Bodyweight Ab Workout to Build an Amazing Core

Bodyweight Ab WorkoutHello fellow lifters, we hope you are all ready to make some serious gains! If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals it is time to focus on becoming a better version of yourself with these bodyweight ab workout.

You all know by now that we focus on core values, which is why today we will be discussing our bodyweight ab workout with you. True strength comes from the core, without it stability, balance, force, contortion and many other fitness aspects they cannot reach their optimal levels.

How to do the Bodyweight Ab Workout

Squats, deadlifts and bench press all require a strong core/ abdominal column. There are many ways to work you ab column but we believe nothing works as well as the basics. Below is an example of our current ab routine and we hope you give it a try for yourself!

Decline bench sit-ups

This move is self-explanatory, We prefer you do this while holding a plate or dumbbell on your chest after the initial warm up set/ stretching routine. You will need a friend to spot you by passing you the weight and removing it at the end of the set, also have them keep your feet locked in position if the decline bench has no foot well. Tense your abs throughout and keep a strict range of motion. 3 sets of 10 reps.

Hanging knee raises

Hang from a pull up bar high enough so that you can fully extend your legs without touching the floor. Be sure to keep your core locked in position to avoid swinging and start by bringing your knees up together, towards your chest and tense your abs for 2 seconds when you can’t bring your knees any higher. Then lower slowly to the start of the repetition, do 3 sets of 10 reps.

It is a common myth that people need to do thousands of reps for their abs in order to make progress. This is nonsense, you would never do 1000 squats or 1000 bicep curls so why should abs be different? Your abdominals are a muscle just like any other on your body, so train them that way.

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