of fitness and bodybuilding physique. Muscle tissue when excessively trained without allowing time to heal equates to what is traditionally termed as zero growth and possible death of the over-trained muscle tissue. When you train on a day to day basis at the correct intensity without including a proper rest period, your muscles will become severely over-trained and subject to total muscular failure resulting from the recruitment of a vast number connecting muscular fibers which normally require eight to ten days to repair and recover themselves. Failing to allow the muscle tissue to repair itself by resting after a brutal workout in no uncertain terms will never result in muscle build and strength.

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